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Friday, May 29, 2015

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Giveaway

Everyday should be an UNbirthday (from Alice In Wonderland)! Everyday should be celebrated! Treat yourself to something, that makes you feel good. It could be a day of pampering. It could be reading a book. It could be doing something for someone else. It could be going out for ice cream. Just do something! That brings me to today's giveaway! This scent always puts me in the perfect mood! It's Sugar Crush by Soap & Glory. I'm giving a Sugar Crush set away to one lucky reader. This set contains a Soap & Glory Irresistibubble tin that includes Sugar Crush Body Buttercream and Body Wash. I'm also throwing in the new Sugar Crush Hand Food Lotion. Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. Open worldwide! So HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYBODY and A VERY MERRY UNBIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUU! >.<


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sephora Giveaway

Hey Everybody! Have you picked up that it's GIVEAWAY WEEK on A Very Sweet Blog? There will be giveaways through Sunday, so be sure to enter all of them! I'm taking it easy this week. LOL Well today, enter to win a $25 Sephora e-gift card AND a Sephora 500 point curated product set that includes a (b&w cosmetic pouch, mini marc jacobs lipstick in kiss kiss bang bang #216, mini makeup forever lipstick in rouge N9, deluxe size first aid beauty face cleanser and mini tarte energy lip surgence lip gloss). I purchased two sets (used points) during the last VIB & VIB Rouge Sale and wanted to give one to a reader. Enter via Rafflecopter below (BEFORE you enter the contest, check to see if you can order from Sephora's website; this will be an egift card). Good Luck! I'll be stopping by your blogs today :)


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

GoMacro Macrobars Review & Giveaway

I received an email, asking if I would like to try a box of assorted GoMacro Macrobars. The first thing I did, was look at their website. I noticed their bars were USDA Certified Organic, Certified Gluten Free, 100% Certified Vegan, Certified non-GMO Verified, made from mostly raw ingredients, Kosher and a plethora of other SUPER GREAT things. I'm ALL for HEALTHY, but the bottom line for me is...DOES IT TASTE GOOD? I've had my share of hard rock, crumbly, tasteless granola, health and energy bars, only to never buy them again! I put my entire reputation on the line with THESE bars because they are that good! They sent me 24 bars and I have 6 left! I ate ONE bar and felt full for HOURS! Off the subject...but years ago, I tried those Slim Fast Shakes. I was suppose to have one in the morning and then one in the afternoon. Well, it didn't go so well and I drank the entire six pack in a day (it was suppose to last for like 3 days LMAO). I was hungry! Well, not with these! They taste superb. They're chewy. You can pronounce every ingredient that's in them. They're fresh. You can see what's in them. No salt. No refined sugar. They are a family-run natural food company with roots in organic farming. Out of the 11 flavors, there were only 2 that didn't suit my palate (and that was just a taste preference). These can be purchased individually, by the box, they have an assortment box (featured below) and you can even get a subscription to get these every month. Look for my discount code below for 40% Off! I LOVE THESE BARS! Would you like to WIN A BOX? (USA Giveaway Only) Scroll down to enter. Below are my thoughts on each one. Good Luck Everybody!

gomacro macrobar peanut butter + chocolate chip

This is my FAVORITE gomacro macrobar! I'm ordering a box of these. They are that delicious! It's a very subtle peanut butter and the huge chocolate chips mixed in taste so fabulous. Superb! It's my chocolate fix!

gomacro macrobar banana + almond butter

This is my second favorite! I didn't know what to expect with this flavor, but this is banana nut bread! If you like banana nut bread, you will LOVE this bar. Absolutely delicious!


gomacro macrobar peanut butter

Their peanut butter is very subtle and fulfilling. I love that! So if you don't want the chocolate chips, like in the one above go with this bar. This tastes healthy and light.

