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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Vitabath Fragrance Collection: In Bloom

Who's ready for Spring!?! 

I've been reading everyone's blog posts and I think we're all in consensus that Spring can't arrive soon enough for us. HaHaHa

Well, while Mother Nature is trying to make up her mind (everyday the weather is different), Vitabath sent me samples of their NEW "In Bloom" Fragrance Collection. It is divine. It's a mix of exotic and flirty florals, plus subtle hints of sea breeze. Vitabath body washes are sulfate and paraben free. They also contain a blend of Vitamins A, B3, B5, C and E.

The collection is offered in four perfectly floral scents for Spring: Beach Blossom, Nouveau Rose, Ivy & Lily and Asian Orchid & Coconut. Each bottle is only $9.99 each. So trying each scent is very affordable. 
See below for a description of each 
and a Giveaway!
Nouveau Rose 
with Evening Primrose Oil
Beach Blossom 
with Passion Flower Extract

Asian Orchid & Coconut 
with Angelica Extract

Ivy & Lily 
with Chamomile Extract

The Vitabath Fragrance Collection is available from and national retailers including Bed Bath & Beyond, ULTA Beauty, Harmon Drugs, Ricky's, Fred Meyer, AAFES and Stages stores, for as low as $9.99.

Samples that Vitabath sent me! Thank You Vitabath! Both smell and feel wonderful!

Enter to WIN (1) 12fl oz of Vitabath from the In Bloom Collection:
Must be a US Resident
1. Follow A Very Sweet Blog via GFC (see side bar)
2. Tell me what scent you would like from the collection
( Beach Blossom, Nouveau Rose, Ivy & Lily or Asian Orchid & Coconut)
3. Incorporate your win in a blog post

For extra entries: 
4. Like Vitabath on Facebook
5. Follow Vitabath on Twitter

All entries must be received by 9pm CST 3/11/12
The winner will be announced in Monday's Blog Post 3/12/12
*This giveaway is sponsored by Vitabath and A Very Sweet Blog
 The winner of the Sharp Hill Design George iPad/Tablet Sleeve is 
Tiffany of Breakfast with Tiffany

Congratulations Tiffany and remember to do a blog post about it when you get it!
Look for an email from me!
A BIG Thank You to Kate for supplying this lovely giveaway!
The winner of the t+j Designs statement necklace is 
Cheryl of Oh To Be A Muse
Congratulations Cheryl and remember to do a blog post about it when you get it!
Look for an email from me!
Whew! All of these giveaways have worn me out, I think I'll sign off (well you know I'm going to read your posts ;) until Monday!
Have a Fabulous Weekend Everybody and Be Sweet!


  1. these sound yummy smelling, i would drove to try these out

  2. Really great blog. I am following you. Please follow back :-)

  3. I'd love to win the Beach Blossom scent (since I live at the beach, hehe). :)


  4. yay! so happy i won that awesome necklace. will definitely incorporate it into an outfit post.

  5. Oh I'm so ready for Spring! It's in the 60's in NYC today :) You always have the most amazing giveaways! I'm in and I'd love to win the Asian Orchid & Coconut. I already follow you on GFC and I just followed Vitabath on Twitter and liked them on Facebook. Thanks Kim! Have a great weekend! Congrats to the winners!

    rolala loves

  6. Good luck to everybody! Thouse Viatabath scents sound great! <3<3

  7. I'm already following and I'd love to try the Asian Orchid and Coconut!

  8. It all sounds heavenly--I could go for a long hot soak right now! Fingers crossed!

    xo Mary Jo

  9. I absolutely LOVE the body wash I won from them last time. I'm going to have to enter again :)

    I follow you on GFC.
    I like the Asian Orchid & Coconut scent.

  10. GFC follower - oomph
    would love the asian orchid & coconut!


  11. Girl!! You and your giveaways are pretty amazing!! I'm so excited that I won the Ipad cover! =)

  12. This looks like the perfect get ready for Spring product - great "flavors"! And yes, Spring... are you here yet!???


  13. I was just thinking the other day that you are the Giveaway Queen! I have seen these and it sounds like a great product.


  14. Count me in! I think I would like the beach blossom one best. I have a soft spot for passion fruit. ;)

    I also wanted to go back to our conversation from the other day. I'm horrified that you thought I didn't like you anymore!! That makes me mad at myself, actually. I should have paid more attention. :S Something else too, I swear I thought I was following you a while back, but then you disappeared?? And now I had to follow you again...I'm so confused. Lol. So maybe that had something to do with it. You probably just disappeared off my radar. I have no explanation for that. I'm sorry.

