Lancome Juicy Shaker Review & Swatches

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sponsored: SHAKE! SHAKE SHAKE! I received two Lancome Juicy Shakers to review: Mint To Be (400) & Meli Melon (301). They are pigmented infused lip oils. Have you tried lip oil? I haven't. We have oils for our face & body. We have oils for our hair. Why not an oil for the lips? Well, Lancome went back into their makeup archives for this recipe (see video below). They used a 1945 cocktail shaker lipstick + juicy tubes from the 90's (i remember those) and came up with this concept (Juicy Shaker). Let's first talk packaging. Cocktails anyone? The product (lip oil + tint) is housed in what mimics to be a cocktail shaker. IT'S VERY CUTE! Every time I look at it, I want to repeat the James Bond saying, "shaken, not stirred". To activate it (because the pigment and oil separates), you MUST shake it! And I mean shake vigorously! After shaking it, twist off the cap. The cap has a very soft and may I add lip-friendly (feels good to the lips) sponge. Apply it to your lips and're done. Now, expectations! Will you like this? It depends on what YOU are looking for! This is not a lip balm. This is not a lip gloss. This is an OIL. So it's going to feel slightly heavier on the lips. The oil is very moisturizing to the lips (while ON), but once it wears off ... don't expect the moisture to stay or for your lips to remain moisturized. The moisture your lips receive is TEMPORARY (only for a couple of hours ... not all day). I've been using these for a week and another thing you can't expect is long-term nourishment for your lips. It's not a long-term treatment for lips in my opinion (Like the Fresh Advanced Therapy treatment lip balm). Lancome states, it's "A Perfect Cocktail Of Nourishing Oils": Apricot Oil (hydrating), Rose De Muscat Oil (soothing), Cranberry Oil (Antioxidants), Peach Oil (softening) and Sweet Almond Oil (nourishing).  All of that is great, but it doesn't last :S Now, the color payoff! There are over 20 shades! The two I received only gave me a wash of color. Mint To Be (blue) was a tinge of blue (thank God) with a little sparkle. Meli Melon was a light coral color. These two shades were sheer in color, but there are other shades that will give you more color (from what I've seen on the web). Scent is another thing to consider. Meli Melon has a distinct & delightful watermelon scent. Mint To Be has a faint mint scent (nothing extraordinary in my opinion). At $21 each, I was expecting more. They're good, but they're not great! If you're a makeup collector, like me you'll love it for the packaging, scent and temporary moisture. If you're looking for long-term moisturized lips or treatment for dry lips you'll be disappointed. Expect to reapply every couple of hours. It seems some are better than others. All in all, they've gotten great reviews! But this was my experience. I just don't want you to spend a lot of money and expect the world from this. There is one called Piece of Cake that I'm interested in (name), but I will have to go to the store to get an idea of the scent. Those are my thoughts!

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  Lancome Juicy Shaker's in Mint To Be and Meli Melon are Bittersweet

Aqua Carpatica Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sponsored: I received several bottles of Aqua Carpatica Natural Sparkling Mineral Water for review. I'm a novice when it comes to Mineral Water. I tried Perrier. It was ok. I never revisited mineral water again. LOL What sparked my interest again in mineral water, was that Aqua Carpatica Sparkling Mineral Water is NITRATE FREE (totally free from nitrate (fertilizer) pollution or any other chemical, microbiological or physical impurity), has CALCIUM & MAGNESIUM (perfect for people who engage in high levels of activity), helps DIGESTION, has ZERO CALORIES & NO carbohydrates, lipids, organic carbon or sodium. I included two info-graphics from Aqua Carpatica's website regarding NITRATES. One, gives a comparison to other brands. That bottle of Perrier I consumed had the highest level of Nitrates (go figure). It also talks about the health effects on unborn children & babies under 6 months. How does it taste? Like flat alka-seltzer water. HaHaHa You have the bubbles (because it's sparkling water), but there's nothing else there. I will say, I felt more energetic after drinking this in comparison to regular water. But overall I'm just going on the fact that it is good for you. Aqua Carpatica water comes from the Carpathian Mountains (the last wild forest of Europe with no agriculture or industrial activity in the surrounding areas) Let me know your thoughts on mineral water!

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  Aqua Carpatica Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water is Sweet

Philip B Lavender Hand Creme Review & Swatches

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sponsored: Philip B :) Do you guys remember my review of his Chocolate Milk Body Wash & Bubble Bath and how smitten I was with it (BTW: I was looking for it on his site and ummm if you go under SALE it's 1/2 price right now...yes girlfriend just ordered 2 bottles. LOL)? Well when PR contacted me to review his lavender hand creme, I jumped at it! Just to give you some background (or a refresher), Philip B is out of California and he's known for his illustrious hair care products. Well he also has a body collection. If you click under BODY, he has an entire Lavender collection (hand creme, hand wash, body creme and hair & body shampoo). He must LOVE lavender! I haven't always been a fan of lavender. In my younger years, LOL I came across this really LOUD & STRONG smelling lavender that turned me OFF! Well I'm here to tell you! Not all lavender is equal. It's suppose to be calming, soothing, tranquil and serene. You're suppose to go to sleep afterwards Zzzzz. This hand creme is the real deal! It's creamy, non-greasy, has a SOFT lavender scent, beautiful lavender color and let me add ONLY USE THIS AT NIGHT or else your boss will see your head on the desk. LOL The scent is very FRESH! I'm not a floral scented girl and I love this. It's not offensive. So no worries there. I also love the packaging. It's a very hard plastic with a diamond design. The pump easily dispenses the product and there is gold trim. I have no complaints. This would look great on a mirrored tray. Very elegant. So thanks to Philip B, my love for Lavender has returned. Do you like Lavender?

