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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Harper's Bazaar: Gwen Stefani Wants Us to THINK PINK!

When you can rock RED, you can rock ANY color! At least that's my philosophy. HaHaHa Gwen Stefani, my favorite FUN always-wearin'-red-lipstick-girl, wants us to THINK PINK and is showing off her Pretty In Pink side with a mix-of-black and also her signature red lipstick. She is the 2012 September cover girl of Harper's Bazaar magazine (US).

Who's a fan? I've followed Gwen through her No Doubt "Don't Speak" days to "If I Was A Rich Girl" to "Keep On Dancin" etc.

Photographed by Terry Richardson, she is rockin' the frocks and I must say the hair-DO's. Doesn't her messy top bun look like a cupcake with frosting? Ok, maybe I'm just hungry. HaHaHa I want her pink lipstick.  Isn't that the perfect pink? Note to self, find out what brand and color that is. HaHaHa

Ok, back to earth Kim! I have ONE teeny-weeny-itsy-bitsy problem with the editorial. Just one! Didn't they use that same flower hat on Kate Moss in the Vogue editorial for the Ritz Paris? HaHaHa Different material, but talk about recycling within the SAME year! C'mon!

Back to the positives! Gwen even ROCKS a PINK LEATHER dress. I don't think I've ever seen pink leather. HaHaHa Leather is going to be BIG for Fall you guys! Load up on the real thing or the pleather. Just sayin!

So I went to pick up a copy and ummm read my ordeal below. Ok, so it's time for you guys to chime in on this. Whatcha Think of Gwen in Pink!?!

I can't wait to read what you have to say. Enjoy and Have a Great Day!


So for some reason I don't have a subscription to Glamour or Harper's Bazaar! Don't judge these pics, because I hauled ass to Walgreens to pink...I mean PICK them both up. Well they had LOADS of Glamour, but still had Harper's Bazaar with Rihanna on the cover. So I purchased Glamour, and as soon as I flipped the page there was Gwen advertising L'Oreal Preference. Oh well, a little Gwen is better than no Gwen! Maybe if I wait a couple of days, they'll have it. And see, I don't FAKE THE FUNK on here I really do have No Doubt's cd AND Rich Girl! LOL Ol' Skool! :) I had to post the video.

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Thrifted Shift said...

These are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

oomph. said...

Definitely a softer side of Gwen. Still makes a statement, though. It's a great shade of pink lipstick! I loved the whole no doubt era! Still play that CD sometimes!


Anne said...

Great post Kim and I must check out Cara's blog!! You know me I love the foodie tips:) Have a lovely day!

My Bathroom Is My Castle said...

Great impressions Kim! Thank you for sharing.
Will have a look at Cara's blog right now and subscribe.

Have a great and a SWEET day :-) too!

XOXO from Germany.

ShinyPrettyThings said...

omg i love Gwen!! ever since No Doubt hehehe i grew up listening to them. lovely editorial. she's still gorgeous.

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Please don't hate me, but I am not crazy about this ed, mainly because it's been so airbrushed that sort of puts me off... I don't think she needs that level of airbrushing - Gwen is naturally beautiful and it would actually be nice to see a few lines as nature intended.
Oh, by the way, love her Don't Speak single very much, this is when I really noticed her.
I also think you would most likely like her Harajuku Lovers perfumes, if not the smell (they really are for teens if you ask me), but definitely the adorable bottles. :D I had to get one when they first came out. Too sweet to resist.

Have a great day, Kim!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

I love Gwen, I think she's fun and gorgeous!! I think she puts the fun in dressing as well, it's not about trends to her, it's about expression and creativity to her, which I love most :)) I'd wear any of these. Pink hasn't always been a favourite colour, but I have warmed to it a lot over the years. Gorgeous :)) Have a fab day doll!

miss b said...

She certainly suits pink and the long pink dress (the one where she's wearing a hat)is such a beautiful design. I'm popping over to Cara's blog right now - sounds like my kind of read!

ylenia said...

OMG love Gwen! And all the dresses are simply amazing! Thanks For your comment darling, XOXO from London!

Heather said...

I LOVE HER!!!! That black dress with the tulle is my fave... and I'm the same - have followed her since middle school when I wanted to be a little punk rocker just like her :)


Unknown said...

I love Gwen Stefani. She's absolutely gorgeous and is just the perfect mixture of cute & sexy - plus her killer smile. The pink is definitely amazing too!

Mica said...

Lovely pics - hope you can pick up the magazine soon! She really does rock pink - although I'm not sure about that fluffy tiered pink dress the rest look great!


Unknown said...


I love Gwen and I am a big fan of her music and her style is bananas.

I am loving her in the pink. I was going to purchase this mag but I opted out for in style instead oopps.

Thanks for posting the video it brought back sweet memories.

Sarah Hartley said...

I"m not normally a pink fan, but she does look gorgeous. And that last black dress? SWOON!

Amy Aguilera said...

WOW I really like that hair piece! And I actually quite agree with you because red is quite hard to rock! :p
Amy x

Megan said...

Love her! She looks beautiful in these photos.

little luxury list said...

I'm with you and have loved Gwen since the beginning. She always had her own style and can pull off the glam look as well.'

I love "Rich Girl"! If I had all the money in the world...

<a href="http://www.chicncheapliving.com>Chic 'n Cheap Living</a>

Lona-Jasmiin said...

That fluffy pink dress *o*

Nelah said...

I am not used to seeing her in pink but it sure softens her look and make her look sweet and quite ladylike.

Unknown said...

Fab pics - I have a soft spot for Gwen since her No Doubt days. She is such a stunningly beautiful woman.

Unknown said...

