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Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween In New Orleans 2015

Warning: Many of the Halloween decorations featured in this post are super adorable & cute, but a couple (hint: the beginning) may be frightening or even disturbing to some. So please be mindful of this and proceed with caution...IF YOU DARE!

Welcome to Halloween Week on AVSB :) Today I'll be showcasing some of the GORGEOUS homes we have here in New Orleans (Louisiana USA) and their FABULOUS Halloween decorations. Some of my older readers may remember I did this in 2013. I was out of town last year (2014), so it was SUPER FUN to do it this year. New Orleans had BEAUTIFUL weather last week. So I took a day, took in the fresh air & sunshine and snapped these pics. I love the cutesy stuff, but I know some of you like to get your FRIGHT ON >.< So this post has something for everybody. Enjoy!

Do you remember this mansion? This year the owner is doing a ZOMBIE: Infestation Site Theme

This home had a spectacular MUMMY theme! They were so tall! I thought it was gorgeous!

Did you get past all of the Zombies & Mummies?
Well here are some Skeletons, Pumpkins, Dracula and one crazy Clown waiting JUST FOR YOU!

Is Dracula doing the MONSTER MASH? :)
Looks like somebody needs a hand AND AN ARM! >.<

And some EXQUISITE mansions along the way! The bird in the second picture was REAL!

This mansion does a comical & current events skeleton Halloween theme that grows every year! 
Here are some of the new ones! Click HERE to see the ones from the past.

Now for some really cute & beautiful GHOST and PUMPKIN displays :)
Aren't they SWEET!?! To wrap things up, what's HALLOWEEN without WITCHES and GHOSTS?

Wait! Where are you ladies going? Did I miss Sephora's sale again? ;)

The witch at this gorgeous mansion, always takes my breath away! It is SO GORGEOUS!
I thought the doorway to this house was so beautiful!
Potions...Potions...Potions! Is she holding a Sssssnake!?! Eek...
Enter If You DARE! Well I Survived The Rest...So Let's Give It A Go!

Well that wasn't so bad after all! I hope you guys enjoyed these pics. New Orleans is a popular destination to visit for Halloween. Do come and visit one day! This post was labor intensive, but it was a pleasure showcasing the gorgeous homes we have in NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana). Visit my past HALLOWEEN and SEASONAL blog posts! Wishing you a SPOOKY WEEK! Stay tuned Wednesday and Friday for some Halloween makeup giveaways!


  1. I love when people go all out with Halloween
    Decorations. It is so fun and interesting. Thanks for the warning.
    That female body on the ground is seriously
    scary, Kim!!!!👀👀💀💀👻👻

  2. Sweet Kim
    I was just thinking about you! Happy Halloween, now I am terrified! ;D
    I watched a show on television about New Orleans and kept thinking about you! I have left it too long to say, 'Hi'. Xx

  3. OMG It looks so cool!! I really wish we were celebrating Halloween in SA too

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  4. New orleans did a great job
    I love the decorations, it seems real

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  5. New Orleans knows how to celebrate Halloween to the fullest great home you show us and love how they decor.

  6. Wow these are absolutely amazing! I live in the UK and they don't go hard on Halloween at all :( I wish it was as big here because I love it. These are awesome and that zombie woman looked SO real!
    Pretty Mad Things .. xo

  7. Wow there are some very detailed ones!

    I prefer the cutesey and funny ones in the second half of your post. The themed skeletons gave me a giggle! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. I remember the pregvious one back in 2013 so well as I told u on IG this morning, so happy u did it again also this year! The decorations are way GORGEOUS, wish I was there, love Halloween! And u know, I am a fan of the show the originals which i filmed in New Orleans, the perfect city for Halloween! xo

  9. YIKES this stuff is serious business - so fab - we aren't quite there yet with ghastly costumes, but wait a few years and this place will be scary too :)

    Have a fab day

    A x

  10. Man! New Orleans is my kind of town, Kim:) Love how all these houses get into the Halloween spirit. I wonder if they hire a company to do the decorating coz some of these stuff...that lady with her insides hanging out. Gaaaaah That's good enough for the movies! My kids would so freak out, but I love it:) And I like the one with the presidential candidates too:D

  11. I do remember this post from 2013, Kim! I was so impressed then with the way that people in New Orleans went all out with their Halloween decorations, but it seems like this year is even better. I absolutely love the house with the mummy theme; I've really never seen Halloween decorations look beautiful before, but those were both gorgeous and scary!

