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Thursday, February 14, 2013

MAC Archie's Girls + Valentine Giveaway + Ted's Frostop

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody! Let's talk food & makeup today! When I found out MAC was doing a cosmetic collection featuring Betty Cooper & Veronica Lodge of the Archie Comics, I was happier than Jughead eating a triple-decker cheeseburger. HaHaHa I'm a huge fan of nostalgia and Archie Andrews & his troop of pals always made me laugh.

It was so hard choosing what to buy from this collection.  It was HUGE! MAC came out with the cutest names for all of the makeup and the packaging totally sucked me in.

Do you think I'm a Betty or Veronica? Hmmm, well let me take you to one of the oldest and most popular vintage diners here in New Orleans...Ted's Frostop...and let's find out! Hope you brought your appetite! I rated all products using the scale below.

Sweet-Bittersweeet-Not Sweet

Ted's Frostop
SUPERSWEET! Ted's Frostop, located in New Orleans, has been in business since the 50's. They serve yummy hamburgers, hot dogs, combo plates, milkshakes, malts and breakfast. They even have a jukebox and several pinball machines.When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, it flipped the Frostop Root Beer Mug (below) upside down on the ground. However, nothing deterred management and they re-opened better than ever. Many University students frequent this diner, along with locals that live nearby. I thought this would be a cute place to feature my MAC Archie's Girls cosmetic collection. Enjoy!

Ted's Frostop on Urbanspoon

Betty's Caramel Sundae Eye Shadow x4 Palette
SUPERSWEET! I LOVE this eyeshadow palette and you guys know I am NOT an eyeshadow person. The four shades are Cheryl Chic, Dreammaker, Caramel Sundae and Showstopper. These shades glide on easily and blend exceptionally well together. There's nothing chalky about them.This palette really gives you a lot of options. You can easily go from a light eye to a darker more dramatic look. It's a gorgeous neutral palette that's a definite BUY! BUY 2! I blended several shades together to create the taupe look below.

MAC Archie's Girls Brush Set
SWEET! These five brushes are very sturdy, great for application and excellent for travel. Each of the brush handles have the MAC logo on them and are numbered. The bristles on the brushes are very soft, so no scratchiness there. Love the little hearts on the handles. The container they come in is tin, but the heart is raised displaying Archie, Betty and Veronica. It's great for storing mementos. There is another Archie's Girls tin that is heart shaped and contains candy. It was given to people that attended a MAC Archie's Girls makeup launch party. I'll feature it in a separate blog post I'm writing now. I was able to get one from a friend.

Betty's Cream Soda Powder Blush
SUPERSWEET! I almost didn't buy this thinking it would be too light on me. Boy, am I glad I listened to my inner makeup diva and bought it. This blush has punch, is buildable and will work on any skin tone. The color is a gorgeous peach that gives your cheeks a bubbly fizz of fresh color. I usually only wear cream blush, so I was very impressed with this powder blush.

Betty Bright Lipstick
BITTERSWEET! This was one of the most coveted items in the collection. Everyone was lusting after it! Either you will LOVE IT or HATE IT on yourself! HaHaHa You MUST exfoliate & moisturize your lips to the MAX to wear this shade. It's a milky white pink when applied (in the tube it looks coral) that will show any flaw or line you have in your lips. If you don't like this shade on yourself, try buying Betty's Summer Sweetheart or Stay Sweet lipglass. Mix the two together, and then it should be wearable. I'm wearing Betty Bright alone and LOVE IT. I'm also wearing Betty Bright in the Cream Soda blush picture above.

Betty's Comic Cute Nail Lacquer
SWEET! It's a super bright bubblegum pink. The consistency for this nail polish is very thin. So you'll need to apply 2-3 coats to achieve a rich color. However, what saves this from getting a bittersweet rating is that it dries fast. So application is quick! Plus, it has the best brush & handle. Tip: The shorter your nails, the cuter this polish looks. Another Tip: Notice my bottle doesn't have Betty's face on it. Go to Macy's and you can either get the plain bottle or the one with Betty on it (of course while supplies last).

Betty's Kiss & Don't Tell Lipglass
SWEET! It's a bright coral pink (MAC says it's coral) that has pizzazz! Its cheery to the max. MAC calls their lipglosses...lipglasses. Definition: a glass-like finish. So true! They feel just like typical lip gloss. However, it doesn't bother me. They all have a nice sweet scent. Not gluey or chemical.

