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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

How You Should Be Enjoying A Night-In During Lockdown

Even if we weren’t in the lockdown situation, those of us that prefer a night-in rather than a night out should know how to do it right. Modern family home leisure has changed so much, that most of us aren’t taking full advantage of the things we could. Everything from the lighting and the mood of the home, to the cuisine options and way we consume entertainment can be suited to our desires. If you’re planning a night in with a loved one or just catching up with some friends, here’s how to set the standard.

Setting the tone
Contemporary homes can only be called as such if they have modern adaptive lighting. Smart light bulbs like the Lifx are fantastic for living rooms, bedrooms and dining areas. Connected with any Apple device, you can use the app on your smartphone to set the hue of the room or home, as you wish. If you want a chilled out evening, set the room you’re in to purple and sit back while the gentle glow relaxes your eyes. It's directly compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa. If your mobile is on the table and you can’t be bothered to get up from a relaxed position, just use voice commands to access your presets.

4K is the standard
Have you noticed how 720p is no longer considered HD? Now the bare minimum for HD is 1080p. But we all wish that we had 4K as our standard. To stream Netflix shows and watch movies in 4K, you need to have a fast cable internet service. Check out your fiber internet options in this awesome guide. The fastest internet provider is CenturyLink. They give you 100mbps for just $65 a month. This is excellent for streaming or online video gaming. If you want the best possible internet but at the best possible price, then Frontier is the brand for you. Any of the options cited are great and much better than box-standard package providers.

A gourmet experience
Any night-in will consist of food that’s been ordered out. Pizza, chicken wings and oriental dishes are very popular. But why not go the extra mile and order some gourmet food online? You can have any kind of cuisine you want but the French cuisine is seen as the top of the pile in the gourmet section. Some specialist gourmet food delivery services have very unique options only they make. Artisan delicacies can be delivered with services like iGourmet.

A glass of red
A night-in just wouldn’t be the same without a fine glass of wine and what better way than to have a couple of bottles of the finest red wines delivered to your door? On this site, you have a plethora of choices. They each have perks and discounts and they have just as much choice of wines as you would have at your local retail store. Make sure you are abiding by the shipping requirements and you may need to show proof of ID online or at the door when the package arrives.

Enjoying a night-in has never been easier. Set the tone with some brilliant voice-activated lighting and order some of the finest artisan food around.
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