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Friday, August 15, 2014

Diana: A Celebration Exhibition

I went to see the Diana: A Celebration Exhibition at Cincinnati Museum Center Wednesday. The exhibit has traveled worldwide since 2003. Did you see it? Did it come to your city/country? Cincinnati was the FINAL STOP on the worldwide tour and the exhibit officially ends this Sunday August 17th. I saw it just in time. I must say there's nothing like seeing an exhibit in person, up-close and with your own eyes. I was a little girl when Diana married Charles, but I remember waking up early with my family, sitting in front of the television eating doughnuts & milk, and being mesmerized by their wedding. I thought it was so regal and compared it to the only wedding I knew at the time...The Sound of Music. After that, I loved everything about Princess Diana and followed her throughout her life. I also remember the night I heard the devastating news of her death. My heart sunk and it all seemed so unreal. It was very sad. So for me, it was important to see this exhibit. Photography inside the exhibit was not allowed. So I took pictures & gifs outside and also of the book I purchased at the exhibit. I also found some press, unofficial and official Cincinnati Museum Center pictures...so I added them below. All of these will give you insight as to what I saw. Enjoy :)

This tiara took my breath away! It was so beautiful and sparkled so. It was the first item you saw when you walked into the exhibit. It was literally the icing on the cake for me to see. They also displayed many Spencer family jewels that were passed down from generation to generation and their family tree (not shown).

Diana's Childhood 
It was really awesome to see many of Diana's childhood toys, ballet & tap shoes, academic report cards and photo albums. Her father took many pictures of his children and he put together albums for each of them. It was funny seeing the albums (My mom did the same thing! They're just like us! HaHaHa) Diana's school uniform looked exactly like the uniforms featured in the Harry Potter movies. I loved it! I could also relate to Diana's love for ballet. She had to stop because she became too tall. I stopped for the same reason. They showed some film of Diana as a child. It was awesome to see. Also, loved her childhood portraits.

The Royal Wedding
The wedding dress I saw as a child, left me awestruck when I saw it in person. The details were so amazing and I think I walked around her dress at least five times. I loved the lace on the sleeves. The dress was very Marie Antoinette. The scattered sequins on the cathedral length veil were gorgeous. I also loved the bows (so 80's). The flower girl's dress was adorable. Despite preservation, you can see how age has affected both dresses. The dress looked lighter (in weight) than what I envisioned. Loved Diana, but I wasn't fond of her wedding shoes lol (hearts!) or purse, but they did go with the "period" theme of her wedding. I didn't see (in person) the parasol that was made for her. However the book stated it was made in case it rained on her wedding day. A fact I was totally unaware of. Another WOW moment for me was when I saw the guest wedding cake boxes. I so wanted to go through the glass and take touch it! HaHaHa You know my love for sweet anything!!! There was also a stunning picture of her, that she sent to her father when she became engaged (shown below).

Dress Gallery

The blue Chanel suit and Gianni Versace designs entranced me. I was witnessing impeccable craftsmanship that truly endured time. It's funny, how cameras and television can alter the color of a design sometimes. As I looked at her outfits, some items were lighter or darker than what I remembered. I also didn't know the safari inspired outfit she wore to Africa was actually culottes! I always thought it was a skirt.

The only thing I wished was there (that wasn't) was the black "revenge" dress! LOL I have another name for it, but I won't say it. Remember when she hopped out that car with that awesome dress (by Christina Stambolian). That was THE baddest dress! It definitely made a statement. Maybe I'll have to go to Althorp to see that one ;)

There was an entire room of condolence books! I know people sign condolence books at funerals, but I was oblivious to the fact that each country put together one for her representing their country. Thar was amazing to see. There were SO MANY of them! There was also the written speech her brother talked from and Elton John's Candle In The Wind sheet music. She was truly loved. I really admired Diana. She contributed much to society: humanitarianism, fashion, classiness and love. I'm so happy I had a chance to see this beautiful exhibit. I purchased the book for this exhibit and also a mirror as a keepsake.You can to, by going to the Diana A Celebration Website, Althorp Website or visiting Althorp

picture credits:
all gifs (a very sweet blog) / all pictures a very sweet blog unless noted on the picture (instagram picture credits) or cincinnati museum center / some photos are from the book Diana: a celebration



Ahleessa C said...

How fun! I've always wanted to visit Princess Di's exhibit. I can live through you. :)


Pilar said...

What a great exhibit! This looks amazing! It's awesome you got to visit Princess Diana's exhibit!

LoveT. said...

Interesting Post ,all looks stunning! Thank you for Sharing the amazing Images :)

Happy Friday ,kisses

Samantha Mariko said...

I remember when she passed away too.. even though I was a little girl, I knew her death was a big deal. That's great you were able to see this exhibit before it ended. I'm jealous you got to see her wedding dress in person!


It's an incredible exhibition Kim. Wonderful post, yes, Princess Diana was like no other. Have a great weekend.
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Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

What a wonderful expo, Kim! Thank you for sharing the photos (amazing they let you take photos!) x

Kizzy Von Doll said...

