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Friday, January 12, 2018

The Best Curling Tongs Available

Women who curl their hair (and straighten it) will want to have a high-quality pair of curling tongs. Therefore, it is important to know what the best products are prior to investing. Not only to avoid spending too much on low-quality curling tongs, but also to know what features you are going to get, for the price you will pay when purchasing. Sometimes you might want to know what the cheapest product is, or the best value for money curling tongs.

GHD Curve Soft – These tongs have a 32-mm barrel. A protective cool tip prevents burning/injury, and a safe place to keep the rest of your hair while curling it.

Remington Keratin Pro – This reaches temperatures up to 210 degrees F, has a cool-touch feature, and it features an auto-shut-off so it will turn off (after 1-hour) to avoid burning/fire threats. A ceramic barrel also won’t get damaged or overheat after several uses.

Bosch Pro Salon – For an affordable price you can get a great set of curling tongs. It has nine-temperature settings, and it is intended for thick-hair users, so you can find a setting for any hair-type. It also has auto-shut-off features.

Toni & Guy – For those who want to add volume to their look, this is the curling tong you want to invest in. An all-ceramic finish is durable and won’t burn or overheat with use.

There are several curling tongs you can purchase, at nearly any price point. Regardless of what you are looking for, these are a few of the best products available (for any budget), and for any hair type (or hairdo) you would like to pull off, when you are curling your hair.

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Natalya Amour said...

I have one that's not on your list the Glampalm and I absolutely love it!

Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

Emmylou said...

I don't really use a curling tong much but would love to get a good one to use for my DD. I think that GHD one sounds good....I've had the brand's straightener and that thing's been going for more than 10 years now, Kim!

Jo said...

Did I ever tell you I look horrible in curls? LOL

xo Jo

Nina Kobi said...

Sounds amazing. Since I have naturally curly hair, I will probably never need but for those who want to have curls, will be great. Happy Saturday.

Nina's Style Blog

Diva Desle said...

I have a curling tong but I never use it. I actually curl my hair using heatless styles and sleep with it. I like curling tongs for a more defined curl though.

Tanya Dufour said...

I have never heard of the term curling tongs before but the GHD brand is really good!

Anonymous said...

Good curling irons can be hard to find, It was a nice idea to include various price points for people to consider.

Unknown said...

I think the only one I’ve heard of are the GHD ones! I totally think having great quality curling tools make a huge difference though!

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