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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Asian Snacks

Happy Chinese New Year! My blog buddy from Little Luxury List, sent me some Asian (Japanese) snacks over the holidays. I had a chance to try them, and let me tell you! I love me some Asian snacks! I'm a fan of Asian culture period! HaHaHa These snacks are so good and the packaging is so MUCH FUN! I'm going to put together some things from New Orleans for her to try! Have you tried any of these? Do you like Asian snacks? Below are my thoughts. You can read my other blog posts about various cultures and traditions here.

Kelloggs Cocoa Krispies Cereal

This one was easy, because the cereal is just like the Cocoa Krispies we have here in the States! Chocolatey goodness and all. The packaging is just different. I saved the packaging for this, because it's SO CUTE! I love the little monkey and vibrant colors.

Hello Panda Chocolate and Milk Filled Biscuits

I enjoyed BOTH flavors. They're like shortbread (but not as hard) with chocolate and vanilla in between. Each gives just enough sweetness (it's not over the top sweet). LOVED the cute panda printed on each biscuit. He does a different activity on each biscuit. Panda's are also good luck! For those in the States, this biscuit would equate to a cookie! In European countries (and from what I can tell ... also Asia), the proper name is biscuit. Also, the milk flavored is like vanilla for us.

Nestle Kit Kat Strawberry Cheesecake

I love Kit Kat candy bars (every now and then of course ;) HaHaHa I've always been intrigued with the packaging of Asian Kit Kats. I got to try THREE different ones! This one was creamy and tasted just like a slice of cheesecake with a hint of strawberry. This Kit Kat is filling! I could only eat one of the two bars (individually packaged) at a time. It's very rich! Absolutely gorgeous packaging! Love the cherry blossoms and I believe pagoda (?) buildings.

Nestle Kit Kat Sakura Matcha

I looked this up and found out this Kit Kat is cherry blossoms, green tea and white chocolate. It's very unique and tastes really good. It even smells delicious! HaHaHa Very nice scent! It's sweet and is a delight to the palate.

Nestle Kit Kat Hokkaido Red Beans

We have red beans in New Orleans that we serve over rice, but this seems to be a more versatile red bean! From what I can tell online they are used in desserts and to make sweet soup Shiruko. They also boil it with rice to make a Japanese dish Sekihan. This Kit Kat had a bean and more of a bitter taste to it. It was good.

Daim Candy

Toffee! Definitely like hard toffee! These have a creamy, toffee and chocolate taste. Very good!

Daiso Green Peas

I LOVE THESE! They're hard peas, but suck them for awhile and then chew. They're lightly salted, seasoned goodness. SO GOOD and DELICIOUS!

Tao Kae Noi Crispy Seaweed

Ok! I've NEVER had seaweed before! LOL My mom laughed at me when I tried these crunchy seaweed strips, because she said I literally made FIVE faces while eating them. HaHaHa I guess it tastes like REALLY fresh seaweed! HaHaHa Even though this wasn't my cup of tea, it gave me LOTS OF ENERGY! Boy did I clean the house and get things done that day! But I'll just have to find another way to get that energy. HaHaHa It is spicy like the picture on the bag, but steam did not come out my ears nor did I cry (like the boy pictured).

I would like to thank Little Luxury List for everything she sent me. It was very generous of her and she is SO SWEET! Very thoughtful! I appreciate everything. I love trying things from other countries (food and beauty products) She sent me some beauty products and I'll be reviewing them at a later date. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


  1. Great post Kim and I love Little Luxury List - how nice of her to send you goodies. I have tried some Asian candies and really like them, but these look so good and I've tried Kit Kats in Europe and they have a different taste than the US ones, but those Cherry Blossom ones look SO good!


  2. What an interesting post! I love to learn about other cultures and traditions especially the food! Kit Kats have been a favourite of mine since childhood and I was fascinated by these flavours which are not available here. We have Kelloggs Coco Pops with the cute monkey on the box too. I like the way they turn the milk all chocolatey!

  3. Oh what a great little care package! SO sweet of your friend to send you so many goodies! :)

    I have heard stories of the amazing kitkats in Asia, they have so many different flavours! We don't have that here. We do have the 'Hello panda' biscuits though, they are really tasty aren't they? :)

    Away From The Blue

  4. This was marvellous :)) I love snacks and trying stuff from other countries. I tried seaweed as a teenager and quite enjoyed it, very distinct taste. The KitKat's are awesome, love those!! Am happy you enjoyed them and what a sweet gift for you to receive!!! Love it...have a great day doll xx

  5. How cool I will like to try the peas and the kit kat color how different thanks for sharing we all learn something new with this post.

  6. I love Asian snacks because I'm Asian. Haha! But I've never tried any of these before, they probably haven't reached my country yet. Happy Chinese New Year, Kim!

  7. Delicious! Green Kitkats are my absolute favourite!

  8. I love these snacks, Kim, but I haven't tried that Sakura matcha one! I'm gonna hunt that one for sure.

    Kung Hei Fat Choi!

