Smashbox Lighting Theory Palette Review & Swatches

Thursday, October 27, 2016! I jumped out on a HUGE beauty limb and purchased Smashbox's Lighting Theory Palette (Exclusive, Limited Edition, Sephora) a couple of months ago! When I started reviewing makeup several years ago, I promised myself I would never need or buy one of these things (multi-functional palettes) ;) HaHaHa I just saw them as having SO MUCH STUFF IN THEM! What do you need all that stuff for!?! Well, now I'm the proud owner of one. HaHaHa How times have changed! LOL What are my thoughts? Let's break it down! Let's break it down! :P I'm gonna break it down for ya! >.<

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  Smashbox Lighting Theory Palette is Supersweet

This palette reminds me of a small address book. It comfortably fits in one hand. So that's good! The hard silver cover is both chic & durable. As you can see, it's reflective of light (as it's name suggests). A black elastic strap keeps it closed. The palette is split into two sides! On the left, you have a row of color correctors, contour shade, bronzer, highlighter and strobe shades. A hard plastic cover (protector), opens & closes atop these. When "dipping" and "swirling" your beauty blender or brush into these shades it can get a little messy (overlapping onto the black background). So the plastic protector helps everything stay in place. You don't want all of that to transfer to the other side of the palette. On the right, you're given 16 eye shadows and 3 blushes. Information cards are also included in this palette, giving you easy instruction on how to use it all. Overall, the packaging is very neat & tidy. I really like that. Each side is also removable.

Cream Color Correctors

I pretty much dismissed color correctors the beginning of this year! LOL I said to myself, JUST ANOTHER THING TO BUY AND TAKE OUR MONEY. HaHaHa But you know what! I've had a hectic year and dark circles started creeping up. My concealer took care of some of it, but I felt I needed more. So I started dabbling with correctors. Four are included in this palette. The green is to cancel out redness. The lavender is to help with dullness. The peach is for dark circles & hyper-pigmentation (fair-medium skin tones). The orange is for dark circles & hyper-pigmentation for (medium-deep skin tones). These are in cream form! And you know what? They work! You use these for your problem areas and then apply your makeup. I find myself using both the peach and orange. Once I applied foundation, you didn't see any orange. The one, you really have to watch though is the green. Sometimes if I applied too much, it would really peek through. Have you tried color correcting?

Cream Contour, Bronzer & Highlight

I just started warming up to contouring this year! Contouring was the rave last year. I'm always behind, but that's ok. Most of the contouring that I have done is with POWDERS! These are CREAMS! I was very scared to use them. You're given a cream contour, bronzer and highlighter in this palette. Bronze with a CREAM???? Yepppp! Let me tell you, I really like them. They were creamy, not heavy and really easy to apply. I was worried that they would be thick, but they apply with a thin layer. Blending was super easy. Even more so than a powder. With powders, I'm constantly buffing to blend it out. I was impressed. The Highlight really did add light to my face. As you guys know, all of my highlighters and illuminators have been powders. So these were refreshing.


I've never tried Strobing. Strobing is HIGH VOLTAGE highlighting. Highlighting to the max! LOL The strobing shades in this palette are luminous pink, gold and peach :) My favorites are the gold and peach for my skin tone. The pink is ok on me, but I feel it will work best with lighter skin tones.

16 Eye Shadows

The first row of eye shadows (L-R): Sand, Totally Nude, Nectar and Almond

These started off very weak! I got really nervous. HaHaHa I even used Smashbox primer on the back of my hand. The first three were lightly pigmented and chalky when swatched. I will say, they looked much better on the eyes than my hand. HaHaHa But Sand was still chalky. Almond was nice.

The second row of eye shadows (L-R): Truffle, Light Wave, Sunrise and Sunlight

These were much better! Truffle is a beautiful grey. You don't see many grey shadows in collections anymore. Then you're given a gorgeous milk chocolate metallic brown and gold shade; Sunlight is a gorgeous coppery-coral color.