    I'm adding you to my sidebar, simply because I don't want to lose touch with you again!! I'll be here more often! I also like you on facebook, so if you want to add me as a friend, feel free. I'm Jenny Benny. xoxo

  15. how exciting! the lily and ivy one or beach blossom sounds delish!!! what wonderful giveaways!

  16. They look lovely Kim, and I bet they smell amazing too :)

  17. enter me, please!! :D
    i love bath & body goodies like this!!!

    *i follow you on GFC
    *i'd like to try the Asian Orchid scent. (white orchid is my favorite flower although asian orchid is much smaller.)
    *will do a post if i am the lucky winner!
    *liked Vitabath on FB

    you're right. you've been hosting many awesome giveaways for the past weeks. we readers appreciate it! :)

  18. asian orchid please!!
    i will do a post hunny
    thanks for the giveaway girl.. these look so pretty

  19. Sad I didn't win, but congrats to those who did. Oooh spring scented bath products. What's not to love?

  20. Great giveaway! The coconut one sounds amazing.


  21. interesting products! have never heard of this brand. so sweet of u to hold so many giveaways :D

  22. Big fat boo that I can't particpate but I am soooo excited for Spring!
    Have a great weekend Kim!

  23. So sad I can't participate in this giveaway, the products look amazing and sound like they smell divine! Have a great weekend hun!

  24. wow seing their packages i can imagine how good it smells in real life.

  25. Wonderful, they look fab!! Have a great weekend doll!! xx

  26. so excited!!! i would like Asian Orchid & Coconut!

    liked on FB & Twitter..

    happy weekend dear,

  27. have a good wknd.
    yes, im ready for spring!!

  28. I'm the same! I cannot wait for Spring!! :)

    Would love to enter your give-aways but I sadly live in the Uk so I can't :(


  29. Lovely products. Wish I am US citizen. Congrats to Tiffany!


  30. the beach blossom sounds awesome - it gets great reviews on too!

  31. Sounds lovely smelling!

    Congrats to the lucky winners!

    The Urban Umbrella

  32. Wow these sound yummy! Please enter me. for the Orchid Coconut scent.

    I follow you on GFC


  33. I just saw this on tv this morning! I would choose Beach Blossom.

  34. i am a huge fan of vitabath products. let me figure out how i'll incorporate this in my blog before i enter. :) btw, congrats to the winners of your many fabulous giveaways! happy friday, kim!

  35. The colors alone cheered me up. I hope they smell as good as they look.


  36. have a great weekend! Shame I'm not US resident so can't enter, they sound great! :)

  37. Thanks for your sweet comment and thanks for hosting such a wonderful giveaway! They all must be wonderful but I think Ivy and Lily must smell heavenly!!

  38. The colors definitely looks tempting! =)

  39. Great giveaway! I would definitely want the beach blossom, sounds phenomenal!

    xo Gillie

  40. Would love to try Nouveau Rose :)

    I have Beach Blossom and adore it ! So I can only imagine that I would love Nouveau Rose too.
    So happy to have found this blog !

  41. i don't know how you are keeping up with all these amazing giveaways!phew!!
    i tagged you in this post..let me know if you do it

  42. I'm so ready for spring, it isn't even funny! Great job with the giveaway!

    [your everyday girl,
    writing about guys]

  43. I love spring. what a great giveaway. these sound amazing. Hope you're having a lovely weekend! -xo

  44. just looking those bottles i can smell the freshness and spring perfumes!!!! i hope i can win :)
    hope you had a wonderful weekend Kim!!!
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  45. They seem to me like they smell so yummy:) The bottles are so cute too:)

  46. I am already following you sweet blog via GFC! If I win, I would like to get Nouveau Rose please:-)Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
    Let's Twitter Together
    Friend and Fan on Facebook

  47. I would love to have Asian Orchid&Coconut one! I already follow you :), and if I win, I will so brag about it on my blog!!! Hahaha :)
    Good luck!

  48. Oh man I'm like 5 minutes too late to enter! I'm a follower and I would have love Beach Blossom! Have a wonderful evening!

  49. Yay! Congrats to your giveaway winners. If I took baths, I would totally enter this giveaway. <3

  50. Oh goodness, I didn't know Vitabath was still around. My mom used their products all the time when I was a kid. I love the look and sound of the different products. I cannot wait for spring!

  51. I can't wait until spring... lucky these bubble baths will almost recreate it with all those gorgeous floral scents! Hope you had a fab weekend!

  52. Yayness congrats to the winners! The pieces look absolutely darling ^_^


  53. Lovely post!!!



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