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Friday, October 25, 2019

Bath and Body Works | Caramel Apple, Banana Cream Pie and Snickerdoodle Candle Review

Not Sponsored: I believe in aromatherapy! Scents can really change your entire mood. When you're stressed, they help you to relax. Scents are comforting. They're calming. Lighting also plays a big factor. The other day I mentioned how I'm loving my Scenterpiece Meltcup Warmer. There have been three candles I've enjoyed burning during the month of October. They are Caramel Apple, Banana Cream Pie and Snickerdoodle. My favorite is Caramel Apple (and its still available)! In the past, I've never purchased any Bath and Body Work's APPLE candles, air fresheners or wallflowers. But they are REALLY GOOD! You have to be a fan of apple because that is the most distinct scent. This candle has a warmness about it for the Fall season. I really like it. When I first took a whiff of Banana Cream Pie, I could barely smell anything. It was so light. But so is a banana cream pie. LOL It wasn't until I lit it and let it burn that I started to pick up a light sweet aroma. Its a candle that is universal. Just great smelling. It couldn't offend anyone. And last is Snickerdoodle! Cinnamon. Sugar. The cookie scent is all wrapped up in this candle. I love hot baked cookies. Bath and Body Works now has a SUGARED Snickerdoodle candle just in time for Christmas. They have just posted a lot of NEW candles for the Christmas Holidays. I'm already falling in love with the packaging design and scents.

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