Veronica's Pearl Matte Face Powder
SWEET! It's a highlighter and a good one! Wherever you want a little glow on your face, just swirl your brush and swipe. It's very beautiful and a little goes a long way. I love the little hearts in the palette.

 Veronica's Mall Madness Lipglass
SUPERSWEET! I always know when I love something! I SMILE right away! This is a really unique and gorgeous shade of purple. This was definitely a favorite of mine. I like the way this purple looks on me. I personally think it will look good on any skin tone. I'm wearing Betty's Cream Blush mixed w/Veronica's Pearl Matte and Mall Madness lipglass in the picture below.

Veronica's Strawberry Malt Lipglass
SUPERSWEET! MAC says strawberry. I say candy apple. Picture a candy apple's coating and this is the lipgloss. I've never seen anything like it before. It goes on RED (there's nothing demure about it), wet, super glossy and stays that way.

Archie's Girls Jingle Jangle Coin Purse
SWEET! Did you guys know I collect coin purses? It's the geek in me. I had to get this. I love it. The inside is lined with little red hearts and it's a keepsake I'll always have.

Well, according to the product count, I'm a Betty! Betty was actually very smart (a good student), kind-hearted, knew how to cook, and had a passion for writing. Hmmm, that's ME! However, Veronica's color palettes really made me sparkle & shine. Hmmm, maybe Veronica is my inner diva! HaHaHa Are you a MAC wearer? Did you purchase anything from this collection? I would love to hear your thoughts! You can purchase this collection at MAC (they should be re-stocking some items), Macy's, Nordstrom, Dillard's, and Selfridges. There is another store, but since I'm Betty I Kiss & Don't Tell! LOL

MAC Archie's Girls Valentine Giveaway!
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Happiness at Mid Life said...

I follow you through GFC!


Carole Poirot said...

Those eyeshadows look lovely and I really like the nail varnish for a pop of colour. What a cute collection! Happy Valentine's day, I hope you have a lovely day xo

Diamonds&Pearls-Shandi said...

I love this collection. I remember seeing Archie comics when I was younger and it brought back memories. Ahhhh...
I could never decide who I liked more, Betty or Veronica.

I am loving that Caramel Sundae eyeshadow palette. I need to get my hands on it.

Loved the post!

meghan silva said...

Great giveaway , following you on bloglovin

xo Meg


Jenee C. said...

Oh the Archie range is just adorable. Let's see, I' already following you on GFC and Twitter and Instagram.

xx Jenee C.
{camo meets couture}

Mica said...

What a great place to feature your new products, lovely idea Kim! I really like the eyeshadow, blush and the lip glosses on you - the "Veronica's Mall Madness" is stunning on you! :)

Thanks for having an international giveaway too!

I'm following you in so many places you know ;) GFC, Bloglovin, facebook, twitter, and instagram :)


Cee said...

I always love how detailled your reviews are, Kim - after I'm done reading your posts, I really know what to buy and what not to bother with :) In terms of colours, I'm probably more of Veronika than a Betty {okay, and in personality, too; I'm nice but I do know how to get what I want ;)} I love the bold and bright Veronika lipcolours you tested, I may just have to make a trip to my local MAC shop to see if they've launched the Archie collection here yet. If your giveaway is open to international readers, I would love to win that brush set - please enter me :)
PS: Ted`s Frostop looks amazing - there's nothing like a 50s diner that has really been around since the 50s!

Unknown said...

I love all these colors *_* Coin purses are a weakness of mine too! When I see a cute one I just have to buy it even though I never need coin purses... ;~;
The brushes!! I want them so bad! I follow your blog via Bloglovin' :)

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Those are wonderful doll!! Love the colours...I used to watch the cartoon as a child and read the comic, so cool!Jughead was my fave though :))) He was funny. All of these look great & I always love your reviews!! I hope you have a marvellous day doll - Happy Valentine's day!! xx

Unknown said...

Ooh wonderful - please enter me! I follow via GFC, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Great giveaway Kim xo

Yasmeen said...

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LiveLaughDecorate said...

OMG, you cannot believe how much I love Archie and the gang! Betty rocks!

Yasmeen said...

Aaand Pinterest :P Phew that was a lot. Same username again. Haha CastleFashion. Thanks Kim!

Monika Ozdoba said...

Happy Valentine's Day! :-)

Style Journey said...