What a marvellous exhibition for her. She was a very beautiful woman inside and out. Am happy you got to see these things doll, I know you enjoy it as I do :)) Happy Friday my dear xo

Mica T said...

She was a very stylish and kind woman, it would have been lovely to see the exhibition. I'm glad you enjoyed it Kim :)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Away From The Blue

Dawn GT said...

wow! how amazing!



Emmylou said...

I am a big fan of Diana too, Kim. I don't know if it came here in Toronto, but I wished I'd seen this exhibit. She was such a breath of fresh air, and reminds me a lot of Kate Middleton now. I think she did a wonderful job raising her boys, despite all the publicity and hardship she had to go through living in the public eye. I miss her:(
Thanks for sharing these pics.

miss b said...

Oh Kim you are so fortunate to have visited this amazing exhibition. As a Diana fan I would have loved every minute and every detail. Your commentary and images are perfect. You are right about her contribution and I remember clearly the morning I heard about her death. The mirror you bought is so pretty and the photo next to it is my all time favourite. Thank you for producing such a wonderful post!

Danielle Styles said...

What a lovely and impressing exhibition. I wish I had the opportunity to visit it. The wedding dress is so impressive and gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this post :)


jenn f said...

what a great exhibit. my mom would have really liked this. she was totally pro princess diana. i love how this is also a great clothing of the times, type exhibit too.
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Jackie Harrison said...

I love that there is a place in her honor very beautiful intelligent with grace down to earth Princess that is still miss. Great post amazing images I enjoy looking.

Rakhshanda Rizvi said...

Thanks a lot for sharing these pics! Lady Diana was & will always be my favorite Royal <3 Her wedding dress was an absolute stunner!!!

May she R.I.P!

Stephanie Medeiros said...

Unfortunately I didn't get to see this exhibit but it looks wonderful! Princess Di was a role model of mine as a kid and I remember being glued to the TV when she tragically died. So awesome you got to go! :)

Elizabeth Hisle said...

This looks really interesting. I wish I had known about it!


MaysaAndSunshine said...

This exhibit is amazing, how wonderful you had an opportunity to visit and see everything in person. She certainly is a classic beauty icon no one can compare. Thank you for sharing these photos and stories.

inge said...

Oh I would have loved to see this sadly did not come to Ireland. She is still such a style icon and seems dateless. I always loved the vogue pictures of her with her hair and makeup so simple. Lucky you

Random_Hi_D said...

I've never heard of this exhibition before, let alone know that they are traveling worldwide. I can't believe you saw the crown, and the wedding dress is just absolutely amazing.


Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing exhibition with us Kim! Diana was such a class act and style icon. My MIL who adored her would've loved this exhibit.

Rowena @ rolala loves

Charu Sharma said...

I really enjoyed going through this post! Thanks for sharing love! <3

Lotsa love :)

Eatlovemerry said...

Thanks for sharing, what a wonderful place! x

Sara Gerard said...

Oh I am pretty sure that my parents would have LOVED to see this! She was really an incredible person!

Anne said...

Fabulous exhibit Kim....she was one of a kind! Enjoy your weekend:)

Jane @ anothermommablog.blogspot.com said...

What an awesome exhibit. I'd love to go. I'll have to check if they're in my city. I adore Princess Diana.
That's such a cute mirror keepsake.
Have a lovely weekend!

Nats ~Coral Tinted Perceptions said...

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful human being!

Dale Janee said...

This is such an amazing post Kim because I can relate to watching her life especially when it was in the tabloids. I don't remember watching the wedding but I will never forget the coverage when the car accident happened and it was so sad. I wish I would have seen this exhibit. Lucky you got to see the last one!


Lauren Michelle Major said...

Quite honestly I didn't know there was an exhibit traveling around! I was a little girl when she died, and I remember how impacted all the adults seemed to be. Even though I didn't know much about her I could tell just by that that she was a great person. The exhibit looks amazing, she really was a beautiful woman.


Cee said...

I didn't know this exhibit was travelling around, Kim - you were lucky to see it when you did. Unfortunately I was a little girl towards the end of Diana's life, when her good work was overshadowed by tabloid reports on her life after Prince Charles. I wish I had known more about her before that time.

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

I would have LOVED to see this exhibit. Like so many people, I really admired Princess Diana. I was very young when she passed but, I felt such sadness over her death. Perhaps it was because I understood (even at my young age) how vulnerable a person she was and how relatable she was for so many people being such a public figure. She had this ability to truly impact people and make them feel special. She seemed so genuine in all her actions and work. She left such a strong legacy behind. Seeing her son and his wife now makes me feel happy for them. Not because I have any reason to be attached but it feels good that what she did teach her sons while she was alive stayed with them. =) While her time was short, she made such powerful impressions on everyone. How lucky you are to have seen this exhibit in person!! Thanks for sharing!!


Tina Bradley said...