  9. I love Japanese kit cats! there are zoo many different kinds of snacks here, impossible to try them all!

  10. Aww, so much sweetness! Happy New Chinese Year!


  11. Happy Lunar New Years Kim! All those snacks look so good! I've had green tea chocolate before and it's so delicious! I will be celebrating this weekend with everyone at my work, they are from Vietnam so I will get to try a ton of traditional Asian food! It's so good and I love learning about different traditions too!

  12. I agree with you that the packaging is just absolutely adorable! Most of these are snacks that I have not heard of. They look delicious though.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  13. First of all, Gong Hei Fat Choy to you, Kim! I've never asked, but do you speak any Chinese dialect? I assume you are Chinese and if you're not then I am so sorry! LOL!

    I love those matcha Kit-Kat, they are the best. Back in Malaysia, my colleagues used to travel to Japan for business and they always bring back a huge bunch for me. Most if not everyone in the office know I have a weakness for chocolate so they made sure I have my share of it. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  14. OMG this post looks delicious :p heheh Happy Chinese New Year to you, Kim x I love those seaweed, lucky we are able to buy them in the Korean mart close to us.

  15. I have half a carton of green tea kitkats sitting in my fridge!!!! i love that stuff - so addicted - i bought so many snacks back from japan! glad to hear you enjoyed them too <3

    steph /

  16. Hello Panda cookies are my absolute favourite - we have a large Asian population in Vancouver so they're widely available (along with every flavour of Kit Kit imaginable!) which is really lucky, I think.

  17. Omg!!! Thats so amazing!!! I would love to try some of this yumminess. Sounds like you had so much fun tasting this. Happy New Year!!!

  18. Happy Chinese New Years to you, too, Kim! I've had the dried peas--in a Harry & David snack mix. I adore them! T.

  19. Yummy! I love Asian snacks. I find that their sweets are typically not too sweet, perfect for me since I'm more of savory snack type of person. I love the peas and the seaweed; I always try to get some whenever I'm at the Asian supermarket.
    BTW, Happy Chinese New Year!

  20. Happy Chinese New Year Kim! She's so sweet. I've tried some of these snacks. I love the Kit Kat and the peas. I believe they're wasabi peas. Was it spicy? You never had seaweed? How about the ones in sushi rolls? I actually really like those seaweed chips but I rarely eat them.

    xo Jo

  21. Oh my gosh everything is so cute! I love Asian culture too and really wish their products were more available in the states, I've had the Hello Panda cookies before but those Kit Kats look so intriguing :{D

  22. I really like Asian cuisine and these snacks look so delicious, especially Tao Kea Noi Crispy Seaweed :)

  23. that seaweed look exactly like one Croatian delicadecy called 'kapari'. It is this type of plant that only grows on stones new the sea and you must pick the buds and preserve them in oil and vinegar (but cook them in the sea first)

    One time when my sister in law helped me hand pick these, she said that she finally understands why they are so damn expensive. It's not an easy job by far:)

    I'm not sure is the same thing, but it looks exactly the same.

  24. Yay, i'm glad we both love sakura green tea (my FAVORITE flavor!) I'll pick up more when I pass through Japan again.
    I'll also send you some coconut jam that is local to the region and hope that you like it!
    Don't worry, no seaweed in the next package but I will put in more peas!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  25. Happy Lunar New Years Kim! All those snacks look so good!Loved the green pea snacks and those chocolates are my favorite. Have a happy Friday! Kisses <3

  26. Oh these snacks look tasty! =D

    NEW POST on


  27. I never try asían snack, nice review Kim, happy weekend!

  28. ahh I love the matcha kit kats… Pure perfection!
    Alexis @ thelittlebrunette

  29. You Kit Kats look so much different from ours.. but they look just as delicious lol.

    Kay of Pure & Complex

  30. That was so sweet of her and these treats are so fun! Being Chinese, I grew up with Asian snacks and I love them Like I literally have to avoid the snack aisle at the Chinese market cause I want to buy everything. Seaweed is one of my favorite snacks (cause I prefer the savories) and I had a good chuckle when I read your reaction to it. At least it energized you haha. Matcha Kit Kats are so yummy! Happy New Year Kim!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  31. Great post Kim, we eat quite a lot of Asian snacks in my house, and I grew up loving seaweed because of my mums family. The peas are my favourite with peanuts on top of noodles too! <3
    Weekend Style For Him

  32. I'd love to try the most typical snacks like seaweeds and peas! How cool and sweet of A!! Tons of love and happy snacking!!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  33. asian, especially japanese snacks are super popular here. kids love them...yan yan and hello pandas are things we buy all the time. and it's a treat when someone brings us a special flavor kit kat that can only get in japan, like green tea!


  34. Asian snacks are the best! Those Hello Pandas, I was obsessed with them a child.

  35. You're quite daring Kim !
    I am a little coward when it comes to trying things and I cannot read myself what's in a product.

  36. I have always wanted to try the kit kats and I see amazon has them to order One of these days I just have to do it as seeing everyone enjoy them is driving me crazy! What a lovely thought from your blogger friend! Lucky you!!

  37. Awesome! ^^ You guys gotta try the Nihonshu (Sake) Kit Kats! We got them here for you at Tokyo Munchies! ^^


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