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Monday, January 23, 2017

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Body Wash and Body Yogurt in Vanilla and Oats Apricot and Honey Review

Sponsored: How was everybody's weekend? Victoria started last Sunday (US) and I am so hooked. The acting, story-line & costumes are so superb. I've been lost since Downton Abbey, so a television series like Victoria was absolutely needed in my life :) Aveeno sent me a box, filled with their new beauty treats around Christmas. I saw the products in stores, but hoped they would send them to me. I've had a chance to try these products for a few weeks now and I'm ready to share my opinion.

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Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Body Wash & Body Yogurt

Vanilla and Oats, Apricot and Honey - Supersweet

YOGURT! That's the word that caught my attention with the new products in this collection. I've always been impressed with Aveeno's body washes (here and here). The only one I didn't like, was the one they came out with last year that was scented with coconut. For some reason, it just smelled really artificial. Well, I'm happy to tell you there's no artificial/plastic scent with these! They definitely got that straight! These body washes are rich, creamy & moisturizing! There's nothing heavy or greasy about them. They wash away clean. I LOVE BOTH SCENTS! The Vanilla and Oats, smells like authentic vanilla or a vanilla yogurt that you would eat. With the Apricot and Honey, you pick up both scents with the apricot being the dominant scent. If you love au natural, go for Vanilla and Oats. If you need a little more, pick up the Apricot and Honey. You can't go wrong with either! Sample the scents in-store! Not only pick up the body wash, but also the Body Yogurt (in matching scents). They come in little tubs and this is where the magic happens! They're exactly like yogurt baby! Do you see my gif below, stirring the product? CREAMY! Moisturizing! I even refrigerated these, for a real treat for my skin. Yes, it's been in the 70's here in New Orleans. Can you believe that? We didn't have much Winter. But bottom line, I am very impressed with these products. I hope they come out with more options.

Replica Lazy Sunday Candle, Pottery Barn Robe & Slippers, 

SKEEM Designs and Massage Envy Gift Card (not shown)

Aveeno also sent me some gifts. Has anyone tried Replica (Maison Martin Margiela) candles or perfume? They've always been on my radar, but I never really looked to see what they had to offer. I am so impressed with this candle! It's called Lazy Sunday (the scent is fresh laundy). It's a very CLEAN scent! I love those. I also love white candles. I find them to be so peaceful & serene. Aveeno included some SKEEM long stem matches. You strike the match on the black strip (on the bottle). They also sent me a robe & slipper set from Pottery Barn. The robe has my initials on it (monogrammed) :) You can see the slippers in the above pictures. They also sent me a Massage Envy Gift Card. I gave it to my mom :) I want to thank Aveeno for everything! I was an Aveeno Ambassador for three years and learned so much. I really appreciate the experience and the love they've shown me. It's been awesome.



Laura - Alagoz said...

wow, the range sounds amazing! I have yet to try anything from them. I don't think the brand is available in Europe x

Pink Frenzy

sonia de macedo said...

I've never really tried Aveeno before but the sound of yoghurt has me itching to try this. Also liking the idea of refrigerating moisturises. It's summer over here and I'm imagining that would be a REAL treat indeed hehehehe


Diva Desle said...

You look so comfy in your gown Kim. I hope your mom enjoys the gift card. So sweet of you and Aveeno to bless her too. xoxo

Emmylou MW said...

Oh man! That gif of you stirring the yogurt is hypnotizing, Kim! It does look very creamy:) Will check it out when I go to our drugstore. I've always liked Aveeno. And you got some great stuff as gifts:) So deserving, my friend. I love clean scents when it comes to candles, so the Replica sounds like a winner for sure:)

Cee said...

I'm always so intrigued by your Aveeno posts, Kim! And that yogurt lotion looks amazing. The Replica candles and fragrances from Maison Martin Margiela have been on my radar for a while, because the brand is a longtime favourite of mine, but so far I haven't settled on a scent I really love in the collection - hopefully soon.

Miss Val's Creations said...

These sound delicious! It is a treat when you find a perfect smelling candle too. I am looking forward to watching Victoria too. BBC makes the best period series! I need to finish binge watching a couple of shows first but that one is on my list.

Tanya Dufour said...

This body yogurts sound so nice! I think I wold like both but would try the apricot one for sweetness. That's so nice that they gave you a candle, robe, and gc too! It looks really cozy!

