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Sunday, January 31, 2021

10 Louis Vuitton Bags I Would Love To Have

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Not Sponsored: I haven't looked at Louis Vuitton's website in years. I owned a Speedy 30 (shown here) but it became a little too big for me (I lost a lot of weight) and sold it (I would much rather the Speedy 25). I wanted to see what was new in handbags at Louis Vuitton, so I took a look at their website. They still have all the beautiful classics, but there have been LOTS of updates. My eyes started doing a dance. My favorites are all of the OnTheGo PM's. I'm a huge fan of black & brown. I love the larger monogram design on the newer handbags. I love crossbody bags. I love handbags with handles. As you get older, your taste changes in various things. This is just a wish list. I don't plan on buying any of these soon. LOL I just thought I would share my wish list with you. It doesn't hurt to make a wish list, right?

1. OnTheGo PM (shown) OnTheGo MM (not shown) // 2. OnTheGo MM (shown) OnTheGo PM (not shown)

3. Vanity PM (here)

4. OnTheGo MM // 5. Surene MM // 6. Petit Sac Plat (here, here, here, here)

7. Speedy 25 (here, here, here)

 8. Pochette Metis // 9. OnTheGo PM // 10. Saintonge

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