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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

9 Ways to Make Any Outfit Stand Out

Need some cool ideas to make your outfit pop? Man, have we been there. Lucky for you, we’ve got just the thing to help you out because we’ve tried everything. While we must disclaim that we haven't verified our choices with couture experts, we believe these are fashion goldmines. Here are 9 ways to make any outfit stand out from the crowd.

1. Start a New Trend

Some people have started saying "groovy" again. We think there are better ways to show your personality and uniqueness. Dare to be bold and create a new trend that your friends can't help but follow. Better yet, get your friends to play dress-up with you to convince the masses.

2. Be Fabulous in a Coat

Coats are the most important part of an outfit when the weather calls for them. If you're walking around Brooklyn in the dead of winter, what are people looking at other than the time? You guessed it, your faux fur coat. Let everyone know how fabulous you are with a smokey-blue coat and set the message straight.

3. Artsy Angled Flats

Pointed toe flats are all the rage right now because of their stylish and classic point. Kick-off the day in style with these comfortable flats. We recommend pairing these with skinny or boot-cut pants to show off the footwear. Let the shoes do the talking and the legs do the walking.

4. Pleats, Pleats, and More Pleats

Pleats are always in because they have a way of making everyone look taller, thinner, and just more vogue. However, that stuff doesn't matter now that self-love is popular (as it should be), but you can still wear pleats for the pattern appeal. Look for chunky cord pleats that fit your body type in your corduroys and pantsuits to stand out.

5. Go for Bold

Bright colors are much less of a thing today. Neutral is the epitome of fashion and home decor at the moment. That’s all the more reason to go bold and bring some color back into the world. From small accents like neon shoelaces to rainbow-printed sweaters, you'll make their jaws drop. They didn't even see you coming.

6. Show Your Interests

Whether it's your favorite band or a quote, a graphic tee is sure to showcase who you are. Wear a vintage tee featuring an old-school band for a super trendy look. You can also iron on a patch or two of your favorite musicians to your jean jacket. Throw in some buttons and pins on the front, and you’ll be ready to hit the town.

7. Use Your Accessories

A cool watch, a chunky belt, a dapper tie, a fedora, or whatever you have will make all the difference to your outfit. Use your accessories wisely and strategically so that you can pair plain with eclectic.

8. Show Off Your Art

If you're someone with tattoos, find something that lets you show off your art without offending. Low-cut, v-necks are great for chest tattoos, and backless halter tops are always a stylish option for a formal night out or a beachside bonfire. Show your style, and don't be afraid to show a little skin.

9. Don't Forget the Hair

If you make your hairstyle the centerpiece, you can get away with wearing practically anything. Lately, we've been intrigued by the side-part, but mohawks, ombre highlights, and buzzed edges are all a-list-approved in our book. Don't be modest when it comes to your hair. Show off your personality and your favorite colors. Your outfit will thank you all the more for it.

The fashion choices you make should say more about you than the trends you follow. Be the one who stands out and be yourself.

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