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Kim, I love that you're an Aveeno ambassador because you keep you always keep us up to date on the brand's latest and greatest. Considering yogurt's many skin benefits it makes sense to see them in more body products. The body wash and body yogurt both sound so nourishing and I love your demo showing the rich consistency of the body yogurt. It must be so exhilarating to put it on just out of the fridge.

Shireen L. Platt said...

I need to check if the Aveeno Body wash yogurt is already out in stores here, both scents sound absolutely delicious! You already know I m a huge fan of Aveeno, Kim so I look forward to giving both a try.

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

Fashionably Idu said...

Enjoy these amazing products Kim. I'm a huge fan of anything Aveeno. Love the lotion so much and find it very moisturizing. I can imagine that these are equally awesome. I had a good weekend. A little under the weather but I survived.


Ashley Sue said...

All these sound super nice, Kim! The yogurt caught my attention too for sure! I've always liked aveenos body washes, and both of those sound like amazing ones with good scents!

little luxury list said...

I was totally drawn to the name too! It's a good thing it works really well too. I'll have to check it out when we're in the US!

Mica T said...

Oh it really does look like yoghurt! I'm going to keep an eye out for this Kim. I wish I'd read your post earlier, I was just at the store this morning and they had 40% off skincare, doh! Sometimes it takes a while to get ranges here in Australia so maybe they don't have it yet :)

Hope you are having a lovely week :)

Away From The Blue Blog

LyddieGal said...

The bodywashes sound like a treat, and I love how Aveeno pampered you - the monogrammed robe is so sweet!
Chic on the Cheap


I've not tried Aveeno in a while but this body yoghurt sounds interesting, I've only used a yoghurt cleanser and primer. Thanks for sharing. I saw Victoria when it aired, hopefully you will like it.
have a lovely week, Kim!

Lorena said...

I am always drawn to products that include yogurt, yet I think I have only tried a hand wash -
A super sweet review deserves a try.

Jalisa Giron said...

Ooooo, these products all look and sound AMAZING! I love the scent mixes and I'm particularly interested in trying out the body yogurt, I've never tried anything like that before; such a great idea to put it in the fridge, too! That was so nice that they included some spa inspired gifts, I LOVE the robe and matching slippers and Kim, you are such an incredible daughter for giving your mom your Message Envy gift card! Eddie gifted me a session for one of my birthdays and it was amazing, so I know she'll love it! Thanks so much for sharing, my beautiful friend, and I hope you're having a wonderful start to your week so far!



Ashley said...

looks like an amazing product, thanks for sharing!
it was a pleasure visiting your blog for the first time!
be blessed!

Fashion Love Letters by Denise said...

This sounds so good! I would have been drawn to the yogurt in it as well! So good to know about the coconut ones.... I love coconut but I sometimes hate the smell. I use their oatmeal bubble bath and love it, so I can imagine this is amazing!

Denise | Fashion Love Letters

Samantha Mariko said...

that's awesome they sent all of these amazing products! the ingredients look like they'd be so good and nourishing for the skin :)

Rebeca Muñoz López said...

Hello Kim, recently discovered a place in my city where I can acquire this brand, although here the prices are quite high, I read such good reviews that I would like to try them so I hope to have the opportunity at some time. Nice review!


Caitlin Mitchell said...

I just found your blog. Love it!! I am obsessed with everything Aveeno, I need to try this stuff out! :)


Sharmili R said...

I've been wanting to get better about my body skincare so I'll totally have to checkout aveeno. Both scents so delicious but apricot & honey in particular is making me hungry XD Those matches look so cool! I've been wanting to buy a fancy jar of matches but wasn't sure if it was too frivolous. These skeem ones look so chic ;)

Mili | Sharmtoaster

Yiotou_La said...

I love products with yogurt, I love how moisturising they are and I also love their scent. I don't think we have Aveeno products here but I would love to try these out. Great review Kim :)


Jane said...

I am going to have to totally watch Victoria. My mom used to love yogurt and milk for her face! I remember watching her include that in her beauty routine ;)

Ivana Split said...

I think I heard good things about this brand...I want that candle:)

Shira said...

I have dry skin and I feel like these products would be amazing. Need to check them out!


shens said...

Lovely post. Big fan of your articles. Thanks for sharing


jo said...

Hi Kim,

I'm so happy you established a great relationship with Aveeno. Their products never disappoint and how cute you look in that robe?

xo Jo


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