You always find the coolest things Kim! My favorite item is the make up brush set for sure. How cute. I follow via GFC at Style Journey and Pinterest as Style Journey 1. Thanks! Heather

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh I just fell over when I saw all these divine colors and then it's a giveaway of brush love. I'm in sweets, have my little fingers crossed xxx. And then I hope we can buy all these delightful color here in the cold north - we could do with some SPRING mood here.
Happy VALENTINES sweet Kim,


Unknown said...

PS: I forgot toy say that I of-course follow you e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. there is :))

Tales of Whimsy said...

How awesome.
Please count me in.
I was a follower but had forgotten to do the GFC so I just added it.
And I already follow on Twitter and just followed on Pinterest.

So that's 3 entries? :)

*fingers crossed*

I realllly need some brushes.

TheTinyHeart said...

What a cute little collection! MAC eyeshadows are my favorite so I'm not surprised that you loved the eye palette. The Kiss & Tell lipgloss looks SO pretty on you!

I follow you with GFC, on FB, Twitter, Instagram, & Pinterest!

The Tiny Heart
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PinkHKCutie said...

Love how your blog is set up! And I absolutely love how you showed how the blush looked on the brush, the lipstick, and the lipglass movements! ;);) Amazing colors! I am following you on Twitter, Liked Your FB page, and following you on Instagram!! Followed your blog as well!! Hoping im lucky!!! The brush set is def hard to find anywhere!!

miss b said...

Your reviews are always so thorough. I love the colour combination in the eye shadow palette and the nail polish is the perfect spring shade. Those brushes are so cute and your animated photos too! Happy Valentine's Day, Kim.
PS I think you know I follow on GFC.

PinkHKCutie said...

Somehow my accounts got switched up and i am following you via GFC as MzHell0KittY but just lettin you know so it wont be any confusion!

Lorena said...

Ohhhh Archieeeeee i loved reading these comics.
I think the collection is fabulous ! and you went a little crazy and almost bought the entire thing :)
You know i follow, and now i just liked you on FB ;)
Wish me luck !

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

This collection looks super cute! I haven't had a chance to check it out yet but I'm excited to after your review! I would've guessed you were a Betty since you're a total sweetheart just like her :) It fun seeing how the actual colors wear on you. Those lip glosses are really pretty. Thanks for another generous giveaway Kim! I follow you on GFC, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

Rowena @ rolala loves
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Unknown said...

GIRL. You are so TALENTED at this blog thing!!! These pictures with the food are AWESOME!! So many reasons why I love your blog and adore YOU! Happy Valentine's Day hun!!!

mispapelicos said...

love your gifs.

stephanie said...

Betty Bright and Cream Soda look lovely on you! Thank for the giveaway, im following on Bloglovin (sss215), Instagram (missstephanies), and Twitter (scrapandthecity). email is stephaniesss@msn.com

Anna Moore said...

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I hope to hear from you soon!

Sara said...

OMG OMG I love everything about this post! I love the dinner and all of the makeup is super cute! I LOVE Archie comics!

Awesome giveaway! I follow you via GFC!

The Dragonfruit said...

I always feel like I can trust your reviews Kim! I love how thorough you are - also, multiple Supersweets? Wow, some awesome products, huh? :)
So entering! I've been following you on GFC and Bloglovin for a while now haha
Happy Valentines Day!

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lareessa said...

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Katherine said...

EEE!!! I LOVE FRostop root beer! I didn't know they had a little shop like this! We have to go - my husband would love that. And all the Archie make up looks adorable - both in the packaging and on you!

PS. I'm following you via GFC for the giveaway, but I was before!

Katherine said...

& I follow you on twitter (@kitkathrn)

Unknown said...

love the last lip color

Happy Valentine's Day!
xo Jackie

jo said...

Happy Valentine's Day Kim! A big hug from me!!! I LOVE LOVE this post! If I can, I would buy everything. I remember when I was in elementary school (long time ago), the best thing was not going home but rather to my friend's (Anna) house and borrowed her Archie comics. She had hundreds of them. It was like any kid walking into a candy store! I love this giveaway. I just realized you're on Pinterest so I'm your newest follower. I'm following you everywhere. Haha! Have a great time tonight Kim! May you be blessed with love, joy and peace!

xo Jo


Victoria said...

