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Monday, September 14, 2020

What Keeps You Strong?

We all have moments of doubts and fears, moments when we wonder if it’s worth carrying on. Life is full of ups and downs, after all! But staying strong when you experience doubts is the only thing that can bring you back to yourself.

We all have coping mechanisms when it comes to managing our fears. But while everyone has their individual routine, we all share the same four pillars of strength. Inner strength comes from within. It is a state of mind, and it is something you can cultivate when you begin to understand what kind of coper you are. Indeed, you can learn to control your doubts in four ways:

  • You know you will achieve your goals.
  • You have emotional support and cheerleaders.
  • You know you’ve faced your fears before.
  • You know there is much more to life than this.

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The belief you are in charge of your destiny
There is room for fear or doubt when you can rest on the certainty that the Universe is working to help you. The Law of Attraction quotes deliver exactly the reminder you need in the words of famous people, from Churchill to Shakespeare. Whatever life throws at you, the Law of Attraction gives you the power to attract the experiences or outputs you need and want.
The support of loved ones
Friends, siblings, partners, or pets, you are never truly on your own. While we all look after those we love, they also do the same for us in their own way. A pet can share affection to take your mind off difficulties. A partner can share your struggle. A parent or friend can give advice. The bottom line? Their support makes fears and self-doubts bearable because those are burdens you have to carry alone.
The knowledge you’ve faced challenges before
You know the saying: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The quote is attributed to Nietzsche, who believed that even a negative experience teaches us to become more resilient. Indeed, we are on a self-exploratory journey. As we experience life, we grow with each discovery or challenge. The situation may differ, but the fears and doubts you have remain the same. Yet, each fear also brings the memory of a previous fear from a past challenge. Whether you’ve succeeded in the past or not doesn’t matter. You have faced those fears already, and as a result, you are more resilient. You have built strengths in various ways.
The reminder of the little pleasures in life
There may be difficulties in life, but there is also plenty to cherish. Recharging your batteries is all about reconnecting to the things you enjoy, the little joys of every day. Is it the satisfaction of drinking a perfectly brewed cup of coffee or the liberating feeling of being surrounded by nature? If you remember Amelie Poulain, the French movie that redefined happiness and fantasy almost 20 years ago, Amelie loves finding little joys in the ordinary things, such as watching spectators’ faces in a theater. Simple pleasures are everywhere, and they create momentum for your heart.

Image Source: Unsplash CC0 License

Are you a believer in the generosity of the Universe or your own resilience? Regardless of how you choose to cope with life’s lemons, understanding what makes you strong is crucial. You need to know yourself to conquer your fears and doubts.

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