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Monday, August 27, 2012

Trends In Romantic Jewelry

When it comes to fashion trends, we tend to see a lot about the fairly traditional elements of fashion: hair, makeup, clothing, etc.

These are pieces of a woman’s style that can change frequently and easily, which means that stores providing these things are constantly updating their collections and putting out new advertisements to help shift fashion.

However, it’s important not to get so caught up in these things that you forget about some of the subtler aspects of fashion. For example, did you know that engagement rings and diamond jewelry also move in trends?

There is a great deal of tradition in these sorts of jewelry, but that doesn’t mean styles can’t change over time.

Here are a few examples...


Perhaps the most noteworthy trend in engagement rings 
is that they are no longer always diamonds.  

Diamond rings are still the traditional options, and are still by far the most popular choices. However, it has become at least slightly more popular for people to use other stones in engagement rings.

One reason for this might be the fact that Princess Kate Middleton’s engagement ring from Prince William was crested with a large blue sapphire. People almost always imitate celebrity trends, and since Princess Kate’ ring became famous, people have been more willing to use alternative stones for engagement rings.

Another popular trend in romantic jewelry 
is the concept of eternity rings. 

Generally appearing as simple bands studded with small diamonds, there are wide selections of beautiful eternity rings at jewelry stores online, and they can be spectacular romantic gifts. There is no established tradition for when such rings should be gifted, but couples are using them for everything from wedding bands to anniversary presents. Because they are known as “eternity” rings, they can be very symbolic with regard to renewing commitment.

Finally, if you are working on selecting an engagement ring,  
you may have noticed that there is actually 
a lot more variety than it seems with these rings. 

It may have always seemed like engagement rings were very simple: just nice bands topped off with diamonds.

In fact, however, customizing a diamond ring involves choosing the thickness of the band, the style of the setting, and shape of the diamond.

And when it comes to many of these features, one popular trend over the last year or so is to go with vintage style.

For example, halo settings (simple circular or ovular settings for diamonds to sit in) topped with circular or ovular shaped diamonds, are very popular, and are seen as somewhat old fashioned, in a stylish and elegant way.

*This post is brought to you by seventy seven diamonds.

What are your thoughts regarding 
trends in romantic jewelry?
Have a shiny and sparkly Monday!


  1. I love to look at different rings. Seventy seven diamonds seem to have some nice rings.

  2. Love rings...I don't usually go for diamonds, I prefer other stones really. But, sometimes I like little diamonds with a different stone for a difference. And I like to make sure the diamonds are properly sourced and not bad, too many places can have ones that weren't sourced responsibly these days. And if I get diamonds, it must be with white gold, love the way it looks together :)))) Happy Monday doll, have a super duper day!! xx

  3. I love this post dear! I find the choice of alternative gemstones very sweet, because it means that behind the choice of the romantic present there is a thorough research and the confidence of knowing your personal taste. (Sometimes I'm not sure my English is understandable, especially on Monday). Over the years (7) I received 2 most cherished gifts from my darling: a necklace and our engagement ring, both of them especially designed for me, and both of them - whereas not precious on paper - uniquely precious to me. Don't get me started on romanticism, because I'll get you diabetes.

  4. There are so many choices in engagement rings! I would have had such a hard time choosing - luckily hubby did all the work and picked the perfect ring to propose with, classic and simple so I know I will always love it :) Was such a big surprise when he proposed!

  5. There are so many beautiful non-traditional bridal sets these days. I love that Kate wears the sapphire. My wedding band is the eternal love knot, simple and dainty. Heather

  6. I have a vintage style engagement ring with a halo setting :) I just love diamonds! Have a great day, Kim!

    The Tiny Heart
    Enter to win a gift card! (Open internationally!)

  7. I am all for not buying "what's in style right now" in regard to romantic jewelry because romantic jewelry, whether it's an engagement ring or a ring to celebrate an anniversary or new baby, etc., as these rings are rings that mean more than "what's in style right now." They will always be looked upon as a personal treasure by the recipient and valued beyond monetary means or passing style. Sometimes white gold is in style and then it's "out of style" and yellow gold or rose gold is "in style" and a few years later, it's platinum or white gold again. I say choose with your heart when it comes to romantic jewelry. Go with what makes you love to look at your finger when remember the meaning behind it. If you have a favorite color of gem, why not choose that in place of a diamond. And I love the idea of eternity rings ... tiny gems encircling a finger ... simply delightful! Thanks for a great and informative post, Kim! Hope you had a lovely weekend! ~xoSandy

    SANDY M Illustration

  8. Thanks for this interesting post..Im not a jewellery person and I'll be walking down the isle very soon..and I'll remember your recommendations.

    best clip in hair extensions

  9. I love eternity rings! I'm hoping to get one for a future anniversary. I love my fingerprint brand, but this girl loves her diamonds too!