  12. New Orleans residents really do Halloween right! The current events skeletons are hilarious!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  13. Wow! The residents of New Orleans really take Halloween seriously and go all out with their decorations. I'm totally impressed with all the creativity and realism!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  14. Holy cow, they take Halloween to a whole new level and I am loving each and every one of it. My favourite has to be the zombie theme because well, it's zombieeessss and I've been obsessed with them since Nights of the Living Dead! LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  15. I need to go to New Orleans for Halloween in the future. The decorations are amazing. The named skeletons are the best though! The zombie theme is awesome too and so current.

  16. That zombie house is pretty awesome. Very Walking Dead!

  17. wow that is awesome!!! I love halloween too, and i havent seen many houses here in LA that have decorated, but they seem to have gone ALL OUT there! How cool! I love all your photos! people are so creative and that is AWESOME!!! i love all of them, the cute and the really scary! lol some of them are so real! and i love the candidate skeletons! hahah!!! so funny!
    have a great week Kim!

    Wow, these lawns are works of art - really creepy and cool.

  19. I love all those decorations!! And all those houses are so beautiful Kim!! You know I love Halloween so I'm looking forward to your other posts!

  20. seeing houses go all out for decorations is pretty cool. especially during this time of the year! so cool!

  21. That is amazing what they did with the decor.....they did it big!

  22. Thanks for taking the time to put together this post! It was so fun and really got me in the Halloween spirit!! I love both the scary and the sweet. One day I want to make it out to visit NOLA! It looks beautiful!

  23. You were right! thanks for the warning the first few pictures were gruesome. I much prefer the cuter images of the pumpkins...I'm such a baby lol

    Keisha xo

  24. I love the post! Have a nice day:)

  25. Amazing! My favourite is the political candidates zombies! So funny! They really decorated big time over there. It looks so real and scary especially Scarrie Underwood.

  26. So festive and exciting to see this!! :D Are you based out of New Orleans? I'm going to be visiting NOLA in the next few weeks, and would love some tips from locals! :D

    Rainy Days & Lattes

  27. WHOA!
    You put the warning at the beginning and mentally I was thinking "Pff, how graphic could it be?"
    Then I scrolled down and landed on the zombie woman on the lawn. HOLY CRAP!
    Man, New Orleans knows how to decorate 0_o
    Lol great post Kim!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Win a free pair of glasses on my blog!

  28. OH My! That first part was definitely creepy and bloody, yikes!! People really get into it over in New Orleans, never knew. Thanks for sharing the Halloween Louisiana style!


  29. wow! talk about going all out!!! :) the woman on the lawn one was kind of difficult to look at but the rest were kinda neat!

  30. How fun! I love Halloween decorations, so this is a real treat. NO is such a unique place! It has to be so much fun during Halloween! Love it!

  31. Oh my gosh Kim, these are so scary. I love the pink mansion and the decorations. ;-)

  32. Oh wow, I love the Halloween-enthusiasm shown by all of these people - the woman lying out on the lawn covered in blood is certainly creepy!! Halloween isn't a huge thing around where I live and so it's pretty much just pumpkins and a few decorations.. it certainly doesn't get taken outside the house and onto the lawn, though I wish it did!! ;)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  33. So impressive! And all the effort and fantasy that go into these decorations... Just wow...

  34. Haha, thanks for the WARNING, Kim! ;) How scarry cool are those house decorations, I'm totally inspired. Love that one of American Idol - so clever!

    xoxo Ira

  35. Kim, your neighboors really enjoy Halloween, this deco is awesome!

  36. Incredible, I had no idea Halloween was so massive there. The zombie lady was a little creepy, haha, I loved the "Monster Mash" part. Must be a frightful and wonderful experience to see. Thanks for sharing Kim.
    The Frenchie Foodie

  37. Some people really go crazy for Halloween! These are all great, a few a bit too bloody for my taste, but it's all in fun. Great post!

  38. always look forward to this post!! so much fun...showed mini-he these photos!

  39. Most of these decorations were adorable...but that half eaten woman lying on the lawn...I wouldn't want to see that with my own eyes, so disturbing!

  40. Love the Halloween spirit! And some of them are scary. Lol

    xo Jo

  41. Hahah wow you weren't kidding that we would fit right in! We don't have anything like this in my area apart from us and one or two other houses that go all out, I'll have to nudge them to take a vacation down there sometime :) Not to mention all of the houses are absolutely BEAUTIFUL, you live in a gorgeous neighborhood!

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