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Monday, January 25, 2021

Tito's Ceviche & Pisco: Peruvian Cuisine

Not Sponsored: I had the most ah-mazing evening the other night! I went to Tito's Ceviche & Pisco on Magazine Street. You may remember me talking about Magazine Street in this post. Magazine Street is a six mile stretch of both restaurants and shops. I thought in 2021, it would be great to support & patronize (support locally) the restaurants (owners, cooks, bartenders, waiters/waitresses, wait staff) along this strip (located in Orleans Parish). It also educates me. There are a number of restaurants on Magazine Street that offer a variety of international cuisine, that I've never tried. I looked at the list of restaurants Magazine Street had to offer one day and the name Tito's Ceviche & Pisco Restaurant caught my eye. The first time I tried ceviche was at Carmo's (they have excellent food). Tito's Ceviche & Pisco has excellent ratings on Google and the pictures of their food on Yelp looked delicious. A reservation was required. You can call or go through Tock. I made it on Tock. I knew it was going to be a special night, because the outside of the restaurant was so charming. It was decorated with Mardi Gras decor, flags and masks. The fairy lights were so beautiful and whimsical. I love the outside black awning and how the greenery drapes the building. I'm a huge fan of beige and black. With neutral tones, you can add anything to it. When you step inside, it is as equally charming. It's cozy. Tito's Ceviche & Pisco is a family owned restaurant and you can feel that sense of charm as soon as you walk in. It doesn't feel like a restaurant. There were Peruvian figurines, a picture of Machu Picchu and Cathedral Basilica of Lima. Gary was my waiter and I can't speak highly of him enough. He was knowledgeable, accommodating, friendly and attentive throughout the evening. He explained everything. I ordered a Classic Pisco Punch. It was delicious. I've never had a Pisco drink. I've never had Peruvian cuisine. For an appetizer, I ordered Pulpo a la Parilla. It's a grilled octopus arm, served with potatoes, aji panca and chimichurri. I've never tried octopus! I usually turn my nose up to things like that. Well guys, I LOVED IT! It tasted SO GOOD! It was tender. It's like fish. It was seasoned very well. I ate every bite. I WANT MORE OCTOPUS! LOL For my entree, I had the Arroz Con Mariscos. It is mixed fresh seafood, aji amarillo rich with cream sauce, salsa criolla. I thought I was in HEAVEN! Everything was SO FRESH! The seafood and fresh seasoning they use tastes MAGNIFICENT! They also give you a lot of food. I had to take half of mine home with me. For dessert, I wanted to try Picarones (Peruvian Beignet), but they were out of them :( I love beignets, so I thought it would be interesting trying a different type of beignet. So I ordered a delicious Peruvian ice cream called Lucuma. Again, I can't say enough about Tito's Ceviche & Pisco! You have to dine there! Make a reservation! The staff is amazing. The food is spectacular (your taste buds will rejoice!). Both the inside and outside (there's an outdoor dining area) will put a SMILE on your face. All around it's SUPERB! I can't wait to go back.

Picture of me getting ready. Makeup: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics 

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