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Friday, November 8, 2019

Four Ways To Add Something Special To Your Couples Vacation

Going on vacation with your loved one is a fun, exciting experience. You get to explore somewhere wonderful, go on an adventure somewhere new, and make amazing memories together.

There’s no reason why you can’t add any other special touches to your holiday. Whether it’s your first trip away together, or you're celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or even your honeymoon, you can do many things to make it even more memorable - and these are just some of the ways how you can do that.

1. Tell your airline
Many airlines will hope to make you and your loved one feel special while experiencing their service if you let them know you’re going away on a trip to celebrate a particular occasion. If you get in contact with them ahead of time, you may be spoiled with something that you may not be expecting.

So let them know what you’re celebrating! Remember to be courteous to the staff you speak with, and don’t make a scene if you don’t get an upgrade.

2. Tell your hotel
As with airlines, hotels will want to make you feel like a treasured guest if you’re there for your birthday or anniversary. Add a note to your booking about why you’re going, and you may get an upgrade if that’s an option.

If you’re on honeymoon, you’re in luck: one poll found that the average couple got over $500 of freebies or upgrades on these trips. If that’s the case, then take your wedding certificate with you so you can show you’re on holiday with your new spouse, and you might get more treats to help you celebrate.

3. Book a rental car
What better way to mark the occasion than to travel around in luxury? It’s also a great opportunity to drive around in what might be your partner’s dream car, which will just add to your experience even more.

Many car rental companies will offer a luxury option with their fleet of  vehicles. It could be a large, comfortable sedan or SUV from a premium brand, an eye-catching convertible, or a muscle car. It’ll be something different to what your special someone may have expected, and will be great to surprise them with. Find out more about what vehicle you could rent for your special time away.

4. Arrange for private experiences
You may be planning a few day trips out when you’re on your holiday together. How can you make some of these even special? Get an exclusive excursion where it’s either a small group or just the two of you.

Another fantastic tip for couples is to book a special stay with Sandals Honeymoon for both exciting and leisurely packages that will make your time together all the more memorable. There are many beautiful destinations to choose from with expert guidance for the best experiences.

That level of personalization will help you to soak up the experience of where you are and appreciate your surroundings. It could be an intimate dinner on the beach, a cookery class for two, a private tour of the town, or even a surfing session with just you and your loved one. The choices are endless, and you can do something that you will both appreciate and cherish.

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