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Friday, November 29, 2019

4 Ways To Stop Your Labor Force From Being A Chore

The first thing you realize when you start a business is how many unexpected expenses exist. Frankly, the main one is your employee base because some people can't be trusted. You want them to feel independent and entitled in the workplace, but they must be productive. Unfortunately, too many workers take the opportunity to slack off, and that costs the company money. As the boss, it's vital to stop the labor force from being a chore. Otherwise, the unexpected costs will drain the business of all its resources and any chances of success.

Here are four ways you can do it today.

Don't Be A Dictator
In this scenario, it's easy and tempting to rule with an iron fist. Whether it's cutting back on breaks or banning talking in the office, lots of leaders think autocratic measures will keep the team in line. In reality, these actions encourage workers to be more disengaged than ever before. With that in mind, remember that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Allowing coworkers to interact without questioning their work ethic or increasing break times should maintain a happy atmosphere. Why? It's because your employees won't feel tied down; plus, regular movement and stoppages in work encourage freshness.

But Don't Trust Them Completely
It's essential to give them only as much freedom as they require, or else there's a possibility some people will abuse your good nature. So, while letting little things such as talking and listening to music go, you should draw a line in the sand regarding their workflow. Asking them to clock-in and out at a specific time is a smart move to ensure they arrive and leave on time. Tracking your team in real-time is useful, too, to make sure projects aren't late. Staff management software is an effective tool as long as you don't go too far and begin to monitor their every move.

Research Recruits
The best way to prevent an employee from costing you money is to hire correctly. The majority of companies recruit a person who looks good on paper yet isn't up to standard in the workplace. As a result, they have to sack them and fire up the recruitment process once more, wasting money and time along the way. There are people you need to avoid, such as the disengaged or troublemaker, and you can spot the warning signs by investigating their personality.

Promote Health & Wellbeing
Health and wellbeing are buzzwords in almost every office today, yet that doesn't mean they are played out. If anything, more businesses need to focus their efforts on employee fitness as it's a money-saver. Research shows that seriously unhealthy employees miss as many as a combined 450 million days compared to their healthy colleagues. The estimated loss is in the billions. Even if you don't save the business billions, you could save yourself a significant sum over a year. And, all it takes is a policy; for example, offering free health insurance and a complimentary gym membership.

With these tips, your labor force shouldn't be hard work any longer.
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