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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


April's birthstone is the diamond. Whenever I hear the word diamond, I automatically think of these iconic women. Marilyn Monroe sang about them. Elizabeth Taylor named her iconic perfume after them. Audrey Hepburn donned an exquisite set while filming the movie Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany's and many more. I like diamonds and my avid readers know I'm a huge fan of pearls. When it comes to diamonds, I like small diamond earrings and dainty diamond tennis bracelets. What about you? Are you a diamond-ista?

photo credit: GlamourLand via Facebook

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Sheila said...

hehe I was just having a convo with the husband about diamonds. I love diamonds! It's def a girl's best friend. :) I just always think about Tiffany's and the thought of anything sparkly gets me excited! ;)

Great post Kim!

xo - Sheila

Rakhshanda Rizvi said...

Diamonds are surely so enchanting...a girl's best friend!

Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle said...

My engagement ring looks like the one you have here. It's a classic. Yes, I think of these women too when I think of diamonds.

Anya Jensen said...

I love diamonds - I have 3 vintage rings with loads of them on - I'd adore some studs and a tennis bracelet one day perhaps (hope the MR. is reading this:))
Have a great day my friend,

Carole Poirot said...

Oh yes, of course I love diamonds! I tend to keep it very simple though and anything à la Taylor wouldn't be very moi ;-) xo

fluff and fripperies said...

I think a love for diamonds is just ingrained in us from an early age! I'm no different but apart from my engagement/wedding rings and a pair of studs I don't actually own any. Would love a tennis bracelet!


I wouldn't say I looove diamonds, but if I did wear jewelry with some crystal-y bit -- usually earrings -- then I would want them to be diamonds, and not say, rhinestones haha.. I do tend to prefer other stones though, especially for my rings -- tourmaline, turquoise, sapphires... :)

Cee said...

There is something so classic about diamonds... and yet, I've never really been a diamond girl. I love gemstones; I think, because I wear a lot of neutrals, gemstones add just that little pop of colour that my outfits need. Although I would never say no to a diamond ;)

Flora Fascinata said...

Agree with Cee about the coloured stones, too. A colleague recently got engaged with a purple sapphire and diamond ring. Stunning. Do love diamonds. Only have Engagement and Wedding band....and can't see anymore coming anytime soon. ;). Funny story when we got robbed once, or broken in to. Thieves took all bits of costume jewellery but left my small 21st gift strand of pearls thrown on the bed. Must have thought they were rubbish! So relieved!


Haha love the title... of course, I am a diamond-ista...Diamonds are a girls best friends...almost like shoes!!!
Thank you for your lovely comments!

Nico Saich said...

I love herkimer diamonds because they aren't as expensive but sadly I don't own any yet!



Laia herrero said...

Well I will have to win the lottery first to be a diamond-ista but yeah of course I love them, I'm a girl after all! :P
The thing is, I don't have such events as those beautiful womans above so...i wouldn't look the same.
kisses Kim, I hope your week gets so much better!

Mica said...

hehe I would love more diamonds! I have an engagement ring and wedding ring with diamonds so I should be happy I guess :) A pair of earrings wouldn't be turned down though...... :P

Away From Blue

Meghan Silva said...

Like they say diamonds are a girls best friend I love diamonds all shapes and sizes.

Meghan Silva's Blog

Lilli said...

I definitely am! Lol!:) That ring is gorgeous! Kisses Kim, have a good day! xo

Coco said...

Who doesn't love diamonds? I especially love diamond rings, and bangles with small gems. Thank you for making us dream!
Coco et La vie en rose
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Tina Bradley said...

Diamonds are indeed elegant! Like you, I am drawn to the daintier diamond jewelry items (stud earrings, a simple pendant, tennis bracelets). Love the imagery this post provides! A good reminder to pull out the diamonds and wear them more often. :)

Sam said...

Hiya babe... thanks for sharing your fashion opinion with me. These diamond tiaras are so beautiful, If only we could be a princess or Hollywood star to wear such glittering radiance.

livlovelaugh said...

Oh yea! I totally forgot about that! My birthday is at the end of April~~ it would be so lovely if my bf got me diamonds for my birthday tee hee


TheTinyHeart said...

I love diamonds! I really want to get a diamond right hand ring next...my right hand feels empty since my left hand gets all the bling :)

The Tiny Heart
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Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I always wished my birthday was in April instead of January because I wanted my birthstone to be diamonds haha.

