Kylie Kylighters Review and Swatches

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Love the packaging! Love the names! But these have to be the worse highlighters I've ever tried! Kylie Jenner came out with her Kylie Kylighters (Highlighters) the beginning of this year. I almost purchased them then; but then the reviews rolled in and many complained they weren't pigmented and applied too light. So I said ok. I'm not one for bling'd out highlighters, so maybe these would work for me. So Kylie held a ONE HOUR, 50% OFF sale! I purchased all six! BAD DECISION. BAD DECISION. Do not buy these full price. Do not buy these half price. Do not buy these! The pigmentation is way too light. I had to apply and apply and apply to get THE SWATCHES YOU SEE BELOW. There's something off with this formula. I had a hard time blending these highlighters with my other makeup. They looked horrible when I applied them atop my Laura Mercier powder. They did better applied atop just foundation, but then the colors ugggh! LOL Chocolate Cherry & Strawberry Shortcake make me look like I have sunburn. Banana Split, Cotton Candy Cream and French Vanilla make me look like I have jaundice. Salted Caramel makes me look like I spilled glitter on my face. So, I will be using these as drink coasters instead. LMFAO. Don't say I didn't warn you! It's really a shame. These could've been nice. I'm wearing Kylie's Lip Glosses in Like, Literally, So Cute below. Still love those.

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  Kylie Kylighters are Not Sweet

French Vanilla

Cotton Candy Cream

Salted Caramel

Chocolate Cherry

Strawberry Shortcake

Banana Split

Tarte Toasted Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Monday, December 11, 2017

There are two more products I purchased on sale (during the Thanksgiving holidays), that I would like to review for you this week. Today, Tarte Toasted $46. You guys know I love my Urban Decay Heat Eyeshadow Palette, but I kept going back & forth as to whether I should purchase Tarte Toasted. I was initially excited when Tarte mentioned mid-year that they were coming out with this palette. Then months & months passed and no Tarte Toasted. While Tarte delayed, Urban Decay came out with Heat and it became the IT warm-toned palette of the year. Many beauty enthusiasts said, if you have Heat you really don't need Toasted. Now that I have both in my hands I pretty much agree. The quality of the shadows in Toasted are really good, but I think the one's in UD are superb. So then it comes down to colors! The only difference I see is that Toasted has some slightly lighter ORANGER shades (warmth, flame & shimmer) than HEAT. I see those slight variations, so I'm glad I purchased this ON SALE (don't think I would want about 3 different shades and pay full price HaHaHa). Those colors are going to work well for me this Summer. Let me know if you purchased both palettes, only one or another warm palette instead! I'd love to know why :) I'll be creating some looks using this next year.

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  Tarte Toasted Eyeshadow Palette is Sweet

How To Keep Up With Fashion Trends

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Keeping up with the latest fashion can be difficult because what may be trending in fashion today may not be the same tomorrow or the next month or year. This is because new designs keep on coming to the market every day. This is normal because change is the main attribute of fashion. Staying updated with the current fashion trends is not easy but it’s possible. The following tips will help you keep up with fashion trends.

Research on the Latest Fashion

To be updated on fashion affairs, you have to be aware of what’s trending every time. This can be easily done through online research whereby you can look up for what the latest design. Moreover, research can also be conducted by reading fashion magazines since some fashion houses record their current fashions in magazines. Through this, you can be able what’s new in the fashion world and if you like something then purchase it.

Window Shop

Don’t always walk into a mall or a cloth shop when only you want to purchase something. Make it a habit to go in clothes stores every now and then. By doing this, you will identify what s new and how much it cost. When you will make up your mind you want to buy a new cloth then you will have an idea of what to go for. Moreover, you don’t have to go physically to shopping malls; you can look at online shopping sites and identify the latest design.

Embrace Accessories

Accessories have always been fashionable. Also, they take time before they get outdated. Most of them are not expensive and whenever put on they make you stand out from the rest. However, don’t buy any accessory you come along. It is good to do research fast so as to get the best and a long lasting one. Research can easily be done by reading reviews. For example, if you would like to buy male watches you can look up for the Affluent Gentlemen review the Invicta watch brand.

Update your Closet

At times you may fail to buy more clothes because you feel you a lot and enough. However, you may find that there are those clothes in the closet that you stay a whole year without wearing them. Moreover, some can be smaller if you have grown big or big if you have cut weight. Take time and dispose of such clothes so as to make room for new ones.

Dressing fashionably boosts self-confidence and is an amazing way to express yourself. Keeping up with the latest fashion is not only for designers but also for anyone who loves fashion. It is possible to incorporate the latest fashion styles into your personal world through research on the latest trends, window shopping, embracing accessories and updating your closet. Moreover, as you purchase new designs have in mind the occasion and personal preferences since different clothes suit different occasions. Also, go for unique designs, not common ones that have everyone in the streets. Keeping up fashion trends helps remain relevant in the fashion world.

