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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Twinkle & Sparkle: A Very Sweet Blog Turns 8

Not Sponsored: Yesterday was my 8 year blogiversary! I started A Very Sweet Blog in 2012. I actually stumbled unto the blogging world one day while surfing the internet (think Alice in Wonderland falling into the deep depths of the rabbit hole). The first blog I was enamored with was Coco & Vera by Cee Fardoe. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. The blogging world has so many talented people. I found everyone to be superb at their genre. At first I was only going to sit back, read and subscribe to various bloggers. I planned on staying in the shadows. But then I thought about it and felt I had something to contribute. I've always loved trying things, so I thought maybe I could share my thoughts and experiences with others as well. So that's how I got started and continue today. I'm just adding my little twinkle and sparkle to the world. So my message to you (and the reason for these dark photos) is don't stay in the shadows. You can really inspire others with what you know. Add your own twinkle & sparkle to the world every day.

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