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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Give Me MOR and (Maybe A Little Less)

MOR is an Australian company that is known for their luxurious beauty products. I first heard about them, two years ago on Twitter. They were tweeting about their Marshmallow Collection and of course (you guys know me) that peaked my interest. I looked into it, but never bought anything because most of their Marshmallow Collection was sold out. Well for my birthday, a family member purchased several of their products for me. So here is my review and thoughts.

VERY IMPORTANT: When picking a scent from MOR, don't think FOOD scents. They are NOT! Think FLORAL and READ the product's FRAGRANCE notes. I can't stress this enough. 
Sweet-Bittersweet-Not Sweet

Marshmallow Collection Overview

If you're a fan of rose & floral scents, you will like these. This collection does NOT have a marshmallow scent. When you really think about it, how would a marshmallow smell? We know the taste of them. We know how they feel. But honestly a marshmallow is borderline transparent besides the sugar. HaHaHa I agree partly with the description MOR gives: "sugar dipped rose petal" scent. I would disregard the cotton candy part. It's mainly rose & sugar with a touch of jasmine & carnation.


Marshmallow Sugar Body Scrub
Super Sweet

The scent of this scrub is very soft (even softer than described above). As you can see from the gif, the consistency is thick like honey and there are sugar granules within. I was really worried this would be heavy & sticky on my skin and leave my bath water oily & greasy. It did not!!! I was shocked! It exfoliates the skin extremely well. It was soothing to my skin. It rinsed clean and did not leave a residue. Truly amazing! This was one of my favorite products out of the collection. It's definitely a scrub/polisher. It leaves your skin very smooth. It's not a moisturizer! So keep that in mind. I like it, because I can apply my favorite lotion afterwards, without the two products competing. The only thing I would suggest is to use a plastic spoon to scoop this out. You don't want to cross contaminate the contents in the jar with anything else.

Marshmallow Triple Milled Soap
The scent of this soap is very soft (as described above). The paper packaging of the soap is exquisite. It's a beautiful floral print. Gorgeous ribbon tie. Upon opening it, the bar is beautifully imprinted on BOTH sides. It's gorgeous. This would be a wonderful gift to give someone (bridal, housewarming party etc). This soap is a solid weight, lathers fabulously and it felt very good to my skin. I really liked it. It rinsed cleanly.

Marshmallow Hand & Body Wash
This scent really doesn't come "alive" until you start mixing it with water. If you unscrew the cap and sniff, you would be like...HUH?...what scent? It lathers well. The scent is very soft. Your skin feels good after it rinses. It rinses clean. There's just no bells or whistles. Save your money, buy the soap above if you really want the Marshmallow Collection and buy the milk (lotion) below. That's my two cents.

Marshmallow Hand & Body Milk
THIS is the marshmallow you guys! It's creamy! It's smooth! It feels good to the skin. Is it the best lotion I've ever had? No! But it's nice, will leave your hands soft and your nose will love the scent. It makes you smile. 

Candied Vanilla Almond Soap
Super Sweet
Out of all the scents I tried, I liked this one the best. It had more oomph to it then the marshmallow, yet it was still soft. If I were to buy an entire collection from MOR, this scent would be it. It's sugar, vanilla and almond with a twist. MOR did a great job with this scent. It's imprinted the same as the marshmallow soap bar pictured above. The paper wrapped around it, is a lovely cream & gold with gorgeous black ribbon.

Black Cherry Plum Soap
This scent is a little heavy. It's a nice scent, but it definitely plays more into the red currant & musk scents. It's Fall! It's Winter! I think I would appreciate it more if it was colder here. The paper around it, is gorgeous! Rich purples & golds and a fabulous black ribbon & seal.

Belladonna Soapette

Think of someone holding 2 powder puffs with LOTS of powder on it and banging them together in front of your face. *cough* *cough* I'm girly, but this is girly and PINK to the max! The scent is a little overwhelming. Love the little tin it comes in. The top lid opens to reveal fabulous paper and soap within.

