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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

4 Benefits of Fasting You Need to Know

The concept of intermittent fasting has absolutely blown up on the internet over the last few years, gaining almost a cult following. However, fasting in itself is more than just a diet trend. In fact, it has countless benefits for the human body and brain.

In this article, we’ll delve into some of the wonderful things that fasting can do for you if implemented correctly and safely.

 Image by A M Hasan Nasim from Pixabay

Weight Loss and Metabolic Health

One of the largest and most widely known benefits of fasting is how it can aid in weight loss. Limiting your eating window during the day can help you to easily reduce your caloric intake, improve your metabolism, and shed a few pounds.

A lot of people worry about not being able to have their cup of joe in the morning if they’re fasting, but you can click here to learn how to work around that problem. Many studies have shown that a fasting lifestyle can help even severely obese people get to a healthy body weight and even maintain that weight loss long-term without having to cut carbs, go vegan, or go too hard on the exercise routine.

Improved Insulin Sensitivity and Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Beyond weight loss and weight management, fasting has some other wonderful benefits for our physical health. One of these is the lowered risk of diabetes, thanks to improved insulin sensitivity.

Fasting can help reduce blood sugar levels, and has been known to particularly assist those diagnosed with prediabetes to get their health back on track and lower their risk of developing Type 2. While fasting can be difficult to implement into your lifestyle, it can be well worth it for those struggling with their insulin.

Enhanced Brain Function and Mental Clarity

Fasting is an incredibly physical act, but it has an intense impact on our minds as well, and it’s been known to improve brain function and mental clarity.

Yup, cognitive benefits are part of this package deal as well. Many avid fasters have reported improved concentration and mental clarity throughout the day. This could come down to a lot of factors, such as the fact that fasting stimulates the production of ketones, which act as an energy source for our neurons. Regardless of the reasons, feeling mentally stronger and more capable is something we’d all like in our lives.

Reduced Inflammation and Better Immune Function

Finally, fasting can also assist in reducing inflammation and help enhance our immune systems. Scientists have found that fasting leads to increased levels of a chemical called arachidonic acid which is known to inhibit inflammation.

 Less inflammation means improved gut health, and a stronger immune system to fight off colds, flus, and other illnesses and diseases we don’t want. Many people have also reported that fasting has helped them recovery quicker in the gym, as well as from injuries, which is likely due to the reduction in inflammation as well. All in all, a great plus point for this lifestyle habit!

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