Doll 10 blendSMART Rotating Makeup Brush System Review & Video

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

PR Sample - Are you ready for this? Makeup brushes that ROTATE! Doll 10 has come out with a BlendSMART Rotating Makeup Brush System. I was sent the starter kit (which includes the FOUNDATION brush) PLUS they sent me the rotating POWDER & BLUSH brushes (which are sold separately from the starter kit). I jumped at the chance to review these! I even did a YouTube video and everything for you guys today. HaHaHa So, let's get started dolls! Let's get DOLLED UP!  >.<

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  Doll 10 Blend Smart Rotating Makeup Brush System is Sweet

The STARTER KIT includes the 360 degree spin universal foundation brush head no. 1 (it can apply any foundation you use: liquid, cream or powder), blendSMART automatic brush handle and one lithium battery CR123A 3V. Currently it's $59.98 and can only be purchased on QVC. Replacement brushes can be purchased on QVC and on the Doll 10 website. I show it's use in my YouTube video below, but I really like it! You use less foundation! Even if you use too much (as I did in the video), it spreads the foundation out and blends everything in. The bristles are soft and it never irritated my sensitive skin. Doll 10 suggests you use sweeping motions (left to right) instead of circular ones. You don't have to press hard to blend. Let the brush do the work! So it functions well! Just one little gripe. It does make a whirling twirling mechanical sound. I wish it was a little more silent, but it's nothing that would give you a headache. The foundation brush easily pops off for cleaning and you would clean it just as you would your other makeup brushes. I'm guessing the battery lasts a very long time, because it is not offered on either website. I really like this foundation brush and want to buy more. Oh one other thing! I wear contacts, so be careful around the eyes. This got 4 out of 5 stars on QVC's website. I give it a sweet rating. I definitely see other beauty companies coming out with one in the future.

In addition to the FOUNDATION brush, they also sent me their rotating BLUSH brush and POWDER brush. These are NOT in the starter kit and must be purchased separately. They are $22 each on QVC's website and $24.50 each on Doll 10's website. These are awesome! The BLUSH brush can be used for all of your blushes (I tried it with powder blush in my video below). The POWDER brush can be used with whatever you use to powder your face. I show both in my video! These did an excellent job blending my blush and powder into my foundation. I'm just finding out that my brush should've been off when dipping it into my blush and powder...OH WELL! HAHAHA I was just too excited and didn't read the directions first! HAHAHA Be sure to follow me on Snapchat (averysweetblog) for previews and other serendipitous things that happen in my life.

Here's my video, using it for the VERY first time! Let me know your thoughts!

Doll 10 Cheek To Chic Blush & Contour Palette Review

Monday, October 5, 2015

Hey Everybody! About 3 weeks ago, I entered Doll 10's Cheek To Chic Blush and Contour Palette ($36) Giveaway on Instagram and WON. I was so excited because they gave me AND I could pick 2 beauty besties (Ashley of Ashley Sue Makeup & Pilar of Beauty and More by Pilar ) not only their NEW palette, but also their Doll 10 Contour Brush No. 8 ($32). I thought that was very generous of them! We THANK YOU Doll 10! I've had a chance to test both out. What I love about this palette, is how it incorporates contouring, highlighting, bronzing and blushes in ONE compact. Everything you need is encased in a compact that fits in the palm of your hands. Doll 10 gives you 2 contour shades, 2 blushes, 1 bronzer, 1 highlighter and a functional mirror. I used SCULPTED (contour) around my hairline, cheeks and under my chin. I then used DOLLED UP as my blush. I highlighted using GLOW on the bridge of my nose, cupids bow, cheeks, chin and forehead. I lightly dusted GOLDEN PEARL (bronzer) all over my face. Another thing I liked, was the picture on the back of the palette explaining how the shades should be applied. This is genius, because paper inserts that come with palettes either get thrown away, pushed aside or covered with makeup as you use the palette. I found all the shades to be very soft and natural. This palette is great for everyday and you can get a number of looks out of it. I used the Doll 10 contour brush to contour and it is DREAMY! The bristles on the brush are so soft, it's unbelievable! I tried to capture the softness of the bristles in the picture below. So now I want more Doll 10 brushes! LOL Doll 10 is NEW to me! I had never heard or tried their products before. I'm very impressed. I'll be reviewing another product of theirs later this week! So stick around! Stop by Ashley and Pilar's blogs (linked above) to hear their thoughts on this palette. All 3 of us wanted to review on the same day :)

