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Monday, November 14, 2016

Beauty Bakerie Neapolitan Eyescream Palette Review & Swatches

Hello beautiful people! I know I don't have to explain my absence, but I want to. I completely shut down (mentally & physically) after watching the results of our Presidential election. I removed my Facebook, Instagram & Twitter accounts, because I was tired of all the toxic talk. I stopped watching CNN and I nearly vowed off holidays. I did a complete media DETOX for several days, because we have been inundated with this election for nearly 2 years (and it just keeps going on). I didn't even want to blog anymore. I have since re-instated everything (thank god they give you days to reconsider if you still want your account), thanks to several kind blog buddies that contacted and talked to me (you ladies know who you are). I pray for my country. I hope for the best. Only time will reveal, what is to come. To cheer myself up, I purchased a mirror for my makeup room (can't wait for it to be shipped & delivered). I should have a video showing you my makeup room in January :) I think I caught up with everyone's blog (blog reading)! On another note, my mom is making really good improvements (hip replacement surgery). She's graduated from a walker to a cane and she's going to physical therapy.

The last time I blogged, I reviewed some Beauty Bakerie products. I wasn't keen (at all) on their matte liquid lipstick lip whips, but I mentioned I wanted to try some of their other products. This is their newly released Neapolitan Eyescream Palette. It contains 12 eye shadows. These turned out much better. You have about 7 metallics/shimmers and 5 mattes in this palette. The only one that was problematic for me was Sliced Almonds. All of the shades are beautiful. It's very Fall. Very neutral. Wafer (gold), Pistachio (bronze/copper) and Strawberry (orange) are the hot colors for Fall. The shade name Strawberry, when it's orange, kind of threw me for a loop. The front cover of the palette was sneak peeked to the public this Summer. However, its release was delayed to Fall. So that was a little funny, because it has a summer theme ... but fall colors. I would've named this hot fudge or something fall-ish. The graphics on the palette are extraordinary! Cute three scoop waffle cone. Ice cream parlor awning. It has a beautiful working mirror with the company's name inscribed on it. And most of all safe, but beautiful colors. Can these shades be found in other palettes? Sure. But the packaging no way. This should not be confused with Dose Of Colors Eyescream Palette, but it was widely said in the beauty world that Dose of Colors took this idea from Beauty Bakerie. I can't verify it. Beauty Bakerie didn't make a fuss about it (I commend them). There's lots of competition between companies now.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  Beauty Bakerie Neapolitan Eyescream Palette is Sweet



  1. I know Kim, it's been a rough week since this election happened. I don't blame you for detoxing from social media - it's been insane. But I'm glad you came back and haven't given up on blogging!
    Yesss, saw that mirror on your Snapchat, and're giving me ideas. It looks soooo good!
    These eyeshadows definitely seem quite pretty, I'd love to try that shade Strawberry for a fall-themed look!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Visit my YouTube channel!

  2. I haven't tried beauty bakerie before but I always wanted to try them especially their liquid lipsticks :) They sound like their products are amazing


  3. That's great news about your mum and also to hear you're feeling more positive, lovely lady, we have to have hope x

    Emma |

  4. I know how you feel with regards to the election. I moved back from the USA a couple of months ago but the election has been everywhere. I'm just so glad it's over to be honest and I'm hoping for the best! These shadows do look lovely, I'm a fan of the lip whip's from beauty bakerie they are so long lasting!

    Abigail Alice x

  5. This palette sounds pretty awesome:) One not-so-good shade is not bad at all! And how delightful is the packaging. Glad to see this was a "sweet" one, Kim:)
    And yay for your mom doing well now going to PT. XOXO

    As for what happened there during the election, can't blame you for detoxing, Kim. I noticed fewer posts for sure from the US bloggers after Tuesday. I'm not gonna say much about it here but just this....I really do pray for your country.

  6. aww Kim, I had no idea the election affected you so much... I guess it affected people differently. I'm glad to know you are doing better, as with your mother!! will be checking in again :)

  7. I should have removed my accounts for a bit because my Twitter account was mopey as fuck this week. Am I ashamed? Not one bit. But I feel I should have tried to do something positive instead of rocking back and forth. Then again, I don't think I could have. Anyway, just know you are not alone in the sorrow!

    Also, super glad to hear you mom is doing well. THAT is truly good news, and I was in need of it.

  8. I feel you here, Kim. Let's hope and pray for the best. Glad to hear the good news about your mom. The palette looks very nice, the shades are beautiful and the packaging is so so cute.
    hugs, girl

  9. The election result was depressing but we respect it. I have given up watching cable news for now. So far so good. We hope for a better future too, all we can do is hope and pray. The packaging of this product is so creative. The colours are wonderful.

  10. I'm glad you're back! My best friend and I talked about it a lot today. Here's to a way forward and always a positive way forward!
    Ooh and this palette has the cutest packaging and great colors though yes the naming seems off!

  11. I'm glad you're back, Kim, but I can only imagine how difficult last week was for you. I've been thinking of all of my American friends and hoping that you will all stay safe and free, despite everything. We're rooting for you here in Canada! Thanks for another great review :)

  12. I know how you feel! After the shock wore off I thought well maybe this is the forced change we needed. Most likely Congress is not going to let him pass things. But now seeing his team build, I am worried. This is too many steps backwards for our country. Over the weekend I was overwhelmed with orders for kilt pins I sell for the anti racist movement. The majority voted against him so I am hoping something good somehow comes out of this.

