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Thursday, January 14, 2021

3 Common Aging Anxieties (and What You Can Do About Them)

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Everybody has varying health concerns as they get older. And this can turn into anxieties. But when we are faced with these anxieties about getting older, we have to remember these are incredibly common. It is never a bad thing to understand that other people are going through the same thing. In many ways, it can be consolidating and consoling. But as you get older, you don't have to think that these things can completely overwhelm your life. There are things that you can do about them.

Losing Our Hearing

One of the more common concerns as we get older is losing our senses. Losing our hearing or experiencing a deterioration of our hearing can cause us to withdraw. But hearing aids come in a wide variety of different shapes and forms. Much like we use glasses if we have poor eyesight, the same thing applies to hearing aids. We can use hearing aids in so many different areas of our lives that it doesn't actually have to stop us from living our normal existence. And many people may have concerns about the excessive costs or stigmas associated with hearing aids. But with the variety of hearing aid specialists out there, they can ensure that whether you need hearing aid repair or you are concerned about the quality of your life with impaired hearing, an audiologist can put your mind at ease.

Getting Weaker

Another misconception with getting older. People think that they have to gradually get weaker because they get older. But it is about the age-old adage of “if you don't use it, you lose it.” Our body is biomechanical. In other words, it is built like a machine. If we give our body the proper stimulus it will adapt, just as long as we give it enough time. If you feel you're getting weaker in certain aspects of your body, it's important to focus on these areas and, in effect, retrain them. For many people mobility can become an issue as we get older but we can easily fix this by undergoing a practice like yoga or doing strength training. If you believe that you are getting weaker you have to take the opportunities to address the main issues. For many people, getting weaker can be a sign of something deeper, such as osteoporosis. But this is where having sufficient supplementation can benefit your life. You don’t have to get weaker as a by-product of getting older.

Becoming Forgetful

Another common concern. The idea of forgetting where your keys are means you are becoming senile is something that can plant the seed of doubt in anybody's mind. But becoming forgetful is something that isn't just relegated to getting old. Becoming forgetful is not something that you have to just “accept” as a part of getting old. Becoming forgetful is something that happens as a result of not using your brain capacity effectively. Much like your body, if you don't use it you lose it. And as our minds are built to adapt and to develop synapses, just as long as we use it effectively; this is where we have to get into the habit of taking our mind beyond our comfort zone. This means incorporating practices like language learning, or doing something that is beyond your mental capability. The big problem most of the time is that we become frustrated whenever we have to learn something new. But if you are concerned that you are becoming more forgetful or absent minded, the importance of practicing is going to strengthen your brain and improve the synapses. These are the connections formed as a result of deeper thinking. You can also do other things, such as have a healthy diet, but if you can practice the art of thinking more, you will not become as forgetful.

Everybody has anxieties about their advancing years. A lot of people have concerns that they are going grey. But whatever these anxieties are, everybody is feeling it to some extent. And this is why we all can benefit from taking the setback and having some perspective. Getting older is not about getting weaker or about becoming a worse version of yourself. And if we let our anxiety overwhelm us, we will pander to them. It's a far better perspective to think that getting older is about getting better. And it is true. You become smarter, wiser, and more useful in the world. And whatever your anxieties are, one of the guarantees about getting older is that you won’t feel as anxious. You learn not to sweat the small stuff.

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