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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

5 Medical Myths That Have No Place In Today's World

While the world of medicine is wonderful, it has, over time, been tainted. Whether it’s a rumor, word of mouth, or the magical myth spreading if the internet, there are specific “facts” in medicine that need squashing once and for all.

Today we are going to be looking at some of these medical myths, and hopefully, we can do away with them once and for all.

Sugar Makes Children Behave Like Monsters
This has to be one of the most common myths that have been doing the rounds for many years. There have been many studies, and the most prominent of all was carried out back in 1994 and showed that the connection between the unruliness of a child and sugar was utterly non-existent.

The truth behind how this all started is simple. Children are usually given high amounts of sugar when there is an external stimulus. Times when sugar is introduced also go hand in hand with times when rules are loosened, such as Christmas or birthday parties.

So next time your little ones are behaving like monsters, it’s nothing to do with the amount of sugar they’ve had.

There Are Natural Remedies To Cancer
This could be one of the most dangerous myths in the whole of the medical world, and it has unbelievably been responsible for deaths.

We should first start by saying; there are some studies that show that suggest that some herbal treatments and complementary therapies may help people cope with some of the side effects of cancer treatment. For people experiencing the sickness that can come with chemotherapy or even the illness that comes with Zantac cancer symptoms, anything that can relieve the suffering without having a pronounced side effect is certainly worth trying.

However, there has been no evidence across thousands of studies that shows that any natural or herbal product has had any positive effect when it comes to treating cancer. There have been some cases where herbal products have proved to be detrimental and interfere with radiation and chemotherapy.

There have been many statements flying around, especially on social media over the last few years, and most of these relating to breast cancer. It is vital to get breast cancer facts right as well as facts about any form of cancer.

The Flu Shot Gives You The Flu
This popular myth has been circulating now for over 20 years, and it gets more ridiculous every year it continues.

It is essential to recognize that myths like these need to be busted because while they are still around, there is a risk to the people that are scared of them. Flu vaccines prevent millions of deaths and flu-related illnesses every single year, so the truth about the need to be spread.

The most important thing to recognize is that the flu virus vaccine does NOT contain a live version of the virus, so catching the flu from it is impossible. You can get a fever which can come hand in hand with pretty much any vaccine.

The flu seems to be shrugged off as not serious by people in the world today. The truth is that just over 100 years ago, one-third of the world’s population became severely infected with the flu, so getting to grips with the facts is vital.

You Only Use 10% Of Your Brain.
One of the oldest myths on our list today is that people only use 10% of their brainpower. This was a myth made famous by con-men and motivational speakers as far back as 1905.

It is thought that this myth started due to a misunderstanding of a statement by William James. Mr. James stated that we only use a small part of our physical and mental resources, which was later interpreted by others to mean something different.

The myth has become incredibly popular to support claims of psychic intuition and people who claim to have superhuman abilities.

The truth is that when the brain is examined, it is clear that all of the brains are used, and only use 10% would be a catastrophe.

Chewing Gum Will Stay In Your Stomach For Seven Years
A myth that almost every child has heard from their parent's mouth is in regards to chewing gum stays in the stomach for seven years.

This myth no doubt started because chewing gum is indigestible; the trouble with this is, a lot of what we eat is indigestible.

So the truth is, like most things we eat, chewing gum, will pass straight through you in the same amount of time as everything else.

So there you have it five medical myths that have now been busted. Next time you hear one of these out in public, don’t forget to poopoo the myth before it spreads any further.
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