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Monday, February 6, 2017

Paul & Joe Spring 2017 Collection Review & Swatches

Sponsored: I received three (3) pieces from the Paul & Joe Beaute Spring 2017 Collection. Have you tried Paul & Joe makeup? I haven't. As a makeup collector, I only purchased their 2010 Alice In Wonderland Collection (for packaging purposes only). What I've noticed about their collections, is that they're whimsical, unique, and they usually have a cat/kitten or wildlife theme. I looked on the website, and the designer is a WOMAN (Sophie Mechaly)! She started a menswear line in '95 and Paul & Joe are her two sons. In '96 she launched a womenswear line. She started Paul & Joe Beaute in 2002. Most of the makeup is limited edition & collectibles. She makes "cosmetics that convey perfectly the Parisian philosophy of enjoying life (and makeup that is) ... fun loving ... sparkling ... individual" I always like knowing the philosophy/story behind the brand, so I wanted to share what I learned with you.

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Paul & Joe Pearl Foundation Primer $36 (Sweet Bon Bon 002) - Supersweet

WOW! This is a PRIMER!?! That's the first thing I said, when I saw the bottle. It's truly gorgeous. There are various shades of pink & white pearls. It's housed in a beautiful, what-feels-like glass bottle (floral design on the front & top of the cap). The cap is an iridescent pink. Remove the cap and you have a pump, which will dispense the pearl-to-liquid primer. So everything about it is GORGEOUS! So that's fine and dandy, but the million dollar question is ... DOES IT WORK? $36 is nothing to sneeze at. This is a great MOISTURIZING primer. I only put a few pumps on the back of my hand and rubbed it in, and my skin felt moisturized. The back of my hand had a GLOW. I tried it with my makeup! My dry/sensitive skin felt moisturized and it had a glow. This is like a primer + illuminator in ONE. It really worked well with my makeup and gave me a natural (not greasy or shiny) glow. This also worked well in conjunction with my Smashbox primer. My Smashbox primer fills in my pores & fine lines. If you use a mattifying primer, you won't get as much of a glow as you would this alone...but it's still very nice. I was pleasantly surprised with this primer. I've never taken Paul & Joe makeup very seriously. But in this case, pretty also means IT WORKS. So don't be afraid to purchase this.

Paul & Joe Powder Blush Spring 2017 $18 (Mon Chou 004) - Sweet


I was also sent one of their Spring 2017 blushes. This is Mon Chou 004, which is a purplish-pink. This is also offered in Mon Lapin 002 and Mon Canard 003 (LOVE) [see all 3 below]. I swatched each color separately and then swirled together. Their blush is pigmented, but still comes across soft on the skin. Realize you only receive the blush and NOT A COMPACT (you will have to purchase the compact separately (options below). Paul & Joe also came out with 3 eye color (eye shadow) trios. These can also fit into the compacts below. I love the blush! It's a great powder blush. One side has a shimmer. The other is matte. You can use them separately or swirled together. It looks great all 3 ways.

Paul & Joe Beaute Compact Spring 2017 $10 (Sky Blues With Singing Birds 014) - Sweet

There are three (3) Spring 2017 designs! Mine has singing birds. There's one that looks like cherry blossoms and the other has a bolder floral design. These compacts are only meant to house your blush refill or eye shadow refill. They're really cute! I kind of wish they had a mirror. But these are only $10 and adding a mirror would probably raise the price point. The only thing I don't like is, I feel Paul & Joe are making you buy a compact...becuase the blush & eyeshadow selections can only be purchased as refills. They don't give you a compact with them. I mean, where are you suppose to put your blushes & eyeshadows once you purchase them. So for EVERY collection you're forced to buy a compact (unless you find an alternative container to put those two things in or leave them in the box).  These are beautiful compacts. The designs are pretty. I'm not much of a wildlife/outdoorsy person, so I also wish she would make sweets & cakes (my blog theme HAHAHA) to choose from. I do want to mention, these have an excellent MAGNETIC they're hard (they won't smoosh) ... and ECO FRIENDLY! She also makes matching lipstick holders for every collection! Just like the makeup, the lipsticks come as refills (so you will need a holder to put the lipstick in).

The entire Paul & Joe Beaute Spring 2017 Collection can be purchased at



  1. Wow, the blush and the primer look great. I love their packaging <3 Nice picks Kim <3

  2. I want them!!!!!

  3. I never tried something from the brand, but of course noticed the packaging over the course of the last years. It is really pretty, but I am not one to buy things for the sake of the packaging only. It seems though that the products are of good quality, so maybe I will allow myself something omeday soon.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  4. What caught my attention most was the Foundation Primer. It's sure packaged differently than any other brands in the market and it's in beads form. Kind of reminded me of a scrub yet it's a primer. Very interesting. I also like the packaging of the singing birds compact.

  5. This post is just so in-depth! The primer caught my attention! If I were you I'd think its candy!
    I really like the packing of the products, its so pretty Which is a good thing for me because I love pink!