  13. I thought things would get better after the election but given the results that sent most of us reeling, it actually got much worse. You did the right thing by taking a social media /news break because it was pretty unbearable. I had to mute so many people on FB and Twitter it wasn't even funny. Anyway I'm glad you're back and yes I'm with you that we can only hope for the best at this point. That's such great news about your mom. She will probably improve even more and quicker with the physical therapy. I know it made a big difference when I had to do it. And I've been looking forward to seeing you makeup room since you first told us you were building one so I can't wait for the big reveal Kim!

  14. oh these eyecolors....can anybody of you gift me this palette...
    keep in touch

  15. I'm glad to know your mom is doing well Kim! And I hope you are doing okay too. I've been feeling similar to the way you have. I've been in a rut too and it definitely has a lot to do with the election and all of the stuff on social media right now. It's ridiculous how every other post I see on Facebook is in one way or another about the election, and it's all negative stuff. I'm just trying to ignore it and move on too and just make the best of what's to come. It is really distressing though! I can't wait to see the tour of your beauty room!

    This palette looks so beautiful. I do think it does have a fall theme to it, with all those shades! The strawberry one that's orange threw me off too haha! I would have expected it to be red or pink. I love all of those shimmer shades, this is definitely a palettes that I would love!

  16. I am so glad that you're back, Kim and hugs, I was dumbfounded when I woke up to the result but the people have voted. I guess like it or not we just have to move forward and pray for the best. The one thing that has surfaced though is deep rooted hatred and fear that were hidden all these while....and I don't think I've ever seen the US as divided as they currently are now.

    Onto the product, what a gorgeous selection of shades and they are totally me. I won't be buying it though as I have so many similar shades in my collection. The downside of loving neutrals. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  17. What can I say dear Kim, results were a surprise for the entire world. At the end it affects us all. When I knew of the results I felt a cold shiver and like you can only hope for the best. Hugs.

  18. I like this palette Kim! All nice metallics I would like to try! The packaging is very cute too!

  19. I'm sorry to hear how badly the results effected you; it was a definite shock to wake up to that's for sure - from the outside looking it, it seems like a bit of a mess! I'm so glad to hear you've reinstated your social media accounts now :) On a brighter note, this palette is so gorgeous and I particularly like the look of Pistachio :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  20. This packaging is gorgeous! I'm so glad that your mom is doing much better....

    Beauty Candy Loves

  21. Oh Kim, i was totally devastated at the election results. Like what??? I usually watch MSNBC but just like you, i cant even watch anymore. I looked forward to watching everyday and now here we are. Still feels like I'm in a trance. God help us! Lovely products and happy Monday.

  22. I'm glad that you are feeling better and that the blogging break helped. I'm also happy to hear your mom is doing well! I think this palette looks nice but I can see what you mean about the sliced almonds shade. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  23. I feel bad for not noticing your absence Kim! Things have just been so crazy here. Welcome back :)

    I think a detox is good now and then it's healthy to get some time away and process things on our own terms without the constant social media streams. Plus, as you say, the news hasn't been the most cheerful lately!

    Glad you're back and feeling re-energised :) It's a lovely palette too, I like the colours :)

    Hope you're having an awesome start to the week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  24. This palette looks so beautiful and useful. Love all the shades!

  25. I so hear why you needed that break but I'm glad nothing was permanently deleted and you're backkkkkkkkkkkkkk! I was thinking of you all week! It's a crazy crazy time and we need to use our voices now more than ever so glad you're here.

    That palette looks nice but I'm disappointed that the purple shade is a dud. I've been wanting to get more into purple otherwise I basically have all of those shades anyway. I do have my friend's Mac palette if I want to explore more colors (the makeup artist one with literally every color) but it's like 8 years old haha. I wonder if it's still ok to use!

  26. I don't think Beauty Bakerie is available yet in the Philippines but I'd love to give it a try. It looks interesting.

    The whole world is affected with the result of the US election. I have family in the US so I'm pretty worried about how they will be doing in the coming months... Or years. Stay strong! :)


  27. I'm actually glad you addressed your absence because I thought I was going crazy looking for you on Twitter! I missed you and wanted to tweet you, but couldn't find you!!! I checked Instagram, same thing. I was like what is going on, but I'm glad you're okay and I can understand how you feel, but glad you're back. Girl, don't do that to me again, tho! Haha. Anyway, this palette is so pretty, I adore the colors, but think the names are so weird and don't correlate with the shades at all, lol. Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a great week!



  28. So happy you're feeling better Kim! It has been a tough week and I pray for your country too!

    Love the colours in this palette! I never know how to wear the lighter colour (chocolate chip), maybe I should look into it.

    xo Jo

  29. love all the mattes here, but strawberry looks nice!!

  30. So happy that you are back Kim. Glad that your mom is doing so much better. Sending her tons of blessings and love. Xxxx The swatches of the palette look really good on your hand. I like the conuof the palette.

  31. Such a cute palette! I have always loved their liquid matte lipstick packaging and really want to try someday :)


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