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  Doll 10 Cheek To Chic Blush and Contour Palette is Sweet
 Doll 10 Contour Brush No. 8 is Supersweet 

TREATS International Snack Subscription Box Review

Friday, October 2, 2015

PR Sample - Wouldn't it be cool (also delicious) to try snacks from other countries each month? I've always enjoyed tasting goodies from around the world, thanks to really nice blog buddies. Treats is a subscription box service that sends their subscribers a box of snacks from a different country every month! How cool is that!?! No traveling necessary! HaHaHa They will send you snacks from different continents such as ASIA, EUROPE, AFRICA, NORTH AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA, and AUSTRALIA. Let me show you what was inside the box they sent me! I received TEN snacks from JAPAN! Not only did I get to try some great tasting snacks, but now I know the names of some Japanese snack companies! I also got to admire some very pretty packaging! Look below for a special COUPON CODE just for A Very Sweet Blog Readers!

 Morinaga - Milk Caramel Candy

These are AWESOME! Boxed and individually wrapped, these rich tasting caramels taste delicious. They're fresh, chewy and dare I say better than Brach's!?! Yes, they are!

Uha - Cola Puccho

Another candy that was in my box, was Cola Puccho. They taste like gummies, but have a center of liquid cola that bursts in your mouth! These tasted really good! Chewy, sweet & sour all mixed together. 

Glico - Pocky Tsubu Tsubu

I call them Pocky sticks! LOL I've tried these before, but in a different flavor. These crunchy strawberry flavored snacks are really tasty. They kind of remind me of a yogurt coated cookie. 

Glico - Giant Caplico Strawberry

It seems like Glico makes a lot of cute Asian snacks :) Who can resist a strawberry ice cream cone? It's strawberry with a chocolate center. All of it is crunchy. Tasty, but I can't compare it to anything. LOL It's not overly sweet, but I prefer Pocky :)

Meiji - Watapachi Cotton Candy

I didn't read the Treats "What's Inside Your Treats Box?" card before diving into these treats! I kind of wanted to be SURPRISED by the different tastes. I could not tell by the packaging, what was inside! I was kind of scared because there were monsters all over it and various things coming out of all of their mouths! HaHaHa I reached my hand inside and still felt spooked! Is this seaweed? LOL Then when I pulled it out, I said well it looks like cotton candy (candy floss). It tasted really good! It has a watermelon taste to it!

Jagabee - Soy Sauce Potato Crisps

This was another favorite for me! If you're familiar with Andy Capp Fries, these are similar but BETTER. They don't have as much seasoning. It says soy sauce etc. but you can't taste it. It just tastes like really good baked potato fries. Do these come in a BIG BAG? Because they are absolutely yummy!

 Calbee - Baked Shrimp Chips

Okay, so there was ONE snack I didn't like at all! This one! I love shrimp, but not these! I tried shrimp crackers a couple of months ago and didn't like those either, so I must not like Asian shrimp snacks in general. They look like puffed crunchy sticks! I just don't like the smell or taste. :(

Amanoya - Himemaru

Rice crackers are usually very bland. Well not these! They have a light seasoning on them that gives them a tasty kick! Great crunchy snacks.

Uegaki - Kaki-no-tane

I've had these before, thanks to Little Luxury List (see here)! But what I didn't know about, were the different varieties. These are the rice crackers, but she sent me the ones with rice crackers & peanuts. Really tasty snacks!

Kasugai - Fruit Gummy Assortment

And finally GUMMY'S! FRUIT GUMMY'S! Throw everything you ever thought a gummy candy was OUT OF YOUR HEAD! These will have you dancing! Want to know why? THEY TASTE LIKE REAL FRUIT! I never ate gummy candies before because many taste so artificial and are rubbery. NOT THESE! I'm glad this is a big bag. Three flavors in these lychee, mango and strawberry. They're also GLUTEN FREE...LOVE!

$12.95/Month Receive 4-5 International Snacks
$24.95/Month Receive 8-10 International Snacks

Have A Great Weekend Everybody!