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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Benefit Dew The Hoola Review & Swatches

It's Sample Sunday :) Benefit has released a plethora of Hoola products this year! I kept seeing them on social media, but never took them all in. So let me break it down for you! There's Hoola matte bronzer in a box (bronzing powder), that I love (reviewed here) and we all know! You can now PERSONALIZE the Hoola boxed matte bronzer with your name (about $5 more) AND there's now a TRAVEL-SIZE mini version of it! What else is NEW? If you don't particularly care for powder bronzers, Benefit has come out with LIQUID VERSIONS! There's now a liquid Hoola for your BODY (hoola zero tan lines) and a liquid Hoola for your FACE (dew the hoola - liquid bronzer)! There's also a new Hoola bronzing and contouring brush! And don't forget about the Hoola ultra plush lip gloss! It's not new ;)

I received a deluxe sample of DEW THE HOOLA for your face (via an order I placed with Sephora) and (how can I say this) I don't like it (LOL). I found it to be different from the powder. Shockingly, it has a tinge of orange in it, which is never good. In the pictures below, you can't see it (except maybe my hand) ... but get a sample of this and go into the light (or sunlight). You'll see the difference. The powder Hoola, was very brown and natural-looking. So I was disappointed in this (I don't know this blogger, but she said it was ORANGE also). Dew The Hoola applies ok, but can get streaky. If you miss a spot, it will show. Another problem, is the coverage. It's a little too light for my taste. I prefer the powder (see here), because I can build more & faster. So all in all I wasn't impressed. I did Google some pics of people wearing this and some look a little orange. LOL It is time for my eye exam, but I can't use or recommend this. I was about to give it a good rating, until I stepped into the light! I was like, OH NO! So do the light test people (both natural & fluorescent)! Remember to get samples...try it in the store...don't be afraid to step outside to see how it looks...tanners & bronzers can be really tricky. Companies spend top dollar on promoting these collections/campaigns! Benefit sent a huge group of YouTubers to Hawaii to learn about and promote Hoola. It's been on Snapchat for days! Some of them will not tell you about a tinge of orange anything! LOL But in my Prince voice..."I'm here to tell ya...there's something else" ...ORANGE! >.<

(before with no makeup; after with one layer of dew the hoola and nothing else)

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
Benefit's Dew The Hoola is Not Sweet


Nerline Germain said...

Hi Kim, I cannot really see the orange on the face, but if you're are disappointed, I'm sure it's not worth my money! Happy weekend!!

Mica T said...

I can't really see the orange on your face but I can see it a little on the back of your hand - such a shame as the powder works well for you. At least it was just a sample and you didn't buy a huge container of it, haha!

Oh, and if if they had sent you to Hawaii you'd still share about the orange tint - you're honest :)

Away From The Blue Blog

MITCH said...

Too bad there's a tinge of orange :( I personally like this type of bronzer and find it so easy to use.

P.S: Join my pre-Spring giveaway and win a pair of sunglasses of your choice.

Oh Dear Bumblebees

Jackie Harrison said...

I like the packaging but I like you who want to wear orange try it with a hoola bronzer on your cheeks see if that help. Great review very detail and helpful.

Diva Desle said...

I love the hoola girl. She is so cute. Eeeek the orange bronze look is the worst. I don't like wearing bronzers because I am always scared I'm going to look unnatural. Thank you for the honest review Kim. Xxx

little luxury list said...

Oh my, that's disappointing! I can't tell the orange from the picture, but it's good that you remind us to step into different lights to really test out a product!

little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

Christine K said...

I completely agree - always pick up a sample before hand! I love Sephora in that sense, they actually provide a decent amount of samples for you to test!


Samantha Mariko said...

orange bronzers are never good.. makeup is always difficult in general because it looks different in different lighting situations ><

Adria said...

The packaging of this product looks great, though bronzers are not really my go-to! Thanks for the review!

Keisha Ramsay said...

I totally love the packaging! What a shame that it didn't suit your skin tone at all, I so agree about the importance of stepping out in the light and or taking a sample to try first.

Fab review Kim!

Keisha xo
The Chrysalis Gal

Miss Val's Creations said...

Orange is definitely not a good thing when it comes to the skin! They came up with such a cute product name. That is too bad it is not good quality.

Emmylou MW said...

Your reviews of stuff you don't love as much always make me LOLZ....thanks for your honestly, Kim, and for the heads up on this. I'm also a huge fan of the original Hoola.:)

Ashley Sue said...

Too bad this didn't work Kim! I love the box powder of hoola! I haven't seen any reviews on this yet but since products look orange easily on my anyways I'll definitely stay away!

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Benefit products always have such cute names. It's shame this bronzer was orangey and streaky. Good thing it was a free sample. Thanks for another honest review Kim!

Pamela RG said...

What I like about Benefit is their packaging because it is so colourful and fun. Too bad you didn't like this one. It actually looks natural on you for a bronzer.

Alyssa Monique Bustillo said...

Totally glad that you reviewed this one, they did a good campaign yet it has flaws, now I ain't ever buying that one.

~ Styleccentric Fashion' | BLOGLOVIN

xo, Alyssa

Kizzy Von Doll said...

Thanks for this review doll! I can see that it does what these things do sometimes on me, gives me little streaks instead of a full good coverage. Not nice. So, I understand you not liking this, always disappointing. Thanks for being honest as always xx


The packaging is adorable, but what a pity about the product. Orange is not cool. I can see the difference on your hand. I totally get it though, for me it's often tough because I have yellow undertones, so a lot of makeup is usually too orange. Thanks for the review Kim.
Lebanese & Travelling Gourmet

Lily A. said...

I've seen that a few people don't like it. The packaging is so cute though...I hate when products disappoint. Good thing it was a sample!
xo, Lily
Beauty With Lily

Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

I guess they are just letting the name work for them since some of the first things were good. Thanks for an honest review, Kim! x

Lauren Carter said...

Nobody wants to be orange, so thank you for the honest review! I do like the powder version, but I'm not sure I would like a liquid bronzer in general. You can use your Prince voice whenever you want! lol

Shireen L. Platt said...

So far I've stuck to only powder bronzer, no liquid or cream for me yet because they scare me. Thank you for the review, Kim, I think you just save lots of us a bunch of $$$.

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

Rebeca Muñoz López said...

Well, I'm not a user of self-tanning products I as during the sunny months I tan quickly, so I do not need to apply any of these products, and the samples do not have a good finish. Kisses Kim!

jo said...

You're right Kim, it doesn't sound like a promising product. Lucky, you got it for free! You must be super busy with the renovations cuz I thought I'd see your wrap-up on the Oscars gowns. Did you watch it last night?

xo Jo


Cee said...

A good bronzer is hard to find and, sadly, it looks like this isn't a good one - there is definitely tinge of orange to it. Thanks for an honest review!

The HYGGE Journal said...

Thanks for the honest review Kim :-) Hope you are enjoying the beginning of Spring - hope it's warmer where you are :)
A xxx

Lorena said...

I cannot see the orange you mention ... however a hint of orange on my face and I'll run the other direction.

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