Pixi Mists: Hydrating Milky Mist, Makeup Fixing Mist, Vitamin Wakeup Mist and Glow Mist Review

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sponsored: Last week, Pixi Beauty sent me their new collection of facial mists. I was very excited to receive these, because I was very impressed with their Glow Mist. Below are my thoughts on each.

Despite the different colors, ALL OF THESE SPRAY ON CLEAR!

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Pixi by Petra: Vitamin Wakeup Mist - Sweet

I love this Vitamin Wakeup Mist ($15)! It's funny, I love drinking orange juice & citrus-y things. But my skin usually detests them when it comes to skincare. When I first saw the orange color, I was like um ... I don't know about this. HaHaHa But I was pleasantly surprised! And you will be too! In a nutshell, this mist is REFRESHING & INVIGORATING! It has a VERY SOFT orange scent (nothing offensive whatsoever). When applied, my skin felt hydrated, refreshed & very soft. To me, this mist would be great for use in the AM (after your shower or bath for a perk me up) or after a workout. It's uplifting to the senses. It perks you up. It's non-sticky. It feels great to the skin. I really like it. This mist makes me feel uplifted, just like Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush. This mist provides light hydration, so you will still need a moisturizer. It doesn't replace it.

Pixi by Petra: Hydrating Milky Mist - Bittersweet

I expected a little more from this Hydrating Milky Mist ($15). The only thing milky is the color. Is it hydrating? Not so much. You mist it on your face! You initially get the hydration, it evaporates and your left with the same kind of skin you began with before spraying. LOL I have DRY SKIN, so my skin just sucked this up leaving nothing behind. It just EVAPORATED. Maybe this would work well for other skin types, but I wasn't very impressed. This mist is scentless.

Pixi by Petra: Glow Mist - Sweet

You  may remember my intial review of Glow Mist ($15) (reviewed here) and I feel the same way about it now. This mist gives your skin a very natural GLOW (not SHINE LOL). Spritz! Apply your makeup! It's very natural looking. I highly recommend this mist, for anyone that wants a healthy glow to their skin without HIGHLIGHTERS or ILLUMINATORS. It's a nice option for work or on the weekends.

Pixi by Petra: Makeup Fixing Mist - Bittersweet

I haven't dabbled with makeup fixing sprays. I should, with this New Orleans heat & humidity. This Makeup Fixing Mist ($15) is ok. Spray as far from your face as possible! This has a harder spray than I would like, so it goes on really wet. However, it dries pretty fast ... <5 minutes. So that's good. Once dried, it didn't alter the color of my foundation, blush, eyeliner or foundation. All my makeup was set in place. Lightly rubbing my face, my makeup didn't move. Briskly rubbing my face, some makeup appeared on my hands, but there was no smearing. Is this UD All Nighter? Naw But if you're looking for something lightweight, inexpensive and don't plan on touching your face a lot this may work for you. I like that it's non-sticky and non-heavy.

LAFCO New York Chamomile Lavender Nourishing Body Cream and Reparative Hand Cream Review

Monday, March 27, 2017

Sponsored: I was sent a bottle of LAFCO New York's Chamomile Lavender Nourishing Body Cream and Reparative Hand Cream for review. I want to preface this review by saying, usually I approve products before they are sent to me. These were sent to me without my approval. However, when I received them, I was very smitten with the packaging. The product is housed in beautiful glossy plastic packaging, with black grosgrain ribbon, and overall the packaging is sleek & sophisticated. Both the body cream and hand cream are white & creamy. The problem I have is with the scent. Both come across as a musk (masculine) and a little sour. I looked at the consistency of the lotion (thinking maybe the shelf life had expired etc). but I didn't detect that anything had turned etc. Both are Vegan, not tested on animals and good for 12 months after opening. This scent didn't agree with me, but both are available in 13 scents (so maybe the other ones would suit me better). Now the formula! My skin felt soft after using these, but not moisturized. The consistency is very light, so I don't see this working for someone with dry skin (like me). So, I don't know if it's just the scent or what! Neither appealed to me. This was my first time hearing about LAFCO. Have you tried any of their products?