Rowena @ rolala loves

Always Maylee said...

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, right!? :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Dolce Virginia said...

I love diamonds¡¡¡

fantastic dress¡¡nice colours¡¡




Megan said...

Gorgeous gals, gorgeous jewels! :)

Champagne Star said...

Diamonds are very pretty and great for a sophisticated, regal look, but in general I'm actually not a big fan of wearing them. To me, they seem a little over done. I prefer pearls over diamonds because I feel that they can achieve the same look in a more subtle way.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Yes please to diamonds!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Oh to Be a Muse said...

I think of those same women as well, especially Marilyn. I'm not into pearls, but diamonds are nice. My ears aren't pierced so I like them on rings and bracelets.

Sara Gerard said...

Cute post Kim! But now you are making me pine for a "sick day" where I can sit in bed Marathoning movies with these ladies in them!

MaysaAndSunshine said...

No wonder why i love diamond so much Kim. I am an April birthday girl. That explains a mystery! Now i need money to go shopping...ha.

Thank your for your kind comment as always Kim abd no i am way too lazy to finish a Scrapbook project. I just keep her photos sort by month, a lot if work already.

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

Diamonds are a beautiful gem. I know some have their opinions on it and there are some "blood diamonds" out there, but as a general I love 'em. My wedding and engagement rings are dainty and I love how delicate they are. They are just so pretty! haha...sorry to make this answer so long!

Haylee Mae said...

Haha i can't deny that I love diamonds, I have a weakness for anything that sparkles ;P

They're one of my favorite stones for sure.

xo Haylee

Raquel T.G. said...

Today I went to a jewelry presentation and the had rings like the one in the picture -beyond amazing! :)
Following you!

kim bim said...

Haha, yeah i feel the same way too,i love diamonds too but must confess i love the ones my bank can afford lol, diamonds are sure girls best friend, am checking that website right away.

kim bim said...

Omg!!! where were thou when i was looking to buy a diamond ring for my sis prop, oh this is the best website i have ever come across selling 9k white gold this cheap ''eyes popping'' their sales are magic, i wish i could return my sis ring back to h samuel huh! You rock kim i am keeping this site all the way for my biz.
kisses.. stay blessed.

Lauren said...

Great photos - I love all of those actresses Kim! xo

lesley kim said...

I absolutely diamonds!! =) super cute blog! ps. do you want to follow each other?


Jessica said...

diamonds are a girls bestttt frienddd!! i love them too :)

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Diamonds are so timeless and beautiful. :) I love the pics you chose.

sergio castaño peña said...

really like those celebs!
such an amazing style!!

Sergio xx

Paola Lauretano said...

Nice blog!!!
Would you like to follow each other?

Lorena said...

I actually do like diamonds. Before i use to go nuts over them, now not so much.
I like sapphire and aquamarine the most but i would not say no to a diamond :) think it's in our dna.

jo said...

Yes to diamonds! Although I don't wear diamonds all the time, I think every girl should invest in a pair of diamonds stud earrings.

Have a great day, Kim!

xo Jo


Sunny & Star said...

I love diamonds. Although I think I slight like pearls better. I do wear a pair of diamond stud earrings most days.


ftashion said...

Hello Kim! I'm back in action! Thank you so much for your well wishes. Haha I'm no diamond-ista! haha but they are really pretty to look!

Laura Go said...

I'm not a diamond-ista, but they are super pretty, that's for sure! I wouldn't mind a tiara ;)
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights

LyddieGal said...

I'm an April baby, so of course I'm a diamond girl!
Chic on the Cheap

Linda Greaves said...

As a poor college girl, I don't have any diamonds to call my own, but I'm dreaming of getting a lil one someday! :)

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Trendy Teal

MOSAMUSE said...

lloovvee it. I need to be a diamondista!

JULIETTE said...

So great! It's a shame I can't afford any diamonds yet :|

Pamela RG said...

Oh Kim, Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Wearing it gives a certain elegance.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Wonderful, gorgeous diamonds xx

Vanessa said...

I went shopping for wedding rings yesterday with my finacé, and guess what - I'm going to get one with diamonds in it! Love them :-)

Vanessa x

Fashionista622 said...

Hi Kim,

If a dog is man's best friend, we know that Diamonds are a girls best amiga for sure. Although they are sparkly & beautiful I do have a love for the elegance of pearls.

Playing catchup on your posts now doll...Thanks for stopping by my page. xo


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