Blood Orange Soapette

Nice scent. It's definitely jasmine, rose and lily. I do love the little tin it comes in. Just as described in the Belladonna description. It's the perfect little hand soap. I would put this out along with other MOR products in the guest bathroom in a little basket. Your house guests will love it.

Sorbet Lip Macaron
When I think of sorbet, I think fruity. When I think of a macaron, I think sweet. Well, this scent was neither. LOL It feels waxy when you apply it. It definitely moisturizes your lips, so that's why I gave it a Bittersweet rating. However, it doesn't feel good on the lips. I'm going to use this at night when I'm sleeping. The tin it comes in is really cute! If anyone else, has tried the other scents please let me know your thoughts. But at $10 a pop, I can find much better lip balms that smell and even taste better. 

My Final Word: MOR's products are luxuriously packaged. Their products (except for that sorbet lip macaron) are really good. It's their scents that REALLY threw me off (and that's why I rated some of their products so low). BEFORE purchasing anything, I would definitely go over the fragrance notes for the product you're interested in. If I had to recommend anything, I would go with the candied vanilla almond. Have you tried MOR?


Unknown said...

Oh man! Such a pity that sorbet lip macaron wasn't up to scratch because it looks and sounds like the bees knees! Great in depth review - thanks Kim!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

They look wonderful...shame some of them didn't live up to expectations. They sound wonderful though. Am glad some of them were awesome though. Fantastic review darling...I hope you have a fabulous day xx

Mica said...

Haven't tried any of their products before, but as usual loved reading your reviews! The lip balm looks so nice, shame it doesn't feel good on your lips as it's such a cute tin! Like you said, lovely packaging on everything! :)

Away From The Blue

miss b said...

A very detailed and helpful review, Kim. The packaging is luxurious and these are great ideas for gifts. I was disappointed to hear that the lip balm was not so effective because the tins are so cute (and you know about my macarons obsession!)

Carole Poirot said...

I love their products but have to admit that it's mainly down to the beautiful packaging. I'm forever thinking of purchasing something just for display purposes ;-) Amazing how much work you put into your reviews! Have a lovely day xo

Cee said...

I've had the same experience with MOR - when I see it in a store, the packaging is so pretty, it immediately pulls me in... but when I smell the products, I'm thrown off, because what they call marshmallow smells like roses and, well, you know ere it goes from there :) I would love to try some of the soaps, though; they look lovely and sound like they work magic, too, which is always what I'm looking for. Thanks for the great reviews as always, Kim!

Heather said...

That marshmallow body scrub sounds good enough to eat!

Pearls & Paws


I love their products, I've only tried the soap after a friend told me about Dermstrore, which I love. The products are very nice. xxGreat post! /Madison

Coco said...

Thank you for this useful review Kim! It's a pity that the fragrances are disappointing (I don't like floral fragrances), because they look amazing!! There are a couple of brands in Italy (Pupa and Aquolina) that produce bath soap, body lotions and sprays so similar to the food they are named after that you would gorge them down. Do you know gianduia chocolate? It's one of my faves!! Lots of love hun :-)

Ichraq said...

I love how they look! i mean the packaging is great but i'm not sure if i would use any! thank you for your detailed review, it seems like you put so much efforts into it! :)

Project Curve said...

this review reminds me of a bengali film quote..."mondo bhaloye jibon kete jaye"..which means roughly translated - life goes on with a mix of bittersweet things..

Tales of Whimsy said...

This stuff looks good enough to eat.

TheTinyHeart said...

That is weird that they call it marshmallow but it smells like roses! The packing is so pretty on all the products. Thanks for the honest reviews (as always)!

The Tiny Heart

Sam said...

This is the first time I've heard for MOR and I am absolutely enamored by the pretty packaging and description of lovely scents. Thanks for sharing, I need to research this brand and hope for its exportation here to SA

Jenny / Rocknrollerr said...

this stuff looks so lovely. I would eat it haha

X Jenny

bridechic said...

