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Monday, December 12, 2022

How To Pick The Perfect Piece Of Jewelry To Go With Your Outfit

Jewelry is like the icing on top of the cake. It completes an otherwise plain outfit. While some women reserve jewelry for special days and occasions, many now make it a part of their daily looks. A fashionable woman will have jewelry to match. So every time they walk out the door, they always look like there is thought put into how they dress and look.

Fine jewelry or not, it’s all about the right styling. Women who enjoy dressing to the nines will almost always have jewelry as a staple. Accessorizing is fun but can also feel complicated, especially when you run out of ideas.

You don’t need to have a wide array of jewelry, for that matter. Start with what you have, as it’s all about learning the tricks of coordination, so your chosen jewelry consistently goes with the outfit you’ve set for the day. You can also buy jewelry in Newport Beach to add to your collection.

This guide gives you a few tried-and-tested tips from fashionistas themselves.

Use A Necklace On Top Of Solid Or Plain Tops

Solid or plain tops call for a lovely necklace. This piece of jewelry can help add a definition to your neckline that’ll make your outfit striking. It works well, particularly if you’re apprehensive about wearing the right jewelry. There’s no need to overthink things when you already have a plain top as the canvas for your jewelry piece. Whatever you’ve chosen to wear goes well.

Tone Down If Your Outfit Is Already Loud

This second tip is opposite to the first one. If your outfit is already loud, you can tone down your jewelry choices. Doing so can prevent your look from becoming too distracting and overwhelming. You wouldn’t want too many things going on in your attire unless the occasion or theme calls for it.

‘Loud’ outfits can be characterized as those with many details. Picture out prints, frills, ruffles, pleats, and other intricate designs. Your outfit will lose its sense of coherence and balance when you let your look and jewelry take center stage.

Create Layers

If you’re more of an adventurous fashionista, you won’t have a problem creating layers with your jewelry. It means having multiple bangles or necklaces stacked one above the other. You can also create layers with rings if that's what you fancy. Remember the rule on balance and symmetry when creating layers. If your focus is on your necklaces, keep your wrist bare. If you want to layer hand jewelry, the neck should be bare.

You don’t have to wear your entire jewelry collection out for the day. Give each piece its own time in the spotlight. Layering works, but only as far as not crossing the line of what already looks tacky.


Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Picking jewelry that goes with your outfit doesn’t always mean everything has to be the same color or a coordinating hue. You can always mix and match, particularly if you’re known to dress up in complementary colors.

Creating a fashion-forward look with your everyday attire should be considered an outfit. Don’t be too confined to rules if you like to break them. Again, it’s all about balance.

For instance, start by layering gold and silver pieces together. You can also combine short and long necklaces or big and small bangles. Remember that fashion is also about your personality, including your jewelry choices. But to make the most of your pieces, knowing the best practices for taking care of your jewelry is imperative.

Consider Your Skin Tone

While the goal here is to learn how to choose jewelry for your outfit, this pursuit can’t be complete without going beyond what you’re wearing: your skin tone. It matters a lot, too.

Ideally, before you’ve even shopped for outfits, you’ve already taken the time to choose according to what’s most flattering to your skin tone and body type. The same holds for your jewelry. The same piece of jewelry can look different on certain people, as there’s that varying skin tone factor.

Here are some tips:

  • Yellow gold jewelry pieces compliment best those who have a warm undertone. Combine yellow gold jewelry with garnet, champagne diamonds, and topaz, as these flatter your skin tone the most.
  • Rose gold best suits individuals who have pink and olive undertones. Rose gold is already gorgeous enough on its own. But pink diamonds are a no-fail if you want to level up your look.
  • White gold is perfect for those with bluish or pink undertones. When mixing and matching, you can complete your look with emeralds or blue topaz.
  • Two-tone gold is excellent for individuals with neutral skin tones. There’s no need to worry about not getting it right, as you can play around with various hues of your jewelry. Because a neutral skin tone is the safest, those who fall under this skin tone category have the privilege of playing around with different gemstones for their jewelry piece.

If you’re still unsure about your skin undertone, you can always ask for advice from your jeweler. A good one knows everything about jewelry that matches your skin tone so that they can give you the best insights as you shop.

Consider The Season

Another factor that matters when matching jewelry with your outfit is the season. Dressing for the warm weather isn’t as much of a problem as when the temperature starts to drop. But just because the weather is gloomy doesn’t mean your look should be, too. Be that woman who still shines and looks great, no matter what.

A turtleneck is almost always a wardrobe staple during winter or fall. When you’re wearing one, finding what jewelry pieces suit it best can be tricky. A good rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Wear jewelry, but this isn’t the way to go all out. It’s enough that you have layers and layers of clothes with you.

Stud earrings and small necklaces now earn their right in your outfit this season. It’s plain and easy to wear, but still a lot better than not having any jewelry.

Step Out To A More Fashionable You

With the tips above, accessorizing jewelry should now be more fun than stressful. Those not used to it may feel that choosing and wearing the right jewelry is more complicated than it sounds. Don’t let that notion stop you from layering in your favorite pieces. This newfound confidence in styling jewelry should encourage you to invest more in those lasting pieces. Your jewelry should be an extension of your personality.

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