The third row of eye shadows (L-R):Optics, Metallic Violet, Metallic Bronze and Metallic Brick

Are any of you guys picking up a trend at this point? Yep, the metallic shades are the winners in this palette. They really stand out. Optics is a beautiful green! Very different. As a lover of the color purple, I love Metallic Violet. It's a rich, deep purple. I think the last two shades would really pair well together. The Metallic Brick has specks of gold in it and really would compliment Metallic Bronze.

The fourth row of eye shadows (L-R): Nocturnal, Black Out, Sumatra and Backlit

I love the last row as well. You're given a black & brown matte! They're very pigmented, so that was good. Do you see Nocturnal? How gorgeous is that blue!?! I also love Backlit because of it's raisin color. It's very pretty.


There are three blushes in this palette! Candlelight, Carnation and Spectrum.  I tried all three and they are gorgeous! They're highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way. Honestly, all 3 shades should work for ALL SKIN TONES. I honestly believe it. I'm usually not for shimmery blushes, but Carnation is beautiful. I'm not a PINK makeup girl, and these are gorgeous on! And I'm totally smitten with Spectrum (peachy brown color).

My Final Thoughts: This is a really good palette for Fall/Winter. I was so comfortable with it, that I would just hold it with one hand, while standing in front of the mirror applying my makeup. I felt like a painter. HaHaHa Don't feel intimidated by this palette. I review a lot of makeup, but I'm still learning (application of things). This palette is definitely worth the money and will take your makeup game even further. If you travel, you nearly have everything you could want right here. I hope Smashbox makes more of these. I would love to have one for Spring also.

ABH x Master Palette by Mario Review and Swatches

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Masterpiece! That should be the name of this palette! It is so exquisite. When I heard there was going to be a collaboration between Anastasia Beverly Hills & celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, I knew it was going to be awesome. Both are leaders in the makeup industry and excellent at what they do. Mario holds a makeup brush with the finesse of a portrait painter. The packaging is very minimal & understated. It's very unassuming. But then comes the shock factor! Nothing can prepare you, for when you swatch this palette (and you guys know I've swatched many an eye shadow palette). For each shade, I was ooh-ing & ah-ing and oh my gawd-ing after each swatch! HaHaHa The pigmentation is off the makeup charts! Metallics always swatch well, but I've never seen matte's swatch like this! There's no struggling with the shades in this palette, and the assortment of colors make this palette perfect for Fall & Winter. You're given beautiful browns, bronzes, golds, coppers and rusts. The blue & green in this palette are amazing! As Mary Poppins would say, "It's practically perfect in every way". Even the double-ended brush that comes with the palette makes applying & blending these shadows a breeze. This palette has been selling out like hot cakes. I purchased mine from ULTA. They've had a couple of restocks, but it's currently sold out. It's currently sold out at Sephora. It is still available at Macy's! So if you want it, get it (don't think about it)! Many beauty enthusiasts are buying two of these! I hope these two collaborate again next year. They make beautiful makeup together! So if you haven't already guessed (after all this gushing & lusting), I super duper love the ABH Master Palette by Mario. It's definitely going to be listed as one of my favorite beauty products for 2016. I need a drink. >.< LMAO

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  ABH x Master Palette By Mario is Supersweet

It's time for a Sweet Surprise! My sweet surprise recipient is Tanya of Leopard Lace And Cheesecake blog. Isn't that the cutest blog name? Tanya is a very down-to-earth, sweet blogger. She has a love for both beauty & fashion. She gives her honest thoughts and opinions on the products she reviews. She reviews an array of products! Perfumes, eye shadows, nail polishes, primers, hair care name it and she covers it! She has a love for beauty, but she equally loves fashion! I always look forward to her shopping hauls. She buys the cutest clothes and accessories. She creates YouTube videos, in which she shows you the clothes and also shows you what they look like on. How many people do that? I find Tanya easy to talk to. We're always chit chatting on Snapchat about makeup and discussing things. You feel comfortable talking to her. I love the relationship she has with her boyfriend. They are the cutest! They have so much fun at the events they attend. I love seeing that kind of connection between a couple. Tanya, I'm gifting you both the Master Palette by Mario and Modern Renaissance palette. In my opinion, I think these shades will look totally awesome on you. Enjoy and continue being the beautiful person & blogger you are.