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Thursday, December 24, 2015

MAC Mariah Carey All I Want and Dita Von Teese Lipstick Review, Swatches & Giveaway

Naughty and Nice! That's how I would describe the two "christmas-y" lipsticks released by MAC. The first was from Mariah Carey, called All I Want and the second was from Dita Von Teese, called Teese. Read my thoughts below and enter my giveaway to win BOTH! Open Worldwide! Good Luck!

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 

MAC Mariah Carey All I Want Lipstick - Bittersweet

I love Mariah Carey! I've always cheered her on through her ups and downs. Outfit choices? Not so much. LOL MAC decided to come out with a Mariah Carey lipstick for Christmas. The lipstick was appropriately named "All I Want", after her hit Christmas song :) Well, there are a couple of problems. The lipstick is a frost! Frosted lipsticks are very pretty, but they don't look good on everybody. It doesn't matter how light or dark you are, frosts just don't work for some people. I have a really hard time carrying them off (therefore I avoid buying them), but my mom wears them REALLY well (she's darker and a different hue). All I Want is described as a Champagne Frost. Mariah stated she didn't want to do a red lipstick for Christmas and therefore decided on a frosted lipstick. It's shimmery. It feels good to the lips (not dry). It applies evenly.  But after looking at some pictures on Instagram, it doesn't look good on everyone (so buy with caution). I'm wearing it alone in the pictures below, but I will have to either use this as a topper or mixed with some type of gloss. Another problem is the packaging! Plain box. Plain lipstick bullet. HELLO! This is MARIAH CAREY! Where's her image on the box? Where's her signature? What happened MAC? That was a disappointment! Some good news! MAC has a chance to get this RIGHT again! MAC will be releasing a COMPLETE Mariah Carey makeup collection in 2016! I really hope they do a better job than what they did here. Mariah is an ICON, and therefore her collection should be.

MAC Dita Von Teese TEESE Lipstick - Sweet

SEXY & SPICY! HaHaHa I've always admired Dita Von Teese's beauty. The burlesque star always seems to have the perfect coif hair, porcelain skin, black eyeliner and signature RED lips. She really takes care of herself. Unlike Mariah Carey's All I Want lipstick, Dita Von Teese is displayed beautifully on the box (HINT: if you buy 3 and put the boxes together, it will show her complete image). Her signature is on the lipstick bullet AND engraved on the lipstick itself. Mariah, you need to FIRE somebody! That's what you should've had for your lipstick. Teese is a gorgeous red. It's described as a tomato red. It's definitely matte, but it has a shine to it. It's not flat. I like it. I was hoping it would be a little redder, but it will work. Dita Von Teese has also released a beauty BOOK called Your Beauty Mark! I purchased it for a friend and it is gorgeous! It's super heavy, thick and loaded with pictures & advice. Gorgeous for a coffee table! I think once I'm finished with renovations I'll buy it for myself.

Both lipsticks are STILL AVAILABLE: Dita Von Teese and Mariah Carey! I'm so use to MAC Collections selling out, that this was a shocker to me. LOL I purchased extras for ONE lucky reader of AVSB. Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. OPEN WORLDWIDE!



E. Jones said...

I agree with you on the packaging....I was surprised that it was so plain. I was like "This is Mariah Carey so where is the bling???", LOL

Kay Cake said...

I am glad Mariah Carey decided not to do create a red even though it's such a Christmasy shade, I feel like MAC has gone over the top with red lips shades this year, actually quite disappointed with the limited edition this year as they either lack the cool packaging or the quality is no good... *ahem* looking at you MAC Cinderella! Haha. Teese is such a pretty shade on you! Mariah Carey's All I Want looks good on you too, it would be better if use a topper over other lipstick shades ^-^

♡ Kay Cake Beauty ♡

The Dragonfruit said...

Aw man, you're totally right - I want that diva feel if Mariah's gonna make a lipstick with MAC! Aha, and the outfit choices...xD So true...

Hope you have a Merry Christmas Kim!!

The Dragonfruit Diaries
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Idu Emeziem said...

Lol @ outfit choices not so much. Much as I love this collection I wont be buying cos I don't wear frost. It's matte all the way for me so I'll just admire from afar. Looks great on you though girl.


crafty-zone said...

Sorry to hear that 1st shade was dissapointment and I also hope that complete makeup collection with Mariah will be better than this lipstick :)

Merry Christmas, dear Kim!

Wendee Isaacs said...

I actually like the shade of the first one.

Rosemary Nardone said...

I am a fan of MAC lipsticks but I think I will pass on these. The light color looks a bit too light for me and I have a few reds already. Hope you are having a GREAT holiday!!

Selinas Inspiration said...

The lipsticks look amazing! Beautiful pictures ♥
Merry Christmas!
xx Selina

Caitlyn S. said...

I just got my first mac lipstick about a month ago- it was pervette. I love the shimmer of the Mariah one. I would probably choose that one but at the same time I really love the Dita Von teese one- it looks great on you, I wonder how it would look on me... Ty for the chnce.

