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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

How To Care About Something Without Being Preachy

Caring about something and feeling passionate about it is great. We all need things that we truly feel passionate about - things that light a fire in us! However, people tend to stop listening to the things you say when you get preachy. People don’t want to be preached at, whether that’s online or in person. Preaching can be quite condescending, and you won’t be doing the thing that you care about any favors at all. Below, we’ll discuss how you can care about something without being preachy.

Ask Questions
Whether you’re addressing an audience or speaking to somebody one on one, asking questions is a great way to keep them engaged in the conversation. Ask people to raise their hand rather than telling them what challenges they’ve faced. Get them involved in the conversation and listen to them. Relate it to your own experiences but don’t make it all about you.

Be Softer When You Say ‘You’
Many people say the word ‘you’ loud and hard. Instead, try saying it softly. This is far more inviting and people will continue to listen to you.

Be Conversational
One of the best things you can do is keep the tone light and conversational. As soon as you sound like you’re giving a sermon, people will probably roll their eyes and stop listening to you.

Ask Permission To Help
Some people may not want your advice at all. Asking if they want it is a better way to ensure that you won’t be talking at people who won’t listen. If you want to help a particular cause, it can help to ask what would be most helpful too. For example, if you want to help Assisting Hands elderly care, ask what they need volunteers to do. Ask your local animal shelter if they need blankets or pet food. You can do more when you ask first.

Pick Your Battles
Not everything needs to turn into a debate or a discussion. Below you’ll find an infographic on public policy - you may find something there that you feel passionate enough to talk about, or it could be a reference point for you when discussing with others.

credit to Norwich University
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