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  LAFCO Nourishing Body Cream and Reparative Cream is Bittersweet

LAFCO New York Chamomile Lavender Nourishing Body Cream ($35)

"Naturally rich but never greasy, LAFCO Nourishing Body Cream is prepared from a base of argan, jojoba, and shea oils, and is infused with orange blossom extract to noticeably soften and tone skin. Made in Italy, LAFCO Nourishing Body Cream is free of dyes, synthetics, silicone, GMOs and parabens. This body cream is a MUST for anytime of the day when your skin may have been hit with some winter dryness."

LAFCO New York Chamomile Lavender Reparative Hand Cream ($32)

"Made in Italy, LAFCO Reparative Hand Cream is uniquely emollient and protective due to its rich concentration of natural botanical oils, including rice proteins and cottonseed, olive and sweet almond oils. The result is a hand cream that restores, repairs and soothes your skin for a non-greasy finish that is uniquely fragranced, perfect for post glove wearing hands.

Jouer Ready To Wear Warm & Cool Collection Palette (On Sale) and Stila Black Diamond Review and Swatches

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Thanks so much for the compliments on my makeup in yesterday's OhConcept Collection post! I was wearing Jouer! Over the weekend, Jouer announced they were having a Spring Clearance Sale of up to 50% off (Kiss em Goodbye Sale). Well I noticed both the Jouer Ready To Wear Warm Collection and Cool Collection Palettes were included. I'm really not surprised they are included in this sale, because these were Jouer's very first palettes and now makeup companies are producing more limited edition makeup/palettes. I purchased these palettes last year, during a Jouer sale for about $25 ea (now they are on sale for $19 ea). I never reviewed them, because I never used them. I showed them on Snapchat, took pictures and that was that. Well when I got the OhConcept skirt, I thought about the sparkly black in the Cool Collection and thought it would work well with my outfit. So I thought this was the perfect time to review both & let you guys know about the sale (not sponsored, I just keep up with brands)!

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff)

Jouer Ready To Wear Warm Collection Palette - Sweet

This is Jouer's WARM palette. BOTH the warm and cool palettes have a bronzer, blush, highlighter and eye shadow selection.  Both the warm and cool palettes have the SAME bronzer & highlighter. So the only difference in the two palettes are the eye-shadows & blush. The bronzer works with my skintone. It's a very pretty and natural looking brown. I used it as a contour around the perimeter of my face and also down the sides of my nose. The blush is called PEACH GLOW and that it is! Now this palette was initially made in '14 or '15, there's no way Christina of Jouer knew PEACH would be the hot color for makeup in '16-'17 (maybe she did, because fashion designers know what will be hot in advance). It's really pretty on the cheeks (see my face swatch) and blends in beautifully with all of my makeup. I used three (3) of the eye shadows in the palette. I used Sahara in my crease, Lace under my brow (excuse my eyebrows. trying to let them grow in) and Cognac on the lid and under my eye. If you want extra sparkle, use Fireside. I put the highlighter down the bridge of my nose. I was worried, because it was so white...but it's very subtle and pretty. I'm wearing Jouer's Papaye on my lips. The pigmentation of Jouer's makeup is very good. There is some fall out with the last eye shadow. Lots of sparkle. So apply your eye makeup first if you use that one. This palette has a square mirror. The palette is magnetized for easy closure. The only thing about these cardboard palettes (Jouer's newer palettes are constructed differently) is that they get really dirty as you use it. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@averysweetblog) and watch my Instagram Story. I'll show you!

Jouer Ready To Wear Cool Collection Palette - Sweet

Now here is the COOL palette! Same bronzer, same highlighter as the WARM palette. The blush in this palette is called ROSE GLOW. It's a very pretty pink shade. I used three of the eye shadows in this palette. Wisp under my eye brow. Twig in my crease. Rum on my lid and under my lower lashes. I'm wearing Jouer Citronade Rose on my lips.

Stila Black Diamond - Supersweet

Yesterday, you saw Jouer's Havana (Cool Palette) along with Stila's Black Diamond (gifted to me by Little Luxury List) on my eyes. I haven't really purchased any Stila products. Just an eyeliner years ago. I'm REALLY IMPRESSED with the pigmentation of this eye shadow. Gorgeous color and very little fallout (if any). It's a dark silverish gray. I need to get more of these. I could've smoked out my top lid more, but I would need an inbetween shade. I forgot to mention, on my lips I'm wearing (wait for it) MAC x Cinderella Happily Ever After. I use my makeup :D