3 Ways Fashion Can Boost Your Self-Esteem

Saturday, December 9, 2017

On the whole, we look to clothing to help us express ourselves, feel confident about our bodies, and improve our confidence. So, why is shopping for clothes often considered a shallow luxury? While compulsive spenders and shopaholics can take the lust for new attire too far, most of us only set out to buy what we need, what we want, and what makes us feel good about ourselves.

In other words, you shouldn’t feel guilty about buying clothes. Believe it or not, the fashion industry isn’t just about keeping up appearances. There have been numerous studies into the psychology of fashion, from how it improves confidence, builds self-image, and increases workplace productivity. With this in mind, here are three examples of how your clothes can boost your self-esteem.

Fashion Affects Your Mood

Have you ever tried to be productive while wearing your pajamas or sweats? It doesn’t happen because your clothes are telling you it’s time to relax. Put on a killer outfit, style your hair, and adorn yourself with a few accessories, however, and you feel instantly ready to take on the day.

It’s no secret that fashion affects the mind. In fact, numerous body-confidence experts encourage those who work or study from home to change out of their ultra-comfy yoga pants and dress to make an impression, even if they won’t see anyone but the mailman all day. The reason for this is that it increases confidence and lets your mind know you’re here to get things done, not to laze around watching Netflix – that’s where your favorite sweatpants come in.

Fashion Can Make You More Charitable

The news reports of dangerous, unethical factories around the world have prompted an upswing of sustainable clothing retailers selling garments for the greater good. So, while you might feel good when you buy new clothes, have you ever thought about the true price of your purchases? Buying from ethical brands will make you feel good about your choices and improve your sense of purpose in the world.

A great example of designer apparel that doesn’t compromise on luxury is Beulah London. Beulah focuses on creating bespoke clothing items and seasonal collections to help eradicate modern slavery and poor working conditions for women around the world. You can check out Beulah London’s Blog to find out more about their mission.

Fashion Gives You Power

How confident, comfortable, and true to yourself you feel in an outfit will have an impact on how other’s perceive you. If you’ve ever been to a party in a dress you later realized was too short, and you spent the whole night hiding in the shadows as you attempted to pull down the hem, you’ll understand how powerful clothes can be.

If you’d shown up in something you felt comfortable wearing, you would have relaxed, had a good time, and possibly even become the life and soul of the party, making people marvel at your confidence. A great mood can be infectious, so how you feel about your clothing won’t just affect you – it will also affect those around you.

Desi x Katy Dose of Colors Review and Swatches

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Popular YouTubers Desi Perkins and Katy of Lustrelux (they're best friends) collaborated with makeup brand Dose of Colors on a makeup collection several months ago. It sold out the first time. It took a month or two to restock. During the Thanksgiving holidays they held a sitewide 40% off sale. So, I was able to get everything I wanted from the collection at a really great price. What attracted me to this collection, were the beautiful nude & metallic colors and gorgeous packaging. The packaging is so pretty & glitzy! It has that sparkle like the Mariah Carey x MAC collection. Below are my thoughts.

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  Desi xKaty Dose of Colors Collection is Sweet


Desi x Katy Dose of Colors: Mirame (Rose Gold Highlighter) 

$28 (I paid $16.80) - Still Available

Let's do a makeup progression! This collection offered two highlighters! This is Mirame, which is a rose gold highlighter. It's very dark in the pan! When swatched, it is a gorgeous GOLD! FYI, The other highlighter is called Fuego. It seems like a lighter gold, so I'm glad I purchased this one. It applies really well and looks great on the skin. I forgot to apply my Smashbox primer, so you see a lot of texture in the pictures I took. But I applied it on my nose, cheeks, and cupids bow in the picture below.

Desi x Katy Dose of Colors: More Creamier Please (Nude with brown/peach undertone) 

Creamy Matte Finish - $16 (I paid $9.60) - Still Available

There were four lipsticks offered in the collection. A red (hot fire), purple (savage), no shade (light peachy nude) and more creamier please (which I'm wearing). I didn't know if I would be able to pull this shade off. Looking at pics, it seemed close to my skin tone. But I love it. It's very soft and looks really good. The creamy matte formula also feels really good on my lips. I always worry about mattes.

Desi x Katy Dose of Colors: The Girls Eyeshadow Palette

$Original Price??? (I paid $16.80) - Sold Out (you can find on eBay)

I only follow Katy of Lustrelux, so I know two of these shades are named after her dogs (Turbo & Suz). They are so funny. She always features them on her Snapchat Stories. They suggest you use these WET! So I swatched them both dry & wet for you. Excuse the green swatch! My brush was a little too wet. I use the brown & gold shade in my pics below; I didn't have any problems. They're metallic and have a lot of sparkle! But they give a very nice look. I think both did a great job with this collection.