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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Benefit Cosmetics Punch Pop! Liquid Lip Color in Sugar Cookie, Pink Berry & Mango Review and Swatches

Benefit Cosmetics Punch Pop Liquid Lip Color ($18) came out last Summer! I thought the packaging was so cute & fun. The packaging reminds me of Bubblicious or Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum. I didn't purchase these last year, because I was trying to finish reviewing everything that was already in my makeup stash. This year, I still wanted to try them ... so I purchased a few (they're not limited edition and they're still available; I purchased mine from ULTA Beauty). The shades that caught my eye were Sugar Cookie (Nude Pink), Pink Berry (Mauve Berry) and Mango (Tropical Coral). These are also offered in Bubblegum (Sweet Pink), Watermelon (Hot Pink) and Cherry (Pinky Red). Benefit Cosmetics carefully calls these Liquid Lip Colors and doesn't focus too much on the word GLOSS! You guys know as soon as you say the word GLOSS, you automatically think STICKY! HaHaHa But guess what? These are CREAMY! They're not sticky or tacky! They feel & look like high shine liquid lipsticks. The product itself is in a tube, but these don't squeeze out. When you twist the cap, there's a doe foot applicator. One or two swipes is enough for your lips. I found these three to be very pigmented. Sugar Cookie kind of matched my skin tone. It's a great wash of color, when I really don't feel like wearing color. Pink Berry is a beautiful grown-up pink! I use to hear the word mauve and automatically think it was an old lady color. Well, old lady works for me! LOL I love the color orange! So I wanted to try out Mango. It's very pretty & lights up the face. I am impressed. These also have staying power. Yes, they will transfer on your glass, beverage bottle or food. But you'll still have color on your lips. I went a 1/2 a day before reapplying. These weren't greasy, oily, sticky or tacky! There's no scent or taste with these. These also contain Vitamin E! Which color do you like best on me?

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
   Benefit Cosmetics Punch Pop! Liquid Lip Colors are Sweet

Benefit Punch Pop! Liquid Lip Color/Gloss in Sugar Cookie (Nude Pink)

Benefit Punch Pop! Liquid Lip Color/Gloss in Pink Berry (Mauve Berry)

Benefit Punch Pop! Liquid Lip Color/Gloss in Mango (Tropical Coral)


Mica said...

These look and sound awesome KIm! They have such high shine, it's great to hear that they aren't sticky though. WE have benefit here, I am going to keep an eye out for these as I think they would be a fun product to try! :)

Hope you are having a good start to the week and you had a lovely Easter weekend! I had a nice one spending time with family and used the boys' naptimes to catch up on blogging :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Tanya Dufour said...

These are very pretty! My favorite color on you is the Mango!

Rebeca Muñoz López said...

How amusing this collection, I like those colors very much, besides the three tones you feel very well, I like that they are not sticky and the pigmentation looks very good!

Unknown said...

How pretty are these, absolutely love the packaging! The Mango shade looks so stunning on you, perfect shade to wear in summers! Glad these are rated sweet!
Hope you're having an amazing week!
Real Girl Talks | Ankita Bardhan

The Bandwagon Chic said...

the packaging is the cutest
i love it

Much Love,
Jane | The Bandwagon Chic said...

The packaging looks really pretty!

Candice |

Unknown said...

I don’t think we got these in the UK but I love the packaging! Nude Pink is such a lovely shade.

Amy -

RaeAbigael said...

such fun shades and packaging! :)

xoxo, rae

little luxury list said...

What adorable packaging! The sugar cookie and pink berry are especially lovely on you!

Cee said...

I don't wear glosses very often these days, because my hair forever gets stuck to them, which drives me crazy. But I must admit, these colours are all beautiful and impressively pigmented, too! I love that there is a doe foot applicator as well, it's a nice surprise considering the type of packaging.

R's Rue said...

Looks good.

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Oh Kim if liking mauve makes one an old lady then I must be an old lady too LOL The packaging is really fun and you chose such great shades for yourself! It's nice to hear that they wear well too! The Mauve Berry is my fave on you but all 3 shades are lovely!

Serene said...

Oh my gosh, these are so different to the usual Benefit products I've seen! they're so cute and I love the packaging :)! What lovely colours I am loving the Mauve Berry colour it's so amazing!


Serene xoxo

Yiota said...

You look amazing in all three shades Kim, I love the mauve one it's so cute and also the coral. I haven't been using many coral lipsticks but this one looks awesome!!


Bambi said...

The shades are really nice but I'm not sure if I like the design of the packaging.

Jen27 said...

Can't help but be a sucker for the retro packaging! The pigmentation and glossy finish are gorgeous too. Thanks for the swatches! xo

Lorena said...

Such a pretty, bright and inviting packaging, so very bubble gummish.

Ivana Split said...

Tropical Coral looks amazing on you...amazing!!!! perfect fit for you. The other two are lovely as well and they look great on you, but the shade Tropical Coral just stands out.


Diva Desle said...

Ooh I love Mauve Berry on you. It's too pretty!! 💗💗

Unknown said...

These sound nice!! All three shades look great on you Kim! Pink berry is my favorite!

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