  10. I always thought I wanted a single stone ring but when my now-hubby proposed he gave me a 3-diamond ring which I love! Turns out both of our moms had 3 stone rings as well & we didn't even realize it. Engagement rings are so personal.

    Sorry I've been has been crazy!! Hope you're safe & sound with all that Isaac craziness!

  11. Kim, Love these. A girl can never have enough of diamonds! :)

  12. When Brandon and I first started talking about marriage, the most important thing to me was that my ring really reflected me, and that it was something that I hadn't seen on a ton of other girls (the design of the band was much more important to me than the size of the diamond). He took that idea, along with my insane love for vintage and found me the perfect 1929 antique ring. And today we just shopped for our wedding bands. I'll be wearing two very thin plain silver bands on either side of my engagement ring. I definitely didn't want to take away from the beautiful design of my band, so this was the perfect way to highlight it!

  13. I think it's a very individual choice, some people like to break out of the box and try something new as where others like to be more traditional.
    I personally think the saphire is beautiful and personalizing your engagment ring is lovely - though I would like to have something classic that will suit me for years and years to come so I'd prefer the classic beauty of a diamond ring.

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  14. Cool post - I have a halo ring but didn't know till right now that that's what they're called! Thanks Kim! xo

  15. I haven't even started thinking about this! Some are pretty, others are less pretty.... It'll probably be a choice I make with my SO

  16. Kimmy,

    as always I love when you do these type post because I am always learning something new.

    Hopefully one day if I am ever lucky to get engaged it would be non-traditional however traditional is fine with me.

    ps. I enjoyed reading the previous comments as well. I always love to hear other thoughts when it comes to things like this :)

    Happy Monday Prety Girl!!

  17. I always think that trends in romantic jewelry are so interesting, mainly because when I got engaged in 2009, my engagement ring was completely out of left field. It is a large square shame with a green amethyst surrounded by diamonds... So I guess my husband came up with the idea before Prince Williams ;) Interestingly enough, people still don't always recognise it as an engagement ring. I have a feeling that's going to start changing soon, and a lot less newly engaged women will be wearing diamond solitaires!

  18. I have a pink sapphire engagement ring and am all about colored stones!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  19. The eternity bands are so beautiful! I can't wait to get engaged and get a beautiful ring!


  20. These rings by Seventy Seven are lovely. I haven't really followed trends when it comes to fine jewellery, since I've always loved romantic style jewellery. Perhaps for my engagement ring I will get an alternative stone though.

  21. I love the rings you've shown here! I hope you're having a great week!

  22. Some pretty options indeed. I'm sure its a matter of personal taste so some of these trends may be classics. Ah the romance of it all....:)



  23. I guess I never really thought about this, Kim! But I'm not surprised...there really are no fashion rules anymore, so there should be some leeway when it comes to fine jewelry, too.


  24. This is such an interesting topic Kim. I love a romantic vintage or vintage inspired ring but I think simple is probably my favorite, the classic band with a square cut stone. What do you favor?

    xo Mary Jo

  25. My favourite engagement ring is"oui" by Dior. you can just look it up on google. I hope I will be proposed with that <3 I like those one you mentioned as well.
    Followed you via GFC.
    kisses <3

  26. I'm amazed by the variety of engagement rings these days although I have to say I'm still a fan of the traditional solitaire. Having said that, I love the ones with the tiny diamonds on the bands and some of the more unusual cuts too.

  27. I like the untraditional choices I've seen lately as far as engagement rings, but I'm not sure I could commit to a blue or yellow stone. I think a more classic choice for something you will wear every day is more appropriate and timeless.

  28. LOVE this post Kim! And you are spot on. I have so many girlfriends who are recently engaged and nearly all of them are choosing a ring style and stone other than a diamond. Another "trend" I see is forgoing a wedding band altogether and just doing 1 ring. The hubs and I did this and it's perfect for me (now I only have 1 thing to lose!)
    XO - Marion

  29. I'm traitional! Diamonds are a girl's best friend . . .
    oxoxo from San Francisco

  30. Personally, I've never really been into diamonds. That's why I've always thought that I would like an engagement ring with pearls instead. :) Oh! And white gold!

  31. i want to buy my 1st diamond on my own..i associate diamonds with power..i love the princesss cut diamond!

  32. gosh, i do love romantic jewelry. i haven't worn my wedding ring lately because i've been pregnant a lot and i'm constantly around the kiddos. i really do like the idea of non-diamond wedding rings too!

  33. i love these rings, they are all really pretty! i'd love to have a really simple ring if i'm going to be wearing one all the time, maybe something in white gold, non diamond ones are fine as well! i love black stones, black diamonds are way too expensive so perhaps a smoky quartz or onyx, for me the value lies in the significance rather than the stone since i tend to lose my rings all the time.. eep!

    steph /


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