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Monday, November 16, 2015

Patisserie De Bain Hand Cream & Lip Balm Review

Hey Everybody! This Summer, I wrote a couple of reviews on the Patisserie De Bain Collection by Rose & Co Apothecary (UK) (here and here). I have a couple more lip balms and hand creams from that collection, so I thought I would share my thoughts about them with you today.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff)

Patisserie De Bain - Strawberry Crush Lip Balm - Sweet

This summer I reviewed their Strawberry Cupcake lip balm and LOVED IT. This lip balm is called Strawberry Crush. From their website, BOTH seem to have the same ingredients! However, I found Strawberry Cupcake to have a little more "strawberry punch" to it than Strawberry Crush. So if you're indecisive about the two, go with Strawberry Cupcake. Both were very moisturizing to the lips. Patisserie De Bain's lip balms last for several hours. Remember to use a lip applicator (found at your local drugstore) to apply (since this is in tin packaging). This will help avoid cross-contamination. Also the vintage tin design is very girly and cute. This lip balm is strawberry scented, but has no taste.

Patisserie De Bain - Cherry Kiss Lip Balm - Supersweet

I've always favored cherry scented products over strawberry ones. Cherry scents seem to pack a more powerful fruity punch. Cherry Kiss, beats out both Strawberry Cupcake and Strawberry Crush. It's scent is that of true cherries (may I add freshly picked) and the lip balm (as all the others) was very moisturizing. This lip balm was definitely THE WINNER in my book. 

Patisserie De Bain - Lemon Bon Bon Hand Cream - Not Sweet

I don't know what it is with me and lemon scents! I love lemon. I just don't like sour lemon, when it comes to body products. I feel they should be sweet. I reviewed another lemon product by Be Delectable HERE and it had the same scent as this! Lemon furniture polish...were my words exactly! LOL So you guys, I don't know if it is MY NOSE or what...but I was turned off by the scent. When I think of lemon bon bons, this scent does not come to mind. HaHaHa So I can't recommend this!

Patisserie De Bain - Sugar Rose Hand Cream - Bittersweet

The word POWDERY comes to mind! Think powder puffs, dusting powder and lightly scented roses. This scent is very feminine, but if you don't like any of those things I wouldn't suggest this hand cream. Plus, all their hand creams seem to moisturize only VERY LIGHTLY (and I have really dry hands & skin overall). The one cream, that I loved and went head over heels for was their Strawberry Cupcake BODY CREAM! It comes in a slightly larger jar. Check out my review of it. That, you will LOVE!


Unknown said...

I love the packaging to these Kim! I agree that lemon scents should be sweet!
The lip balms sound nice, the ribs are way too cute.

nerline said...

Sorry the Lemon Bon Bon did not work for
You. Does it smell like cookies or lemon?

Natalya Amour said...

The packaging looks really cute!! Especially the strawberry one

Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

The Dragonfruit said...

Packaging paired with cute design? I'm sold! That cherry lip balm sounds fantastic :D

I'm on the Tube!

Mica said...

Shame the hand creams weren't winners as they do look cute! Glad you enjoyed the lip balms :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Jackie Harrison said...

I love the name on both and sugar rose hand cream I will love to try amazing products like always you find the best beauty items. Kim is okay I understand good luck with your kitchen.

Lilli said...

The cherry kiss lip balm is my fave Kim but the stuff all got a super sweet packaging. What a shame the hand creams, I do love something more moisturizing too. Happy Mon! xo

Emmylou said...

Agree with the comments above, Kim. The packaging is just awesome for these products. Despite some not-so-good products, it seems like this line is pretty good:)

The Bandwagon Chic said...

When you see the packaging, you can definitely figure out that it is supersweet.
Love this :)

The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic


I like cherry scents for the most part too, because I am allergic to actual strawberries I usually stay away from that scent. I've cherry lip balm that's nice. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Kim even though the cream wasn't the greatest.
Small Batch Goods

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Pretty-pretty! And I love lemon-scented anything. :)

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

The lip balms both sound really nice especially the cherry kiss with it's true cherry scent. Considering how good cherries smell it must be amazing. What a bummer the hand creams were a dud. I definitely wouldn't want to smell like lemon furniture polish O_o

Rowena @ rolala loves

Shireen L. Platt said...

I'm really looking for a very good and moisturizing lip balm and was thinking of investing in the one from Nuxe. This sounds really good too, will check their website!

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

Cee said...

You're definitely not alone in your challenges finding good lemon products, Kim - I always stay away from them because I have had so many soaps and lotions that smelled exactly like furniture polish! I'm a sucker for cherry products, on the other hand, and the cherry crush lip balm sounds amazing.

Miss Val's Creations said...

I love this vintage looking packaging. No woman wants to smell like furniture polish! They need to work on that scent.

Samantha Mariko said...

I love the little French theme going on with these products! how cute :)

Gabrielle said...

I've always thought things like these make brilliant gifts - they're so cute, quirky and yet entirely practical. We all need lip balms when on the go... so if they smell nice, then great! ;)

Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

Anna-Alina said...

OMG so cute boxes!!!


Unknown said...

Oooh I love these! And especially the super fun packaging :)

A Northern Light

Margo @ PrettyPanda said...

The description of the lemon scent does not sound good! I don't think it is just your nose. That is too bad because I am a sucker for all things lemon

NatiDí said...

Gosh! The packaging looks so adorable~
I feel like I might splurge and get these... ;A;

Ohdearmilk ✧・゜*

►Naďa said...

Lovely review :)
please follow my blog : THE COLORFUL THOUGHTS

Jane said...

yes! i do agree re: cherry over strawberry! :)

willsingformakeup said...

The lip balms sound lovely. Nothing beats a good lip balm. I don't think I would like the hand creams either. I need a hand cream that will do some heavy duty moisturizing!


Hmmm... I would go for the Cherry Lip Balm! Mainly because of the same reasons like you, Kim! I can imagine how intense the smell of this must be. Yummy! :-p

xoxo Ira

little luxury list said...

I want the cherry balm too! I'm glad that one worked well!

little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

Chic Delights said...

I remember your review last summer. I like the packaging and the name. They look so delicious and pretty to use.

Ramona said...

I love everything cherry and I think this will be great stocking filler too for my friends. Such a cute packaging and lip balms this time of the year is must.


Kelsey Bang said...

that is the cutest packaging ever!


jo said...

The strawberry and cherry scents sound most promising! Great review Kim.

xo Jo


Unknown said...

I swear you always get your hands on the cutest products! Its too bad about the lotions not being all that moisturizing but I'm loving the sound of those lip balms, I've such a sucker when it comes to chapsticks and these sound soooo yummy :}


The Dainty Dolls House said...

These look so cute, love strawberry scents, shame this one isn't so great, cherry is fab too. Love the tins, so cute!! Super review doll, am glad most were great for you :) xx

Pilar said...

What cute packaging! I agree I think Lemon scents should be sweet too! These items would make great stocking stuffers! Great review Kim!

oomph. said...

very cute and nostalgic packaging. reminds me of when i was a kid and had those lip glosses in tins.

Ivana Split said...

too bad they aren't completely sadisfying but the packaging is adorable.

Lorena said...

I would have bought them just for the packaging !
Too bad not all were up to par.

Margarita Bloom said...

I've always wanted to try this brand! So cute!!!! Too bad about the lemon not smelling sweet enough. I agree with you though...I want lemon scents to be sweet! That's probably why my lemon pound cake deodorant smells just as sweet as something I'd want to eat. lol...

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