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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Sugar Factory: Hard Rock Casino Biloxi, Mississippi

Not Sponsored: While attending the Mariah Carey Caution Concert at Beau Rivage, I noticed there was going to be a Grand Opening of a Sugar Factory Retail & Restaurant at the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi (which is down the street from Beau Rivage). I remember years ago, going to a small Sugar Factory in Las Vegas at The Mirage Hotel & Casino (its no longer). They sold candy, apparel and small goods. I thought it was a really cute store. I bought candy and a t-shirt. I still have that t-shirt. I love it. The Las Vegas Sugar Factory has now moved to the Fashion Mall. I want to fly to Vegas! HaHaHa Sugar Factory is now all grown up! Not only do they have retail stores, but they also have restaurants & cafes. To be sure I wasn't hallucinating, I called Sugar Factory in Biloxi (inside the Hard Rock Casino) to make sure this was also a restaurant. They said, YES! :D I made sure I penciled some time into my schedule to visit. One! I had never been in the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi. Two! I've never eaten at any Sugar Factory. I ate at Serendipity 3 in Las Vegas (it was at Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino), but sadly its no longer :( It was the cutest place.

I was like a kid in a candy store upon seeing and entering the Sugar Factory. I loved the cute Sugar Factory sign with the yellow rubber duckies on each end. The Hollywood lighting was so glamorous. My eyes lit up while looking at the television screens located both outside & inside the store. I adored their french doors. As you can see I pay attention to details. Whoever put this together had a great eye. Details mean everything (at least to me)! This Sugar Factory is located inside the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi, MS (that is why you see slot machines). There are also bistro tables located between the french doors, where you can keep an eye on the casino floor and see all of the action ;)

The menu is literally a book! They serve drinks in goblets, martinis, cocktails, milkshakes, insane milkshakes, breakfast food, appetizers, soups & salads, sandwiches, burgers, pastas, grill items, entrees, brunch, desserts, hot chocolate, coffee & espresso and fondue. If I were you, I would review the menu online before going. It's 46 pages of goodness WITH PICTURES! It will definitely help you figure out what you would like to both eat & drink. You'll want everything!

Another item on the menu that they're known for is their KING KONG SUNDAE (as pictured in the king kong picture above)! It's 24 scoops of ice cream with loads of goodies and even sparklers. It's about $100, but a great way to CELEBRATE anything. Everyday is a celebration in my eyes :) Don't you love the picture of the little girl looking at that pink cake? They have a special section for birthday parties. This would be a great place to have a small party. Also its great for date night. I would make a reservation, because it can fill up quickly. Especially from afternoon to evening.

You're surrounded by loveliness as you sit in Sugar Factory. I was enamored by the chandeliers above. This Sugar Factory location is brand new. I visited March 2nd. Their chandeliers sparkled. ABSOLUTELY MAJESTIC! I loved the pictures on the walls, entertaining television screens, red tuft seating, black-quilted textured chairs and gorgeous flooring. I wanted one of ALL the gummy condiments at the Sugar Factory "bar". HaHaHa Bottom line, the restaurant decor is a feast for the eyes! Okay! Okay! Okay! It's time to order. Let me show you what I had to eat & drink!

Let's start with drinks! My mom ordered a COCONUTS GONE BANANAS goblet. Goblets can be made with or without alcohol. There's a number of varieties to choose from, but the one she ordered contained a blend of coconut, banana, pineapple, citrus (and if you choose alcohol) also contains Virginia Black Whiskey. It also contains two giant gummy bananas. It also smokes! My waitress Krista (she was the absolute sweetest) let me video her pouring it.

They have milkshakes, but I ordered one of their INSANE MILKSHAKES! I mean why order a regular milkshake? The one I ordered was called THE BACON CHEESEBURGER MILKSHAKE. When I first heard the name, I said I would never order that but wait...let me tell you why you should order it. It's a STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE WITH WHIPPED CREAM! You guys, it's so delicious! The strawberry ice cream they use is so delicious. The whipped cream does not taste like your grocers whipped cream out of a can. It's creamy. It's thick. It's garnished with pretzels, bacon (my mom tasted the bacon and said it was so good) and also a mini cheeseburger (which was also delicious by the way. The glass the milkshake is poured in is covered in edible chocolate, pretzels and m&m chocolate candies.

So what do you order with a MILKSHAKE? Hamburgers!!! Ok, Mini-Cheeseburgers. I ordered Sugar Factory's Rainbow Sliders. They are not so mini (hahaha hearty) cheeseburgers with pickles, onion rings and their signature sauce. It's also served with their signature duck, which you get to take home. That just might have swayed my decision.

I want to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to my waitress Krista, the male manager and our server (guy) that worked that day! They treated my mom & I like a queen. They went above and beyond. The retail store wasn't ready yet, but that didn't stop the manager from getting me the mugs I coveted. I purchased 4 mugs (they have sugar factory on the front and a cute duck on the back) and a goblet (same as shown in the Go Banana goblet pictures above). They packed everything in cute Sugar Factory bags. So THANK YOU (Krista, Manager & Server). Sugar Factory would be a GREAT PLACE for a small birthday party, proposal (engagement), date-night, baby or wedding shower, etc. I know I would definitely choose such a place. Everything works! The venue. The food. The service. Impeccable. I'll definitely be back ;)

To see a little more of the two drinks and sliders, watch the < 2 minute YouTube video below.

This was also my first time at the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi, MS. Everyone knows of its iconic electric guitar sign. I loved that same motif on the doors (those are door handles). There are all kinds of rock n roll memorabilia (instruments, costumes etc.) There's a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, Ben & Jerry's and Dunkin Donuts there as well. I definitely would like to stay there in the future. We caught our little Uber back to Beau Rivage and were very happy.

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