gomacro macrobar apples + walnuts

Calling all fruit lovers! If you love the taste of fresh sliced apples (and I'm talking REAL ones), you will L-O-V-E this bar. There is nothing artificial about the taste. It tastes like real sweet apples, raisins, dates and walnuts. Yummy.

gomacro macrobar cherries + berries

This bar will satisfy your sweet tooth and it SMELLS SO GOOD! I pick up black cherries, raisins and an assortment of other berries. It's predominantly cherries. This bar is a little denser than the others.

gomacro macrobar granola + coconut

I don't eat coconut, so my mom tried this one. She LOVES COCONUT and LOVES this bar! She said, it was bits of coconut & granola, pieces of dates and chewy. She wants more! HaHaHa

gomacro macrobar sesame butter + dates

If you like sesame seeds and dates, you'll love this. It has a very healthy taste to it.

gomacro macrobar cashew caramel

This bar has chunky cashews in it! I don't taste caramel, but the bar is super delicious. I ate it up.

gomacro macrobar sunflower butter + chocolate

This bar is very dense and has a powerful chocolate flavor to it. I think someone that likes dark chocolate would like this bar. It's not sweet. It's more like a bittersweet chocolate. If you're a milk chocolate fan, go with the peanut butter + chocolate chips.

gomacro macrobar almond butter + carob // go macrobar cashew butter

These were the only two I didn't particularly care for. Have you guys ever tasted apple butter? I never acquired a taste for it and these remind me of it. I'm not saying these two are bad, but if you don't like apple butter, you probably won't like this. If you do, you will probably love this. These are also much denser than the others. Just wanted to give my honest opinion.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Tarte Poppy Picnic Eye Shadow & Blush Palette Review Swatches, Video & Giveaway

Happy Memorial Day Everybody! I salute my uncle, who was a retired veteran of the Air Force (and went on to be a commercial pilot), but unfortunately passed last year. If you have a family member that is a Veteran, give them a shout out in my comments section. They all should be honored! I have a treat for you today! Tarte's Poppy Picnic Palette. It is TRIPPY, with a capital T! When I heard the word poppy, I automatically envisioned Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz running through the poppy fields. Well this palette is just as tripped out! The packaging is gold with bright colored poppies on the front. So when you open it, you expect bright colors right? Wrong! They're matte neutral eye shadows, except for the peach one and one blush. The eye shadows are of excellent quality and have cute names: Summer Breeze, Sweet Tea, Ice Cream Cone, Barefoot In The Grass (watch the classic movie Splendor in the Grass), Peach Poppy and Picnic Basket) The eye shadows blended in with my skin tone. So I may have to layer them more. I love ice cream cone! It's a fabulous liner for the eyes. The blush 'glisten' is exactly what the names will glisten & sparkle. Usually I don't like that with a blush, but it's very subtle and gives your cheeks a very nice glow. My look below is 'A Walk In The Park' (the sweet look). I think it turned out very fresh. To give myself some extra pop, I used Tarte's Lights Camera Action Mascara and of course Tarte's Poppy Lipstick (to give my look more color). You can purchase this palette at the usual places (Sephora, Ulta etc.) but I was on QVC ordering some non-beauty things and GUESS WHAT? On QVC, this palette comes WITH a blush brush for the SAME price you would pay for JUST THE PALETTE at Sephora, Ulta etc. So I would order from QVC! LOL This palette is Limited Edition, but I'm giving one away today. You have to follow me on Periscope. I'll be doing giveaways all week! Happy Memorial Day!

Above is the finished look (A Walk In The Park), as shown in my YouTube video. Below are some pictures I took, when I first purchased the palette, I kind of played with it to see what it could do. Ice cream cone is a fabulous smudger, smokey eye, liner shadow. You can still go dark, but stay light OR create a smokey nightime eye as shown on the card above (Picnic Under The Stars). It works well lined around the eyes or just on top.
supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 

  Tarte's Poppy Picnic Palette is Sweet

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