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Tuesday, May 2, 2023 Love For Mom Cookie & Brownie Gift Box

Disclosure: I was sent Love For Mom Cookie & Brownie Gift Box for review. All opinions in this blog post are 100% my own and honest.

PR Sample: Mother's Day is May 14th!!! That's only 12 days away! I know! I know! These holidays roll around so quickly, don't they!?! Well don't panic, because I have a gift that will absolutely delight anybody on your gift-giving list.  It's Love For Mom Cookie & Brownie Gift Box. They sent me a sample box to try you guys, and it is so good! They didn't have to twist my arm, because I love both cookies and brownies. Who doesn't like a sweet snack? Freshly baked cookies? YES! Freshly baked brownies? YES. These cookies and brownies are NOT dry, hard or crumbly. You do not have to worry about that. Trust me, I am a cookie connoisseur. Each brownie and set of cookies is wrapped and padded. You do not have to worry about the cookies crumbling during transport! Everything comes in a super cute pink heart keepsake box tied with a beautiful white ribbon. Let me show you more...

How cute is this box and ribbon? I'm keeping mine as a keepsake box. 

Let me show you what's in the box! You get 2 brownies, 2 blondies and 8 cookies!

Chocolate Chip Blondie | Butterscotch Blondie

Chocolate Chunk Brownie | Peanut Butter Chip Brownie

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie | Peanut Butter Cookie

 Chocolate Chip Cookie | Fudge Brownie Cookie

Is your mouth salivating yet!?! These are so good. They're fresh, yummy and delicious. Have you checked out the price? It's AMAZING and ships FAST! Order this cute and delicious box for your mom, mom-to-be, daughter, daughter-in-law, aunt, grandmother, great-grandmother, teacher or whoever has given you love and means the world to YOU! You can even send this box with a personalized card (picture and personal message). has a large assortment of gifts for your every need. So check them out! What are you waiting for? You know you want some cookies and brownies. Have a great day everybody!

Check out my instagram post featuring this gift box!


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