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  Philip B Lavender Hand Creme is Supersweet

WEN by Chaz Dean Cucumber Basil Tea Eau De Parfum

Monday, May 2, 2016

Sponsored: I was sent a full-size sample of WEN Cucumber Basil Tea Eau De Parfum also HERE (Fragrance Collection) by Chaz Dean to review and I AM IN LOVE. I am not a perfume girl AT ALL, so I kept going back & forth as to whether to accept this product for review. Well let me tell you! I'm so glad I accepted! This is not like perfume at all. It's more like a refreshing body spritz! A cocktail for your skin, senses and nose :) There's nothing harsh or perfume-y about this perfume. It has a soft cucumber & water scent (very authentic & natural smelling). You will immediately think you're at the spa, with a pitcher of lemon water and someone giving you a massage. I do detect basil & tea, but cucumber is the predominant scent. Do I also dare say, that this perfume (to me) is UNISEX! I've never experienced that before! A woman would love this. A man would love this. It would work for both sexes. It's refreshing for Spring & Summer. The scent is very uplifting, refreshing, light, tranquil, serene and a little oriental. Let me talk about the packaging! It blew me away! I love the pairing of brown & green. What a lovely color combination! The perfume bottle is very narrow & sleek. It's very sexy! The name of the perfume is inscribed on the front and you see a picture of freshly sliced cucumbers in the background. Flip the bottle over and the lovely saying, "May you be blessed with light, love, hope, strength, faith, joy, truth, honesty, understanding, wisdom, harmony, prosperity, success, health and happiness in all the years to come." How beautiful is that!?! I see this perfume being used both day & night and unoffensive to anyone. This would also be perfect for medical professionals. I love the spritz it gives. Sometimes when you spray something, it's way too harsh & hard. Spritz this all over your body! So as you can tell, I REALLY like this perfume! Even the box is gorgeous! Mr. Chaz Dean, you did an AWESOME job with this! >.< I am one smitten kitten! HaHaHa

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  WEN by Chaz Dean Cucumber Basil Tea Eau De Parfum is Supersweet

Dandi Creations Bath & Body Review

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sponsored: Happy 1st of May! I thought this post would be befitting! April showers bring May flowers, right!?! And on that note, how beautiful is this artisan soap made by Diana Mitchell of Dandi Creations!?! Some readers may remember my previous review of Dandi Creations (here). Well Diana, sent me some more goodies to share with you and they are absolutely beautiful! Let's get started!


EXPIRES 5/31/16

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 Simply Bella - Supersweet

The name is befitting and BEAUTIFUL it is! Diana makes an assortment of artisan soap bars. Each is made by hand. Her skills absolutely amaze me. The attention to detail is always impeccable. Simply Bella, as all her soaps is a hunk of chunky goodness. Gorgeous "sugared-sprinkled" flowers & leaves grace the top of her soap. The body of the soap is a mesmerizing pink, brown & ivory marble. It's so beautiful to look at, that you will rather put it on display than use it. Plus it has shea butter in it, which will leave your hands very moisturized. This soap would be great as a gift, party favor (ask about her special pricing) and/or on display in your own bathroom :)

Pistachio Ice Cream Lip Butter Balm - Supersweet

This is my first time trying Diana's lip butter balm and let me tell you, I'm impressed! Not all lip balms impress me. My longtime readers know I SUPER love Fresh's lip balm. They are my holy grail! Well, this is going to give my Fresh lip balms a run for their money (literally). Diana's lip butter balm is SUPER MOISTURIZING! LONG LASTING! and ECONOMICAL! I pay about $22 for ONE FRESH LIP BALM! Hers is $4!!! I don't mind applying TWICE A DAY instead of ONCE. I'm not even a pistachio person and her Pistachio Ice Cream flavor smells divine. She also makes this in Lemon Drop Pucker, Butter Toffee Crunch and Coconut Milk & Peaches. Have you seen those scents anywhere else? I haven't! What I like about Diana, is that her products are UNIQUE! She gives you something different. These have no taste, but the scent is divine. I will be placing an order for more, because my mom just took this one. LOL

Clementine Lavender Salt Bomb - Supersweet

Now I have reviewed one of Diana's bath bombs before. I love how her bath salt bomb doesn't ... ahem BOMB OUT! LOL It SLOWLY releases when placed in bath water. You have a chance to enjoy it! I hate a bath bomb that fizzles fast. The scent Clementine Lavender is so relaxing. You have the awesome scent of a clementine orange and the relaxing scent of lavender. Who would've thought? Better than LUSH! 

Thanks Diana for sending me these and offering a special discount for my readers :) 
I adore everything!