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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Mariah Carey Caution Tour at Beau Rivage in Biloxi, Mississippi

One of my birthday gifts was tickets to see Mariah Carey's Caution Tour at Beau Rivage in Biloxi, Mississippi. I was so excited, because I've followed Mariah Carey since the beginning of her career (Vision of Love). It's one thing to hear an artist on record, tape, cd or now streaming, but you can truly judge their depth when you hear them sing in concert.

The concert tickets came with a copy of her new cd titled Caution. The aesthetics of the cd are really beautiful. 
Mariah is featured in blue & pink lighting. The cd also has a pink & black caution design. 
My favorite songs on the album are Caution, With You, A No No and Portrait.
You can listen to samples here.

We had to wait an hour for the concert to start! LMAO But Mariah was definitely worth the wait. She addressed her DIVA behavior during the concert. She asked for a "freshening up". So her longtime makeup artist & hairdresser came out and worked on her between sets. She also had another person bring her some TEA (mix of milk, honey & tea) for her voice, several times throughout the concert. But the bottom line was MARIAH CAREY SANG HER BOOTY OFF! I'm not exaggerating. Her voice is a POWERHOUSE. It's HUGE. Her voice was bigger than the Beau Rivage Theatre (which is a beautiful small intimate venue). She has a heavy voice when she talks, but her octave range while singing can go really high. I can only imagine what it was like when she was younger. I always had respect for her singing, but after hearing her in concert I have a new respect. Her voice is definitely a GIFT from GOD. A true blessing & gift!

Her set was absolutely beautiful. It was so colorful, vibrant and animated. I loved how the caution tape scrolled up the screen. You guys know how I love illustrations & caricatures. I've always loved the cartoon caricature of Mariah Carey. I purchased a tshirt & box from Fanjoy that featured a Christmas themed design (I also wore my MAC x Mariah Carey makeup for the concert). Well, there was a section of the concert where they featured Mariah as an astronaut, in a bikini, black dress, as a snow bunny, Jessica Rabbit etc. I thought it was so cute. There was also a segment where she was fighting her alter ego Bianca from the Heartbreaker video. You never got bored during the concert because something was always going on. It was very interactive. She also did a Glitter segment, and her dancers roller skated etc. She also talked about "dem babies" and said if you guys holler they may just come out. AND THEY DID! They greeted the crowd and sang a little bit of a song she sang. She sang a mix of both old & new songs. She has so many hit records! I'm so happy I saw her. Her voice gives you goosebumps. If she comes to your city, definitely go and see her. It's a SUPER FUN concert and she SINGS. She doesn't rely on her back-up singers. She sings her songs. I see why she is a GLOBAL SUPERSTAR. I remember years ago, watching her MTV Cribs segment. She said, I worked hard for this mess (condo & closet etc.). Well she does work hard! She's definitely an ENTERTAINER. SPECTACULAR SHOW >.<

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