Love their packaging. It reminds me of something you'd find bak in the 1940s

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I love the packaging of their products but the only thing I've ever tried is their candles which I do love. I really want to try that Marshmallow Sugar Body Scrub since you rated it super sweet :) Thanks for the review Kim!

Rowena @ rolala loves

Vett Vandiver said...

that soap is so pretty! thanks for the reviews - great as always, I love following your blog :)

MaysaAndSunshine said...

My goodness Kim, i am sold just by hearing the name of this collection!! These stuff soubd so decadent and divine. I will want to eat them while taking a shower. Wonderful reviews Kim, you always find great stuff. I rely on your opinion these days because i am way too lazy. You are a beauty (life) saver!!

Thank you for your kind comment, Kim. You ignited some great ideas for me to write more posts :)

Always Maylee said...

I've never tried MOR before. Their packaging really is beautiful. Too bad some of the scents didn't live up to expectations!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Jacqueline said...

Aw I am kind of disappointed about the lip macaroons, I really wanted to try them. But I take my lip balm seriously and it has to feel good! Thanks for the reviews!


Sara said...

Bummer about a few of these, but that scrub! It just looks like something that I need!

The Dragonfruit said...

Haha wow, that's tricky! I would be confused about the scents too, but overall, glad they turned out to be of good quality!
Also, thanks for the advise on CG. I'm still playing hard to get ;)
Haha, at least, I'm trying. He's making it tough...sigh
But nope, I'm staying strong! I need to know him better before I can really open up to him anyway.

Trendy Teal

Barbara von Enger said...

Some things are wrapped beautifully but doesn not meet expectations. Love the sound of plum soap;)

Oh to Be a Muse said...

I love your rating system. And I think I'd be all over that vanilla almond soap (in body wash form).

welldressedmaker said...

i have never tried MOR but all these products look amazing, kim! I actually really love the scent of marshmallows and marshmallow root, so oh em gee, i need to seek these out! also, the packaging is delightful!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights

Susan Pellegrinelli said...

Happy birthday even not on time! I see you had a very sweet day, SO you! ahaahahh:) These products you received seem really good!!

Susan Pellegrinelli said...

Happy birthday even not on time! I see you had a very sweet day, SO you! ahaahahh:) These products you received seem really good!!

Jo said...

Hey Kim, I haven't heard of Mor but it sure is pretty. Such beautiful packaging and I'd love to test it out one day. Have a fabulous day!

xo Jo

meghan silva said...

Great review , I must say I adore the packaging.

xo Meg<3

Meghan Silva's Blog

LyddieGal said...

I would really love to try the almond soap, it sounds amazing.
Chic on the Cheap

S said...

one of my fave local brands here kim ;) glasshouse fragrances is another x

steph /

aki! said...

I think their soaps look so luxurious. I'd just admire them.

7% Solution​

little luxury list said...

They sound delicious and I love the packaging! Yummy review ;)

Chic 'n Cheap Living

oomph. said...

i never even heard of this brand! i definitely love the packaging, tho...something pretty to leave out on your vanity. nice reviews, kim!

Unknown said...

Anothe great review Kim. This is my first time hearing of them!! You always tell me abut cool stuff so I trust your opinion!! I am off to check them out!!

Unknown said...

I come here and learn something new every single time! Great review Kim. I have never heard of this brand before. I did like their packaging. The vanilla almond is definitely the one I would go for. :)

have a great wknd!

Unknown said...

Kim I love all the packaging... I think that's why we both love this stuff. Im a MAJOR pretty soap and candle collector. I often keep bars of soap in my drawers and closet and pretty much everywhere and when I find newer ones to love I use the old ones in the bathroom and shower. These look AMAZING. I want I want. Where are they available? also, kinda random, have you tried the marshmallow liquor yet?


Irene said...

That's a real birthday treat!
All products look so luxurious,I'd like to try them all. Specially the lip balm, as I love all sort of lip balms, until I read your review. Pity, it looked sooooo lovely!

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