Oh my goodness--I'd have loved this! I remember that wedding dress so well. Too cool you got to actually see it in person. So glad you got to see this--before it closed. :) Hugs, T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

Linda B said...

Ah man, Princess Diana...she certainly was a public figure. Unfortunately I was quite young when she died, and I never got to watch her growing up.
But this is such a great idea!

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Sam said...

She was a style legend and a world icon! I would have loved to see this in person too, thanks for sharing the photos.

LyddieGal said...

Sounds like an amazing exhibit, and a truly beautiful tribute. You were so fortunate you got a chance to see it before it ended.
Chic on the Cheap

Anya Jensen said...

She was zoo loved - I lived in London when she passed away and went to put roses by Kensington Palace - SO sad, she was an incredible woman.
Happy weekend love,

Sam Cole said...

Thanks Kim for sharing this to us, it was very well presented. You are lucky it came to your city but not here in Atlanta. She's a extra ordinary woman and too bad she was never truly happy. I remember the day when she was married too and everyone was so hopeful to find their own prince. And when she died it was sad, the world was very sad.


Layla Sprinkles said...

I remember the devastating news too - so sad and such a shame to see how tragic her life ended!!

I didn't actually know that there was this tour - it must be amazing to see everything in person and through your photos it looks beautiful so I can only imagine how much more beautiful it all is in person!

I'll need to see if there is going to be the exhibition here in the UK and whereabouts - it'd be lovely to go along and if I do find it's coming here I have you to thank! :)

Layla xx

P.S - love the revenge dress aha! :) great moment!

Missy May said...

Wow! Super amazing photos. Sounds like a day well spent. :)


TheTinyHeart said...

Oh my gosh, it must've been SO neat to see her wedding dress up close! And all those other beautiful dresses she wore! I also remember exactly where I was when the news came out that she died and how shocked I was. Such a tragedy.


Busola Coutts said...

If they stopped in Toronto, i missed it but i will definitely be attend the next. She touched so many lives in such a beautifully refreshing way. Loved her, loved the life she led and her legacy will continue to live on. Thanks for sharing this. Very nice.


The Adventures of a Shopaholic said...

Wow! I want to see it!


jo said...

Hi Kim! I miss talking to you. Really enjoyed this post, I miss her so much! In my humble opinion, she's the most beautiful woman in the world. I will never forget the day of her death. We just celebrated my friend's birthday and when I came home, it was all over the news. I felt horrible and went to buy all the magazines with the coverage. So sad! I'm glad you went to this exhibition.

xo Jo


Jo said...

Hello Kim. I enjoyed this post a lot as I adore Princess Diana too. I felt as if I'm on a tour with you even though I know many more exhibits were featured since photos aren't allowed. I would definitely go to this exhibition if it came to Singapore.

PS: I never knew Princess Diana had ever worn such a badass black dress before!

Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

What Kenny Hearts said...

Awesome post! I love her so much. Have an amazing brand new week!


Jessica said...

She's amazing! Wonderful event, I'd love to visit this museum! =)

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crafty-zone said...

It had to be amazing experience to see all of these things conected with Diana!


Maria Cartagena said...

What a beautiful post Kim! I do wish this exhibit would come to NY. The amount of memorabilia is impressive. That wedding gown is spectacular from the back! A lovely tribute to such a legend.



Shiny Mathew said...

How amazing. I also remember the black revenge dress. I loved that dress. The tiara looks so amazing! She was a classic princess, so down to earth.

Julie Corbisiero said...

Hi Kim, wow what a wonderful exhibit. I loved Diana too and always thought that she was beautiful and elegant! Thanks so much for sharing this exhibit with us. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Rebeca Muñoz López said...

Wow! This was amazing, the wedding dress is gorgeous.


Anett B said...

Wow this is such an amazing exhibit! Most of these dresses are truly iconic and I'd love to see them in person..


Jane said...

her wedding dress was amazing. the train! it must've been really something to see it in person!

Ramona said...

Kim , thank you for sharing this. I hope this exhibition will arrive to Dublin as well. I so want to see it, even more now then when you posted on instagram a sneak a peek snap.

xoxo Ra


Margaret Dallospedale said...

What amazing exhibition
Maggie D.
The Indian Savage diary

Lorena said...

Oh how lucky!
I have wanted to see this exhibition for sometime now.. hopefully someday it will cross my path.
I have to agree with you, the shoes and bag do not match the greatness of the gown.

Alicia Mackin said...

Oh WOW you REALLY brought this to life! Yes it was probably in NY and most likely the first stop but of course I missed it.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

oomph. said...

i had no idea this was going around. i remember the day of the accident, too - everyone glued to the TV. she is such a beauty - love that blue chanel suit. classic.

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Pamela RG said...

Princess Diana was my favourite Royal. There's no else like her now. I know she was quite troubled but she had a special charm, compassion, beauty and style. I saw this Exhibit here in Toronto. It was truly worth viewing it especially seeing her Wedding gown which was so grand and sweet. I miss Princess Diana.

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