Nice post! :)

I'd love if you visited my blog at Missingsparkles.com. It would be fun to follow each other, don't you think? ;)

xoxo, Minna

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Honestly, I love this girl! I've loved her since the '90s. Tragic Kingdom is an amazing album. She looks so fun and flirty in this editorial with the pink lips, but I must say, it's so hard to see her not wearing red lipstick, lol.

LOLA FINN said...

Gwen is so beautiful and talented!!! I love her songs! I have all music cds of her ;)
Very wonderful style! I also think she´s a great creative designer :)
xoxo Lola

Lindsay Lee said...

I LOVE GWEN! I wish my hair looked like hers. I think my favorite part is that she is so glamorous, even when she's dressed very masculine. :)

Style Journey said...

Been following along with Gwen Stefani since No Doubt came out. She was my idol then! It was awesome to see a female lead singer and to kick butt rocking out like that. We went to their concert in the mid 90s and I still wear the No Doubt t-shirt I go there, ha ha! Her style has evolved over the years, which is super cool. Love the photos :) Heather

Unknown said...

i am so happy to see a feature on gwen because i adore her! she looks amazing and she can do no wrong!! i love her hair. you look cute in these pics. :) i'll head on over to check your GP! :)


Dawn said...

Gwen is the bomb...I love how she changed her red lips to pink. Softer and prettier. Have to check you out and give you some love on your guest post...dawn suitcase vinettes xo

Anonymous said...

i looovvve gwen stefani!! I wish i had her eye brows!!! she is one of the sexiest white women i think! :)

Lorena said...

She is beautiful although i have never really given her too much thought, i have to say that she has the whitest armpits ever.

Coco said...

Are you saying "think pink" TO ME? I live pink and dream pink and I'd love that tulip-pink jumpsuit 
I have a gloss from Evagarden which provides that exact shade of pink: it's Joy Gloss n. 73 and I love it. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful pics and for keeping me up-to-date with US editorials.kisses

Jelena Dimić said...

Wow, she's beautiful in pink! :D
I'm following you now. :D If you want, you can find me on: http://the-wandering-heart.blogspot.com
Have a nice day! Hugs and kisses! :*

Anonymous said...

Oh my stars, these shots are so awesome. I just love love love the super coutoure pink/black theme. Gwen really rocks it!

<3 Cambria

Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

I love Gwen and No Doubt. Pink definitely suits her, I remember her "Ex-girlfriend" days when she rocked pink dreads, I loved that look on her.
I hate when my store's magazine selection is behind, which seems to happen more often than not.

Unknown said...

I totally adore Gwen, she is gorgeous and has such a great personal style! I do love her with her usual red lippy but I must say, the pink really suits her - maybe its time to trade in the red for the pink?!!
My fave photo is the one with her hands over her ears, such a great picture!

xoxo Bree
The Urban Umbrella


littlemissandrea said...

It's definitely weird for me to see Gwen in pink! It's so different, and it just felt weird seeing the pictures until her black outfit came out lol. I think I prefer her in her edgier outfits with the darker colours!

Unknown said...

Great post!

Elle Sees said...

ill always remember her wedding dress

Cee said...

The thing that amazes me most about Gwen is how she seems to be becoming more beautiful with age. I don't know how she manages it, but I really hope she'll write a step-by-step guide someday so I can follow in her footsteps ;) She looks absolutely incredible in this editorial!

Angela said...

I so associate her with red but she looks fabulous in pink as well.

MOSAMUSE said...

i LOVE Gwen Stefani!! shes so amazing! I hope u got to see my shout out to you on the margarita bloom post!


Unknown said...

I love Bazaar!!! I miss my subscription and here those mags are double the price...

Head to Toe Chic said...

I love Gwen in pink! I don't think I've seen her wear this color before. She looks amazing!


Lyosha Varezhkina said...

I love the pink dress as well as black leather top! stunning!
Gwen's great gal and I love seeing your face here

Inside and Outside Blog

Project Curve said...

i love her!!!i remember i was in school when she became so huge and i had no money to buy albums..i would spend hours waiting for her songs on the radio and videos on tv...i used to wonder "who are you?are you crazy?are you wonderful?"..i mean i love her!

ftashion said...

She's totally rocking all these pinks! It's amazing how one can look so cool still in pink from head to toe!

Fang Ting

xix said...

Woah, I don't think I've ever seen her in pink before. It's kind of mind-bending. I think I like her more in her darker colors. ^^;
But, of course, she looks fantastic! Kind of reminded me of a life-sized Barbie, except with much better and realistic proportions.

A.satubuana said...

very nice article... thank to share.. i love it.

Jessica said...

ahhh i love her!!!! always have!! she looks freaking great

Borjana said...

Ohhhh how I love this post,honey!;)


I love Gwen! She looks absolutely stunning! That's such a beautiful nude/pink fitted dress.

Unknown said...

LOVE Qwen she is fantastic!


LaJune16 said...

Amaazing blog and I really love it.

Very nice photos :))

follow eachother?



Unknown said...

Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
Material Fixations

Jen ♥ said...

Tragic Kingdom is STILL in my top 10 all-time fave albums. I actually won it in a radio contest. I had never heard of No Doubt at the time but I couldn't stop listening to that cd! She is definitely one of my faves. So is No Doubt for that matter. I love that they're all still so close after all those years - & a huge breakup (Gwen & Tony) - together.

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I love Gwen in pink. She can do no wrong.


Unknown said...

Oooh so so happy that you posted this Kim. So far I have to say Gwen's spread has been my absolute favorite so far of all the September Issues. Her outfits and style is impeccable. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Hope you had a fab weekend sweets. :)



Mighty B said...

You have a lovely blog! I saw your comment on Oh To Be A Muse ad decided to check out your blog.

I love Gwen in pink. It's my favorite color so you can't really go wrong. Gwen's style is usually on point also.


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