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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

2018 Royal Wedding And British Royalty Television Guide

Hey Everybody! I'm really excited about the upcoming Royal Wedding. I've been watching royal weddings ever since Princess Diana's wedding (I was a little girl). Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will say their vows at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle May 19th, 2018. I thought I would put together a television guide of tv shows & specials (documentaries, biographies etc) leading up to the event. There are so many! Set your DVR's! They start TOMORROW!

Check your local tv stations for times. Many TV Stations are airing these more than once.
This schedule is not all inclusive. It was what I found by 5/9/18. There may be more :)

Thursday, May 10
Diana: In Her Own Words (National Geographic)
Prince Harry's Story: Four Royal Weddings (National Geographic)

Friday, May 11
Meghan Markle: An American Princess (Fox)

Saturday, May 12
CNN Special Report: A Royal Match: Harry and Meghan (CNN)
CNN Special Report: Chasing Diana (CNN)

Sunday, May 13
William & Kate (Lifetime)
Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance (Lifetime)
Harry & Meghan: Royal Rebels (Lifetime)
Biography: Kate Middleton: Uncommon Bride (Lifetime)
Little Women on Masterpiece (PBS - Season Premiere)
Million Dollar American Princesses: Meghan Markle (Smithsonian Channel)
The Coronation (Smithsonian Channel)
Inside Windsor Castle: Tragedy and Triumph Episode 1 (Smithsonian Channel)
Inside Windsor Castle: Love and War Episode 2 (Smithsonian Channel)

Monday, May 14
Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance: SPECIAL EDITION (Lifetime)
Royal Wedding Watch: A Wedding Is Announced - Episode 1 (PBS)

Tuesday, May 15
Harry & Meghan: A Very Modern Romance (BBC America)
 Britain's Royal Weddings (BBC America)
Royal Wedding Watch: What To Wear - Episode 2 (PBS)
Inside Windsor Castle: Happy Families Episode 3 (Smithsonian Channel)
Inside Windsor Castle: Four Divorces and a Fire Episode 4 (Smithsonian Channel)

Wednesday, May 16
Prince George: Born To Be King (BBC America)
Prince Harry: Frontline Afghanistan (BBC America)
Prince William & Prince Harry: Into The Future (BBC America)
William, Kate & George: A New Royal Family (BBC America)
Charles & Diana: The First Decade (BBC America)
Diana: Legacy of a Princess (BBC America)
Charles and Diana's Wedding: You Had To Be There (RESTORED FOOTAGE) (BBC America)
The Royal Wedding: Charles and Diana (RESTORED FOOTAGE) (BBC America)
Royal Wedding Watch: Ceremony - Episode 3 (PBS)

Thursday, May 17
Kate: The Making of a Modern Queen (BBC America)
Royal Wedding Watch: How To Celebrate - Episode 4 (PBS)

Friday, May 18
Anderson Cooper 360 Royal Wedding (CNN)
 Royal Wedding Countdown (CNN)
Harry and Meghan: A Love Story (WNOL/CW)
20/20:S40 Prince Harry (Princess Di & Meghan Markle) (WGNO)
Royal Wedding Watch: Happily Ever After - Episode 5 (PBS)

Saturday, May 19 - The Wedding!
Royal Wedding Countdown (CNN)
 The Royal Wedding (CNN)
CBS News Presents: The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (CBS)
 Royal Romance: The Marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan (CBS)
The Real Princess Diaries: From Diana to Meghan (E!)
The Royal Wedding: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle (PBS)
The Royal Wedding 2018 (BBC America)
Today Show at The Royal Wedding (NBC)
The Royal Wedding: A Special Edition of Good Morning America (ABC)
E! Live From The Royal Wedding (E!)

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  1. We are almost in countdown for this great event, I really like Megan, I hope she is very happy with this marriage, I will see if any of these documentaries are transmitted in my city, I can not wait to see her dressed as a bride!

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