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Friday, October 18, 2019

Maintaining A Positive Outlook Through Trying Times

There are times in life when maintaining a positive outlook can be particularly trying - even for those who are fairly adept at keeping upbeat through most of life. Sometimes, life circumstances can become so overwhelming, that keeping your head and your optimism high just feels impossible.

Unfortunately, the times when it’s difficult to stay positive can also be the times when we need the benefits of positivity most. Whether it’s personal health issues or medical treatments, health concerns over family members, or even financial woes, positivity can be the key to helping you to deal with the issue, so finding a way to maintain your usual outlook during these times can be hugely beneficial. Here are a few ideas that you might find useful.

Continue to take care of yourself
In trying times, it’s very easy for things to become so overwhelming that everyday basics - such as getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, and exercising - fall by the wayside. Wherever possible, try to keep to your usual routine; not only will this be good for your physical health, but you may find that routine helps your mental well-being too.

Substitute gratitude for silver linings
Gratitude is a big part of positivity in general, but adhering to this principle can feel almost cruel when you’re dealing with difficult life events - even the most determined of people will struggle to grateful for financial issues or serious health concerns, after all. Instead, switch to focusing on whatever silver linings you can find: for example, yes, you are struggling financially, but at least you can now tackle the problem directly; a loved one requiring hospice services means that they will be incredibly well taken care of and in the best possible hands; embarking on a course of treatment could eventually resolve your own health issues - or whatever is appropriate for your circumstances. You’re not asking yourself to be grateful for these difficult things, but you are still trying to find a positive amidst the dark clouds.

Look for small distractions
Distraction is an absolute gift when you’re going through a difficult period in life; it provides a moment of mental levity, when you can simply forget and lose yourself in the moment. Whether it’s watching silly cat videos on YouTube or turning the volume up on a song and dancing in your living room, seize these little moments and let everything else fade into the background - even if it’s only for a few moments, it will definitely help your mindset.

Discipline your thoughts
Negative and intrusive thoughts will, unfortunately, occur when you are going through trying times. You may find yourself fixating on the worst case scenario outcome, or wondering what you could have done differently to prevent the difficulty you are currently experiencing from occurring. These kinds of thoughts will impede your ability to keep your outlook positive, so try to be disciplined: as soon such a thought develops in your mind, take a physical action (such as standing up, clapping your hands, or saying “no” aloud) and turn your thoughts to something else entirely. Many people find that physical actions help to underline which thoughts you want to avoid, which can result in fewer occurrences in the future.

We hope the strategies above will allow you to continue to be positive at times when you need it most.
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