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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

How To Achieve A Glowing Skin With These 5 Natural Remedies

Everyone wants glowing skin. But how do you actually get it?

Well, it turns out there are plenty of strategies you can use to make your skin look incredible. It just requires a little knowledge. 

Fortunately, this post is here to help. We run through several natural remedies designed to make your skin look amazing so you can feel confident and happy, wherever you go.


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Honey is a natural moisturizer that can nourish your skin and bring out its glow. That’s because it has powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds which nourish the skin while preserving your natural microbiome. People who use honey regularly may be able to reduce breakouts and heal acne.

To use honey, apply some raw honey on your face and massage it gently for a few minutes. Then leave it on the face for around 15 minutes to work its magic before washing it off. (Remember, honey is essentially a type of liquid sugar, meaning it dissolves easily in water, unlike some oil-based options).

You can apply honey to your face daily or every other day for the best results. It should not cause irritation, but if it does, stop.

Aloe Vera

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Aloe vera is another excellent natural product for helping you get glowing skin. It contains a powerful compound called aloin that can stimulate cell regeneration and improve your skin elasticity. It also offers significant antimicrobial properties that can reduce redness, irritation, and infections.

You can buy the raw aloe plant and apply it directly onto your skin, meaning you don’t need to buy it as a cream. Start by cutting the aloe leaf open and scooping out the gel inside. Then apply it to your face for 20 minutes before rinsing it over with cold water. Again, you’ll want to do this daily or every other day.

Aloe vera will usually make your skin look paler and smoother. In that sense, it works similarly to retinoids.


Yogurt is another option you might want to consider. That’s because it contains lactic acid, which is a natural exfoliant that can remove dead skin cells and reveal brighter and smoother skin. It’s actually an ingredient you find in some chemical peels, according to

Yogurt may also help balance the skin’s microbiome because it facilitates the growth of good bacteria while fighting off those that do harm. It contains probiotics which may boost the skin’s bacterial load and content over time.

To apply yogurt, rub some plain yogurt into your skin with your hands and leave it on for around 15 minutes to give the acid time to work. Then rinse it off. You should notice that your skin feels significantly softer and smoother than before.

Once you finish rinsing, pat the skin dry. Then apply the yogurt between one and three times per week, depending on how your skin responds. If your skin looks red and blotchy, you may have performed too many treatments.


Another option is cucumber. This vegetable has a unique ability to hydrate and cool the skin, fighting off free radicals and preventing premature aging. The green also contains caffeic acid, which is an anti-inflammatory agent that can reduce puffiness and swelling around your eyes  – hence why so many salons use it.

To use it, start by slicing the cucumber and placing it on your eyes like two gold coins. Then leave it in place for around 15 minutes while it works its magic. When you take it off, you should notice your eyes look significantly clearer and less puffy than before. Because the treatment is so mild, you can do it daily for the best results. 


Turmeric is a spice that can give your skin a beautiful golden glow, but you need to be careful, according to You don’t want to wind up looking like a member of the Simpsons.

Turmeric is effective because it contains curcumin, which is a natural compound that can inhibit melanin production and lighten dark spots and scars. It’s one of the reasons it has become a favorite among people looking for lighter skin.

Just like in the body, turmeric also offers various anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can reduce acne, inflammation, and infections. You may find your skin reacts to this natural treatment better than some over-the-counter treatments.

To use turmeric on your face, mix some turmeric powder with some milk or honey to make a paste. Then apply it to your face for about ten minutes, like you would a mask. Don’t let it get on your towels or clothes as it will stain. 

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