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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

How To Create A Calm Work Environment

When you run your own business, you are always juggling one hundred and one things. You are constantly on the go and you never seem to get to the end of that to-do list. It is good to be busy, at least that’s what you always tell yourself! When you have so many plates spinning, it can make a real difference to be able to center yourself from time to time in an oasis of calm. That is why today we want to share with you a few suggestions around how to create a calm work environment.

Think about the decor
The first place to start is by thinking about the decor of your office or premises.

If you work alone from home, are you able to create your own space dedicated to your work? It can help to do so as you will have everything that you need to hand in that place and you can then set about styling and decorating your home office. Try to position your workstation somewhere bright and airy with plenty of natural light, and then operate a clear desk policy to keep things organized.

If you work with a team, then get them to help you create the perfect office by taking on board their ideas and feedback. By changing colors, flooring and lighting, you can have a completely new look office.

Focus on the atmosphere
With the decor setting you up for a calm day at the office, you can now focus on the atmosphere. Can you add little touches to lighten and relax the mood? Perhaps a few potted plants, some background music and a positive buzz around the room will make all the difference?

If you are working with others, aim to give everyone their own dedicated workspace, but try to keep everyone close and connected. This helps to give everyone a safe and comfortable area to work from whilst building a friendly team atmosphere.

Remove any obstacles
There are often obstacles to working calmly in any business. They are usually those frustrations that seem to rear their heads from time to time and upset the status quo and throw out your entire day.

For example, you might want to employ an IT Services company to take the stress and hassle out of IT complications for you, or perhaps you know that you should hire a bookkeeper to take care of that side of your business as it always raises stress levels.

Role model calm
If you work with a team of people, then you are going to need to be a role model here and you need to role model calm. If your team constantly see you in an emotional or energetic state, they are likely to follow your lead and react in the same way.

It is always essential that you start with your own inner peace and that should then send ripple effects out to the rest of your team. You can take a look at for more around the message of peace and how to achieve it as it can make a significant impact at work.
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