Nerline Germain said...

The first one will look terrible on me, but I think you pulled it off really nice, the second one, too.

Ela from Ela BellaWorld said...

I am not sure about the bittersweet, however sweet is a stunning shade! Really disappointed with the packaging too, I would expect them to look fancy but not ordinary packaging.


Miss Val's Creations said...

Dita Von Teese's shade is gorgeous! The frosty Mariah Carey color is so difficult to pull off. I have always wanted to wear a shade like that but it never works!

Cee said...

Oh gosh, that Mariah Carey lip shade looks so very, very hard to pull off! Frosted and gold - wow. It looks quite lovely on you Kim but I can totally understand why you wouldn't want to wear it every day... or ever, ha ha. The Dita Von Teese shade, on the other hand, is stunning and suits you beautifully. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Ashley said...

Both colors are gorgoues!! I don't think I can pull off frosts very well! Both colors look great on you Kim! You're so sweet to do all these giveaways. I hope you had a great Christmas!

Diana Vanderheyde said...

Thank you for the advice. Both colours look great!
Enjoy your holidays xx


The Bandwagon Chic said...

Ohh you really flaunt that lipstick shades dear
Lovin it.
Happy holidays :)

The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

Mica T said...

That red is lovely on you Kim, packs such a punch but in a good way! :)

Shame the frosted Mariah one is so hard to wear as it's a lovely colour, just maybe not the best for lipstick!

Hope you had a merry Christmas!

Away From The Blue Blog

Diva Desle said...

The Dita Von Teese lipstick is so pretty on you. I love the packaging too ;-)

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hey Kim, I think you look great in either lipsticks!! Thanks for the reviews of both. I hope you had a fab Christmas.

Gabrielle said...

First of all, I hope you had a brilliant Christmas Kim! Secondly, I agree that anything with Mariah's name to it should be astounding, though the gorgeous red shade looks amazing on you! I've entered your giveaway too, you always host the most amazing ones! :)


Emmylou MW said...

Just wanna say belated Merry Christmas, Kim! And OMG! That Dita one....so gorgeous! I don't like frosted lipsticks, so yeah...that Mariah....not a big fan. I hope her complete collection will be better.

Margaret Gallagher said...

Wow love both lookslooks but the Dita Von tresse is my favourite x

Keisha Ramsay said...

Both of these are gorgeous! I am a fan of frosted lip shades so "All I Want" really appeals to me, and I'm so glad that she chose doing this shade over a red. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas Kim :)

Keisha xo

Madalena Dantas said...

I didn't know about this "collabs" BUT I confess that I loved them a lot!!! Lovely for this time of the year (:
Have an amazing day,


Sarah Modeee said...


So amazing ! :D

Sarah, http://www.sarahmodeee.com/

Rebeca Muñoz López said...

Hi Kim! I think the gold tone is ideal for New Year Eve! Happy holidays hun.


FashionRadi said...

I love the Dita Von lipstick more. Bright lipsticks are more my taste and they never disappoint.


jo said...

Hi Kim! I love Mariah too! Thanks for this giveaway. I just entered. Just got back from my trip a couple of days ago, and feeling sick. Nothing serious, just coughing, hopefully it will go away soon. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

xo Jo


oomph. said...

i have a hard time wearing frosted, but love the red!! hope you had a great christmas, kim!!

Coco said...

I'd love to try Teese!! I'm entering All of your Holidays giveaways :-)

Shireen L. Platt said...

Don't get me started about her clothing choice, Kim....she's a beautiful woman but dang, her clothes make me shake my damn head. I'm really surprised at how plain Mariah Carey box is, I meant seriously? I would have thought it would be more especially Mariah is known to be quite a diva. I do adore Dita Von Tease and gosh, that red lipstick is so her! Thank you so much for another great giveaway, Kim!

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Ivana Split said...

I love both Maria and Dita and I love these lipsticks too...the second one is the one that looks best on you (in my opinion) but I find them both to be lovely. I always say one can't go wrong with a red lip...and as Shireen pointed out in the comment above, this lipstick is so Dita!

Ellese Launer said...

I totally agree with you about the Mariah Carey lip color, that is hard for anyone to pull off. And there was no branding like you said! I want some butterflies haha! The Tesse lipstick is an example of doing things right. Love your reviews! This was a fun one to read. XO, Ellese


Lauren Carter said...

Teese looks amazing on you! Reds look great on you in general. I'm not too crazy about the Mariah Carey lipstick either, but I can't wait to see the entire collection in 2016!

Margo @ PrettyPanda said...

I so agree...Mariah needs to fire someone because they could have made the packaging so glam! I'm thinking silvery/gold glitter tube! haha something that screams awesome diva! The Dita one looks amazing on you

Tania Franco said...

Loving these lipsticks! Just entered the giveaway. I love the red on you so much!


Laurie Murley said...

would have loved to enter your giveaway but I don't have instagram

Angela Angeline said...

Those shades are gorgeous!!

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