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Monday, November 18, 2019

The Top 3 Benefits Of Using Branded Clothing For Your Employees.

Being in business now is all about the image and the brand and it is important to get both of these out there for the world to see. People are influenced by your brand and they will associate it with the image that you project. The marketplace has become huge due to the internet and before, you only had to compete with the local stores on the high street. Now, you are competing with literally the whole world. When you go to the hospital of the chemist, the person to whom you give your trust is the one wearing the white coat and that is their uniform. People have, historically, give recognition to uniforms and we associate them with professionalism.

Think about it, even when you wear a uniform, you feel more confident and the customer sees your confidence and they associate that with competence as well. If you are a new, up and coming business or a business that has been in the market for decades, you can’t be left behind in the brand image stakes and so getting your staff uniforms projects the right image. Now, you don’t have to go full out uniform, but something as simple as business polo shirts with your name or brand image on it, is definitely going to project a professional image and customers will trust you and your staff more. The benefits to staff wearing uniforms are well known, but let’s have a short refresher course just to remind you.

  • Anyone will tell you that first impressions last and you want that new, prospective customer to see your workers and know that they have entered a professional and competent business that is going to take good care of them. The uniform helps to promote your brand and helps to differentiate your brand from other similar ones. Your employees are always promoting the business even when they are on their way to work and on their way home again.

  • Advertising is expensive as any marketer will tell you and putting your brand on the television, the radio, or the internet is going to cost thousands of dollars. When your staff wear their uniforms with your company name and brand, they are effectively a walking billboard and they are advertising for you all the time that they are wearing it.

  • Depending on your type of business, uniforms can protect your staff as they are created with the job and the functions that they need to do in mind. Some uniforms are made from fire retardant materials, while others are cut so that there are no bits sticking out that could get caught in machinery.

These are only a few of the excellent benefits of having staff uniforms. They create a great team spirit and customers can easily identify who works in the store and who doesn’t. It is important for employees to have pride in their company and uniforms assist with that. Make your business more recognisable today.
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