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Monday, May 14, 2018

An Evening With Chicago: Saenger Theatre in New Orleans

I went to see Chicago, The Band in concert Friday night (5/11/18 @8pm) at The Saenger Theatre here in New Orleans. I'm not surprised this concert was SOLD OUT, because the band Chicago has been around for decades. Many people from an assortment of generations love them. They were also inducted into The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in 2016. My love for them, started in the 80's. Peter Cetera was their lead singer at the time and he sang hit after hit. Mainly ballads. I even brought my Greatest Hits CD for that decade to the concert. But Chicago, actually started in the 60's. Besides ballads, they have a lot of political, peace & equality songs as well. What I noticed was every song they sang promoted a message. I truly sat in amazement. The concert lasted for a little over 2 hours! They had a 20 minute intermission. They played songs from their new album and many of their greatest hits. I really enjoyed myself. They are quintessential musicians and masters at the instruments they play. I have the utmost admiration for them. Their songs are soothing, relaxing, thought-provoking and fun. They're touring, so if you can catch them definitely check them out. They will also be in Canada. I'm just realizing, I never showed you guys the inside of The Saenger Theatre. I was so busy showing you The Ritz Carlton Hotel and here (which is 2 blocks down). It was restored, after Hurricane Katrina. It contains an Orchestra (bottom) and Balcony (top) section. The sculptures, design and chandeliers are truly stunning. I'll have to attend a day event to really get a good look. But I took a couple of pictures for you here. I captured several of my favorite songs by Chicago and placed them on my Facebook page. This is another thing off my bucket list. I'll also publicly display the Duran Duran concert as well ;) Wishing you all a wonderful week! Have a really good one!

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