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Friday, November 17, 2017

Steps Involved In Essay Writing Process

Each writer is a creative personality that follows own approach to the composure of articles and essays. On this account, it is impossible to predefine a certain template of writing a custom essay. Nonetheless, it is quite true that particular steps or stages are inherent to the mentioned activity. In the following article, we will identify essential points of essay creating and their sequence.

Three Major Stages

An accumulation of words arranged in sentences can be called a text. However, if your goal is to produce a qualitative and comprehensive work, the approach to the activity should be more profound. One way or another, a decent writer undergoes three stages of its creative labor.

Preparatory Stage

Step 1

One cannot just produce a sequence of phrases or sentences without some definite order or purpose. The writer needs to understand what to write about. Thus, it faces the first step namely choosing a subject. The subject is a kind of foundation or basis for the subsequent work. All the following actions will be performed in accordance with this key step.

Step 2

When you know the topic of the future text, you need to accumulate some related information or ideas. Even if you are an experienced specialist in the described topic, using additional sources will always be of service.

Step 3

As soon as the data and ideas are collected, they need to be arranged properly to form a body text. So, a structure is needed. The structure acts as a plan for organizing the collected data. Some writers prefer to skip this step and head to the principal stage. Nevertheless, the unstructured text can result in a clumsy and cramp essay.

Principal Stage – Step 4

The principal stage is represented with a single step. Activities performed on this stage can be characterized with one word – writing. Until this moment, the writer accomplished versatile preparatory activities that are ready to outpour in textual form. Each structural unit of the essay is gradually filled. Ideas are converted into phrases and sentences. A pile of words assumes a shape of a readable text. One can suppose that this step is the final one since the essay is written hence the work is accomplished. However, a halfway is done only.

Final Stage

Step 5

This step is essential to prevent and avoid such questions as “What a nonsense did I write?” Believe it or not, some ideas accumulated at the preparatory steps can be a bit untoward to the general subject. And such inconsistency can be revealed just upon reviewing the ready text. Some writers practice to read the end product aloud or even to a listener. An outside perspective can be rather helpful. During this stage, you have an opportunity to exclude some inappropriate or unnecessary information, replace it with a more relevant one or add absolutely new data. Besides, the essay structure can also be altered upon the reviewing step.

Step 6

We decided to split the final stage into two steps. Meanwhile, other opinions offer to agglomerate them since they tightly correlate. Anyway, the 6th step aims at revising the final text and eliminating miscellaneous defects like misprints, grammar and punctuation errors and other flaws that deteriorate the content. After these final corrections, your work is considered accomplished.


  1. Essay writing is such an important skill, Kim...well, any form of writing I guess:) I should show this to my kiddos. I swear....I don't remember having to write so many essays when I was in elementary school, but I guess it's different now.
    Have a fab weekend ahead:)

  2. These are great tips for essay writing. I wish I read it in my school days :)


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