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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Too Faced Mr. Right Makeup Brush Review

What brand of makeup brushes do you use and love? Do you swear by one brand or do you use several brands? I have a complete set of Tarte brushes. They're good, but can be a bit heavy. I have a set of Real Techniques. I love the way they stand up, but I'm not totally in love with all of them. I have an incomplete set of MAC brushes (so I'm not sure if I love them or not; plus they're so expensive). I find myself gravitating to a pink Sephora set I purchased a couple of years ago. I seem to prefer short-handled brushes (I can maintain better control) as to long ones. I think I want to try Sigma brushes next. So let me know your recommendations! I'm open to suggestions. Having proper brushes for application is important. Oh, but you're here to read my thoughts about Too Faced's Mr. Right The Perfect Powder Brush! It's a really good brush but let me preface this review by saying, I never took Too Faced's brushes seriously! I just saw them as cutesy and mainly for show brushes. Does anyone have their Teddy Bear Set? Can you tell me if it's good? Even though on the box it says Mr. Right is a POWDER BRUSH, Too Faced's website states it's a do-it-all brush! It goes on to say it can be used for dry/wet application for foundation, powder, blush, bronzer ... anything your heart desires. I am not a makeup expert, but I cannot imagine using this brush for liquid foundation application (based on the shape of the brush head). It's too fluffy & pointy at the end! Maybe dry foundation, but even then :( As a powder brush? might be ok (but I wouldn't use it for that either based on it's narrowness). Honestly, I see this more and BEST as a blush or bronzer brush. The bristles (synthetic hair) are very soft and feel great to the skin. However, it's still not as soft as Doll 10's (I still can't get over that amazing brush). This brush sports a blue & gold handle. It has Mr. Right & Too Faced in script on the gold portion. It has perfect powder brush and a teddy bear on the blue portion. The cute little bow-tie CAN be removed. I would suggest removing it or else you'll get makeup all over it. The brush is really well built and sturdy. I still see Too Faced brushes more for show or display! So Mr. Right is just Mr. Ok in my book (not for his built, but he's in what he can do LOL >.<)

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  Too Faced Mr. Right is Bittersweet


  1. I always thinks brushes that brands like too faced release are always so cute but I never take them seriously either lol! I can see this one being a good blush or bronzer brush too, or even for a highlight!
    I use a to ton of different brush brands too, but the ones I use the most, and have liked all of them that I tried are from Sigma! I hope you end up trying them Kim, they are amazing and totally worth the money!

  2. This one is cute I do not know If I will use it just by the look, I have It Cosmetic and Sephora, as well mix drugstore ones like Eco tools, Real Technique and Rite aid also Elf my favorite is a mixture of drugstore with one. I guess is all comes down how well it works for what we want it to use it for.

  3. This brush is adorable! I haven't tried any of their brushes, but what I've seen they are all cute. I have a variety of brands, Sigma, ELF, Real Techniques, and even some Eco Tools. I would like to buy a complete set from a good brand. I can't decide if I want to go with Morphe, Sigma or Luxie.
    xo, Lily

  4. I had no idea that this brand has brushes in their offer, LOL :D What's more, I really like that this brush is so versatile and functional, Kim :)

  5. Aww the bow tie is a cute addition! :)

    I have a mix of brushes I'm using at the moment! they work for me so I haven't tried any others yet :) I don't use a lot of makeup so I only use a couple brushes though :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  6. Good to know! I've forgotten what brand brush I have, as I don't use it that often, thanks for the honest review!


  7. I've never paid any attention to the Too Faced brushes either. This looks like it would be a good blush brush, but I wouldn't use it for foundation either. I have a basic set of Sigma brushes, and I'm rather disappointed in them. They shed like crazy! I think they have some better ones that they have come out with since then. I really want to try wet n wild's new brushes.

  8. This brush is just darling especially with that cute bowtie. Too bad it doesn't perform that well. I use a mix of Real Techniques and Smashbox brushes.

  9. Adorable Brushes, they all are so cute.
    xoxo, Neha

  10. For eyeshadow, I've been using MAC brushes for years. For blush and bronzer, I absolutely swear by the Too Faced kabuki brush. For everything else, I'm not fussy and tend to just buy the Sephora brand because I haven't found anything I really love. If I'm being totally honest, brushes are something I probably need to do more research on - some keep sharing your reviews, Kim ;)

  11. I swear by Smashbox brushes... but a cute one with a bowtie is quite tempting ! How very handsome. I cannot believe I just said that about a brush.

  12. Perfect bronzer brush indeed, Kim! Totally with you!!!

    xoxo Ira

  13. After your Doll10 experience I can see why this was a bit of a let down. Pity that it wasn't up to scratch since it looks so adorable, but at least you can use as a blush/bronzing brush. I actually do use a mixture of brushes: Real Techniques, Zoeva, and Chanel. I have 1 Mac brush as well and recently used Morphie brushes.

  14. Hehehe, Kim you are so funny explaining that Mr Right is limited in what he can do. Such a pity that this brush is bittersweet. It is so cute and would look great in my makeup collection ;-)

  15. Too Faced brushes are definitely built to be looked at more than actually use. I have a few and don't really care for them, personally. Great post.
    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  16. Brushes are tools that I don't heavily invest money in. The cheaper, the better for me. I am currently using ELF powder brush and some other random one.

  17. i never tried these brushes before, and ive never been a big brush person, i have a bunch of random brushes from different brands and i have a bunch from my ipsy bags, so i have accumulated a random collection. but i do have two smashbox brushes that i use for application of foundation/cc cream, which i love and can tell the difference in quality with another cheaper brush that i have for the same purpose, and i also have a smashbox contour brush, which is great. theyre expensive tho so i only have those two. i wish i could afford to buy a collection of mac brushes lol.
    have a great valentines day kim! xo

  18. OMG! This is pretty brushes. :) Great review. I will try this if this one if I will buy one soon.


  19. I have a few sets of brushes from different brands but I swear by Sigma, heheh their brushes are truly amazing quality. Love the packaging of Too Faced Mr Right, and the name too, I have a brush from Etude House similar to this and I use it as a blush brush. LOL I cannot imagine using a fluffy point brush with a liquid foundation, I imagine foundation would go on streaky and uneven.

    K ♡

  20. I've been a loyal fan of Bobbi Brown and MAC brushes. They're really good.

    xo Jo

  21. Aww too bad that didn't work out well! I am clueless about brushes too but got a new bare Minerals one that is pretty cool!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  22. I never take Too Faced's brushes seriously either. I love my IT cosmetic or Real Techniques and I am pretty loyal to those but thanks for the honest review as I have been seeing some youtubers rave over this


  23. TooFaced never lets me down. I freaking love this brush its so cute and I love the black bow tie on it! Unique items like this are worth the buy, hopefully they do make needed changes to make it SUPER Sweet. Thanks for this review I hope this brush is still available!

    Only The Brave Blog

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