I saw all these MAC Archie's girls in the malls this weekend! Love their stuff, and love your post with all the photos and animations. Wonderful :)

Have a lovely day, Kim!

Sam said...

How adorably sweet is this collection, love it and the packaging is so cute too! Love the nail shade on you, as well as the Mall Madness and Strawberry malt lip glass, they look beautiful! Thats a fantastic diner, it looks so retro, we don't have anything like it here. Thank you for your kind visit, Happy Friday!

oomph. said...

i LOVE the packaging!!

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Jessica said...

i follow you via twitter instagram and gfc!!! thanks for this awesome giveaway and happy valentines day to you love bug

jo said...

Kim, I forgot to tell you about the pillowcases. I bought the white ones to match my sheets. I love it! It's so soft. Thanks again for sharing.

xo Jo

Francesca said...

Aww what cute items! I love the lipglass, And the face powder is so cute! Great reviews!

Jacqueline said...

Every product looks so fabulous on you! I totally see you as a Betty because you are so sweet! I entered via gcf,twitter, and fb! You look amazing!



Anonymous said...

I sooooo would love to win this! Follow you GFC.

<3 Cambria

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Imogen said...

wow I am totally amazed by your sweet little moving pictures.

A BRIT GREEK said...

You are looking so fantastic Kim! Loving the peachy cheeks but it's got to be the strawberry lipglass that rocks on you! Great colour!
Have a super weekend!

Unknown said...

Great Post!

I love that pink lipstick !

I wonder if it will suit me if I try it on !? :)

I really like it on you so pretty :) :)
Have a great weekend !


Unknown said...

Wow! So many sweet products! My fave is the MAC nail lacquer! It has such a pretty and girlish colour - just love it!

xoxo, Nina

lilaki said...

Hi there! The Kiss and Don't Tell lipglass looks so good on you! Great post, love the way you present the collection!
Following you through Bloglovin' and on Facebok.

Ly said...

These are awesome. Thanks for the review Kim. I love the colors on you. I enter everyday except Pinterest. I haven't giving in to the "man" on that social platform lol.

I've never known Mac brushes so this will be super exciting to win.


Unknown said...

You look really pretty xx

mac lipstick giveaway. 1stepclosereveryday.blogspot.co.uk

Always Maylee said...

I used to love the archie comics! I had no clue MAC was doing this collection! I'm already your follower on GFC! :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee


The eye shadows look pretty nice, I love the candied lip colour as well. Such an interesting collection. Happy weekend dear Kim! xx

Unknown said...

Wow, this is such a great review of these cute products!!! You definitely make me want to go out and buy every single one. Great job Kim!

My sisters and I loved reading the Archie comics and loved when our mom used to buy them for us from the grocery store. We still have them too.

Lol at the Jughead comment!

XO Wil Harris

LyddieGal said...

I think the strawberry malt lipgloss is my favorite -- love your soda shop photoshoot, how creative!
Chic on the Cheap

Unknown said...

Kim! Thanks for asking how my breakfast date was yesterday! I am SUCH a klutz and slammed my fingers in the door right as I was getting out of the car.... rushing to eat I suppose haha. We ended up getting take out and staying in but it was still lovely!



Coco said...

Oh, there was a surprise at the end!!Count me in, five entries for me :-) I loved this review and you look gorgeous in every single picture. I find all the products would work for me, except for the lipstick, as I bite my lips and wear lipgloss to hide the flaws!!Ooops!Yhank you hun for this awesome giveaway!!!lHave a super sweet weekend!Love Coco

Oh to Be a Muse said...

All these products are so adorable. I knew you were a Betty!

I am a big fan of the Archie comics. I was always a Betty too, but I still have some Veronica in me.

Unknown said...

ooo I so want the Sundae palette, that looks SO pretty! Love it!

xoxo Bree
The Urban Umbrella

Unknown said...

I love that nail polish color on you! It's perfect!

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Rubies and Emeralds said...

Ahhh, I love this post! I used to be obsessed with Archie comics when I was younger. I am not kind of obsessed with the fact that Mac has made a line featuring it! I want all of those products...especially the nail polish!

jess said...

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I can't believe I missed this! I was the biggest Archie fan when I was a little girl! {wanted to be Veronica of course} and also my parents used to take us to a stand that had a rootbeer just like that and they brought out burgers on a tray, rollerskating! What nostalgia! You look adorable in the makeup--Love!

xo Mary Jo

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