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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pixi by Petra Holiday Collection Review & Swatches

Sponsored: So you guys know I've been receiving a box of beauty treats from Pixi Beauty every month. Well this month, they sent me some products from their HOLIDAY COLLECTION! Let me tell you, it is fabulous and they knocked it out the park with this collection! I am so impressed. Let's get started!

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  Pixi by Petra Holiday Collection is Supersweet

Pixi by Petra Fairy Dust Favorites (Metallic Warmth) $12

Pigments! Have you ever dealt with them? I have never purchased pigments because I thought they were messy and difficult to apply. Not these! These are the metallic pigments. They are also offered in mattes. I simply dipped my brush and applied to the back of my hand (I used Smashbox primer) and holy moly crazy color! These colors are gorgeous and stayed put. Perfect for the holiday season. The only thing I don't like is that there is one lid and all of them connect together. So if you want to get to the middle jar, you have to unscrew the bottom two & so on :P

Pixi by Petra Endless Silky Eye Pen $12 each / $22 Kit

I LOVE LOVE ... ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!  Sometimes you want a little sparkle on the inner corner of your eye. Sometimes you want to line your eye with a little sparkle. Well SAY HELLO TO SPARKLE IN PEN FORM! It's creamy. It's highly pigmented. This is the color OPAL! If you love Becca's OPAL, you will love this! These come in a fabulous array of colors. I will be investing in more of these.

Pixi by Petra Mattelustre Lipstick in Classic Red $12 each

If you love red lipstick, you will love this one! I love red lipstick. I was kind of scared when I saw the words MATTE...eek! But this lipstick is fab :D Beautiful red color and it gives off the healthiest of shine to your lips. These are available in 10 beautiful colors.

Pixi by Petra Palette Rosette $28

And last but not least, I received Pixi's new Palette Rosette. My palette must have had some problems via the mail service, because as you can see the All Over Glow was shattered :( I wanted to cry! LOL BUT I gathered everything back together again :) This palette contains everything you will need to do your entire face. What really impressed me was the day lid/night lid. Do you see that night lid color? It is GORGEOUS! It's like a plum raisin shade. It's beautiful. As you can see everything is pigmented and it's all about the GLOW. Pixi Beauty did an excellent job with all of these for the price point. I think these would make amazing gifts for you or someone you love.



  1. Those shadows looks so pretty!! I never heard of this brand before which is so weird

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. This collection looks so amazing Kim! Those pigments are stunning! and so is that eyeliner! That's so sad your palette came broken! All of the swatches from it looks so beautiful though! And that lipstick looks like the perfect holiday red!

  3. Oh man! This post just made me want all of these, Kim! Shame shame shame....:P But seriously, have always loved the Pixi line, and this collection sounds like they've really hit it out of the park. That night lid shade=gorgeousness.

  4. I've been really impressed by a lot of the products you've reviewed from Pixi, Kim, but I think this collection is the one that has me the most tempted of all. I don't use pigments often but I've had a few over the years that I've loved and that Rosette palette looks just gorgeous!

  5. Pigments... hmmm this is somethingI have yet to purchase and quite honestly with this review and the swatches they are quite tempting !

  6. I love everything you got, but omg, the Rosette Palette is gorgeous!! And I mean gorgeous!! The Classic Red lipstick would be perfect to wear on Christmas Day!!!


  7. Those Fairy Dust swatches look amazing! I'd love them!

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

  8. I was at Target the other other day and totally thought of you when I walked by the Pixi display Kim! This is a brand I've been interested in trying so It's been great to hear your thoughts on some of the products. I want to get some once I work down and through my stash a little more.

  9. Omg those pigments!! Crazy color payoff. I've never actually tried Pixi makeup, but I'm a big fan of their Glow Tonic!
    Katie Actually

  10. Oh that palette looks lovely - glad you could still use it even though one of the products got a little damaged in shipping!

    The pigments are incredible - perfect for all the parties coming up this season! :)

    Hope you are having an awesome week! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  11. omg I want the pigments and that red lip shade is EVERYTHING! Their holiday collection looks so great.

  12. I loooove everything!! So perfect for the holidays!

    Olive & Ivy

  13. Great review, Kim and you really make me want to buy all of these! The one that I love the most is the Palette Rosette, shame that one of it broke but wow, it's a beautiful palette.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  14. It's nice that there's a variety of colours. The pgments are definitely deep. This collection is amazing.

  15. I love the Pixi Glow Tonic, but haven't tried their makeup yet. Everything looks beautiful, especially those pigments!

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

  16. I loved all this products. Really it's amazing. Those eyeshadow shades are awesome.

  17. It looks like this kit has everything you need to get that perfect holiday look! love it Kim!

  18. This all look pretty impressive!

  19. Big Yay, for pretty Christmas collections! Love the swatches of the eyeshadow pigments. They are gorgeous 😊💕

  20. The palette is beautiful and those pigments are gorgeous too, look at the color payoff. I've never tried anything from Pixi, but I can't wait to, especially the Glow Tonic!

    Ann-Marie |

  21. The Metallic Fairy Dust is gorgeous!

  22. Wow, these shades are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the holiday season! I've read your other posts on the brand, but have never tried anything from them before. Do you know if they're sold at Ulta? I don't recall seeing them. Anyway, the pigments are gorgeous, but I'm especially drawn to that liner, it's beautiful, and the perfect way to add a subtle festive touch to any everyday makeup look. Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you're having the best week so far!



  23. Ooooh that red lipstick looks tempting! The holiday season has me wanting to wear all the dark and merry hues :D

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Visit my YouTube channel!

  24. I received this loose pigment set too and I'm obsessed! Did you have a chance to check out the blush and highlighter palette? It's called Palette Rosette. It's literally the best blush I've ever tried! Highly recommend!

  25. i have yet to try pixi...i'm liking that silky eye pen!

  26. I'm totally delighted by the pigments! I use them only as blushes or highlighters, never used eyeshadows in the form of pigments. On your hand all colors look amazing! Tons of love

  27. Everything looks amazing...but the fairy dust! WOW! Need some, they are so pretty!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  28. Everything looks so nice Kim! And also very pigmented. Bonus!

    xo Jo

  29. I absolutely love these shades...and the pigmentation looks amazing, especially when it comes to eye shadows...Pixie by Petra seems like an amazing collection.

  30. I love the colors in the palette - they would be fabulous for the colder weather!
    I know you don't love red as much but I bet you would look fabulous in that red lipstick!

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