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Thursday, January 21, 2021

The Simple Equation: Understanding What Is Best for Your Health Needs

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Everybody has a general understanding of what is needed to attain good health in a general sense. But the fact of the matter is that, when it comes to individual needs, everybody is different. While you may very well think that you have a poor immune system, and that is the way you are, the reality may very well be that you just need a vitamin D supplement! And it's these things that sometimes cause confusion. Because there's so much health information out there, we have got to filter through the things that are relevant for us. So, how can we understand what is best for our individual health needs? It’s about asking yourself these three questions.

Are You Able To Communicate Effectively?

Communication is so important, but without it, we end up feeling isolated, frustrated, and depressed. And when it comes to being able to communicate ourselves, it's not as easy as fixing one aspect, but it is about getting an appreciation of numerous impactions on our ability to communicate. This means getting the basics done first, such as a hearing test, and finding out if the best hearing protection will suit your needs, but it's also about the social aspect as well. Do you feel that you can communicate, or do you have the ability to do so? More is being discussed about the importance of being sociable, and as a result of the pandemic, it has been thrust into the spotlight even more. And being able to communicate yourself effectively, especially as you get older, will have a direct correlation with your happiness. If you are happier, you are healthier.

Do You Know How To Rest Properly?

Another unbelievably simple thing, but if you do not rest properly, you will see it impact many areas of your life. It will impact your immune system, but it will gradually erode your physical and mental capabilities. When it comes to understanding your health needs, you've got to be able to rest properly. This does not necessarily getting in the recommended number of hours, but now, with the focus being on sleep cycles, you can benefit in breaking down your rest periods into cycles of 90 minutes. If you function on 7 hours sleep, it's very likely that you will only need 5 sleep cycles of 90 minutes each. There is a really interesting podcast about sleeping here, that you can check out.

Are You Fueling Yourself Correctly?

Another simple thing for amazing health, but if you start to look at yourself as if you are a car, and look at the type of fuel you are putting in your body, does it make your engine go? By looking at the things you consume on a regular basis, in relation to your energy exertion, are you actually fueling yourself properly? Because if you're not giving yourself what you need, you will feel worse.

When it comes to understanding what your health needs are, it's these three components that need dialing in. Health doesn't necessarily have to be a complex solution to an overloaded equation, but it can be something very simple.

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