    I'm pretty sure I'd buy this stuff just because of the packing itself!

    The Pretty Lady

  6. I relate to that primer reaction cos that was me too. The packaging is everything and I'm glad it works. Cute story behind the brand. Happy Monday Kim!

  7. I love the look of that primer - what a great product! It's wonderful that it has a good formula and it's more than just a pretty looking product too! :)

    It's interesting you have to buy the holders for the makeup separately but I guess you get more variety that way - you can buy a different design every time!

    Hope you had a really nice weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. That pearl foundation primer is the prettiest thing I've ever seen it's gorgeous!

    Beckie xo // The Pale Tails

  9. Oh wow! The packaging are just lovely, Kim. And I didn't know Paul and Joe makes you buy a compact separately. Thanks for the heads up. I've only tried the line's eyeshadows before and do love them. Great to know the other stuff are great! That primer sounds like a definite winner.
    Happy Monday:) XOXO

  10. I've tried Paul & Joe products in the past, but for the most part I've found that they seemed more appealing for the novelty factor/cute packaging than for how they actually worked. In particular, I wasn't a fan of their primers, but the one you've reviewed sounds totally different from the one I had, so I admit I'm tempted to give the brand another try!

  11. I used to love Paul & Joe clothing and I'm so sad that the brand is so hard to get ahold of in the US now. Well at least we can still get the makeup. Everything you got looks great Kim! I'm just fascinated by that primer in particular though The whole to pearl to liquid dispensing is super cool and well the packaging is gorgeous. This brand has always had the prettiest packaging.

  12. The packaging is sooo cute! I'm so glad to hear that the primer actually works because I want it for the packaging alone <3 I love a good glowy base. Btw I love the lipstick you're wearing in that selfie!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  13. This is some of the prettiest packaging I have seen! I love the pearl to liquid primer. Very cute! These products are beautiful on you too.

  14. I have never heard of this brand before. The packaging is cute! I really like the sound of the primer! Thanks for sharing Kim!

  15. Oh wow, I had no idea they did makeup! As usual thanks for such a thorough review. The primer looks so beautiful but it's a bummer the blush doesn't come in a complete compact. I wouldn't appreciate that. Either way, it's such a fun looking collection and great to hear that they perform well!

  16. I saw a review on this primer on another blog and initially I thought it's a bunch of candies in a bottle. LOL! The blogger, Allison loves the primer too! Great review, Kim and I am really tempted to pick up the primer.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  17. This collection is soooo cute! That primer is so unique! I've never seen anything like that before, but I love the way it looks and I'm glad it's a good primer too! The blush is very pretty too Kim! The other shades and shadow trios look pretty as well. I love the compact. But I agree with you, I don't like how you're forced to purchase the comapct. I think they should include the compact with the purchase and then have the option to buy a refil for it if you want to. I guess at least if you ever do want to buy something else when you finish the blush up, you already have the compact. I think it's super strange though the the lipsticks are sold in refills with out a tube!

  18. Wow! Packaging looks really cute. One of the things that will convince you to purchase a product has, most often than not, something to do with the packaging. And that primer looks interesting. I hope that can be available in the Philippines too. :)


  19. Ooh the highlighter is so gorgeous and i'm intrigued by the pearl to liquid formula. I really like the blush shade on you too!

  20. These looks like nice products. I have yet to try the brand, but it seems I should. Their packaging always looks so cute x

    Pink Frenzy

  21. that packaging! so cute! I think I want to get something of it because of packaging mostly)) too cute!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  22. Precious packaging... and the primer I would love to try.

  23. So happy, I actually know a brand that you're reviewing. Lol. Yes, I love Paul and Joe. I use their blushes too, lovely colour.

    xo Jo

  24. I love Paul & Joe makeup line, mostly I've been stocking up on my refill cheek blush. The blush color pays off for me. Thanks for the review and hopefully I'll try out their 2017 line.

  25. the packaging of these products is truly gorgeous. I love the bird print so much. I'm kind of an outdoorsy person but I'm also- my home is my caste - type of person...I do enjoy bird-watching so that print really caught my eye.

    Too bad about them selling eye shadows and blushes only in compacts (if I understood well) but it is good that at least it is an eco-friendly one. It is great that these containers have a magnetic closure, that's so practical.

    That primer looks great...and the packaging is just dreamy. Good to know that it performers well and that the packaging is not the only great thing about it:).

    I'm not sure how I feel about the blush, I like it but.... I don't know, somehow this pink shade comes off as a tiny bit artificial in photos- at least so it seems to me. It might be that it just photographs that way and that it looks much more natural in person.

  26. How adorable is this collection!! How charming that this whimsical packaging is designed by a fashion designer! The primer is unbelievably eye-catching and light-catching. I love the pink blush and eyeshadows! You dosed the blush very well, it compliments you a lot. Big hugs lovely!

  27. The packaging alone has me sold. I am such a sucker for cute products. That blush is gorgeous.

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