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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


When I mention the word "biscuit", what do you envision? What comes to mind probably depends on where you live in the world. For many years, the only biscuit I ever knew was the kind you buttered or put jam or jelly on. (See the Wikipedia picture below) HaHaHa In Europe, a biscuit looks very different. As a matter of fact, in Europe a biscuit is hard and a cookie is soft. I've never been to Europe, but that is what I read. If I'm wrong (my European bloggie buddies), please correct me. I'm also interested in finding out, if Europeans have what we American's call biscuits and if so, what are they called? Hey! I don't know. So I'm asking. That's how you learn! :)

I'm mentioning all of this, because a couple of month's ago I came across the prettiest European biscuits and they don't look like either biscuit in the Wikipedia picture. HaHaHa  A company called Biscuiteers makes them and they are truly exquisite! Extraordinary detail and precision goes into each cookie. Not only are their biscuits gorgeous, but the tins that they come in are too. They also make fabulous cakes. You should definitely take a look at their Facebook page, YouTube channel and Pinterest page.

Below are some of their Christmas and Hanukkah items. Aren't they cute? They also have products for other special occasions. The Paris tin is simply ah-mazing! I had to feature Biscuiteers on A Very Sweet Blog, because they are truly a sweet treat for the eyes.

Have you heard of or tried Biscuiteers? I bet they taste as good as they look? They ship worldwide!

Is that sweetness overload or what? Just look at all of the cute little animals and who wouldn't feel better after receiving that First Aid Tin? I think I would hurt myself just to receive one. HaHaHa I'm so bad! ;P

Well guess what? They have a book, Biscuiteers Book of Iced Biscuits by Harriet Hastings & Sarah Moore, you can purchase, that showcases some of their designs, gives recipes, icing instructions and templates to make these pretty goodies.

I think it would be an exquisite gift for a person who loves to bake. Me? Well, I'm definitely not that advanced in the baking arena. HaHaHa I would simply be grateful for just one of their cookie...oops, I mean biscuit tins! :)

Have a delightfully and delicious day everybody!
Be good. Stay sweet.


  1. So cute! I love those Paris Biscuits and that Christmas Cake!! Sweetness overload. :)

  2. Ah yes, The Biscuiteers make the most wonderful looking biscuits and their tins are quite nice too! From what I can tell on the photo, what you call a biscuit looks like a scone to me. Eaten in the UK with clotted cream and strawberry jam. :-)

  3. Hi Kim! The American biscuit in the top photo looks like what we call a scone! On this we put butter and jam. The biscuits tend to be harder and there are loads of varieties to be had! Love these gorgeous ones you have shown here:)

  4. I'm planning to bake gingermen cookies for xmas. when I was in Paris these kind of biscuit boxes were sold everywhere. check out a great biscuitier that I love, their cookie boxes are lovely and I bought many of them;

  5. they look delicious.but here we call them cookies.we have plain biscuits which you can dunk in your tea/coffee and cream filled ones which are almost like cookies.

  6. Oh wow... Those biscuits are so beautiful! And I like the box, too. :)
    Not that I am an expert, but yes here biscuits are sort of hard and crunchy (in a way) while cookies are softer, crumblier and have lumps and bumps (the biscuits have an even surface). :)
    The Americal biscuits on the photo above looks like British scone - and we do put cream and jam on those. Now I am really curious what yours tastes like.


  7. yamyamyam! one more reason my I LOVE Christmas

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  8. Hehe I would call those beautiful biscuits cookies too! :)

    Biscuits here in Australia are flavoured and have all kinds of fun things in them like jam in-between two biscuits, or chocolate! and like you said are hard and crunchy.

    And cookies are made from cookie dough! I always though the cookies were the same as US cookies but maybe not.

    Either way, both are delicious and I'm getting quite hungry!

  9. Seems yumi !

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  10. I would volunteer to be a taste tester for them anytime! YUMMY!!! Biscuits are those things they serve at Cracker Barrel!!

  11. this pictures are lovely ;)

  12. This is precious!! Yes, biscuits are not the same here, than we have in America. I learned that quite quick. It's cookies and they have masses of them, haha! I love those Bourbon ones in that picture on the right, so nice! Chocolate ;) I'll find some I think you might like here and send you some. I wouldn't mind those tins either, they are precious!! Fantastic post my dear girl...I hope you have a precious day!! xx

  13. You are quite right that our biscuits are crunchy and there are lots of varieties too. I have read about these Biscuiteers and you have chosen some gorgeous examples, Kim. I love those Christmas and Paris ones. Funnily enough, last week I read somewhere that they had recently opened a boutique and icing café in Notting Hill, I think, where you can ice your own biscuit!

  14. I adore European biscuits and chocolate for that matter.

  15. I was totally confused when I saw biscuits = cookies when I moved to London. I'm more used to British terms now even here but I miss a good fluffy biscuit!

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  16. I call the Europen biscuits "tea biscuits". And now I'm hungry and want my own box of biscuits!

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  17. I've always envisioned the same ones that you did. But now you've opened my eyes to a whole new world...these are SO cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  18. Dammit, now I am hungry and I want all of those! I may have to keep an eye out for that book!

  19. OMG... I want that box full of Paris cookies!!!! ^___^

    xo - Sheila

  20. Amazing and yummy--I'm always impressed with those who have precise frosting skills--as I learned in my cake decorating class, I am not quite so blessed! Haha! Thanks for sharing about this company, I will definitely be watching to see when I come across some!

    xo Mary Jo

  21. Definitely a sweet treat for the eyes! These biscuits look both artful and tasty! They would make such special and wonderful gifts as would the book. I'll have to keep it in mind for the future. Thanks for sharing Kim! Hope you're felling even better today!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  22. This is some seriousness cuteness, such pretty biscuit designs! Everyone I know here in SA simply cannot live without biscuits, even when they immigrate or go on vacation, they always carry a pack with them!

  23. As a non-native English speaker I was thaught at school that biscuits and cookies are the same, just that biscuit is the British word and cookie the American counterpart.
    But I wouldn't care that much about definitions when those biscuits look so delicious :)

  24. how cute! never though of biscuits this way and let alone a book about it! =D

  25. Too cute to eat!


  26. i am in love with those tins...what a unique gift they would be. that first aide, and the zoo animals. lovely...i'd have trouble eating them they are so cute!

  27. Kim, these cookies are so pretty. I might not even eat them. Haha. Btw, you should give Indian food a try (if you can eat spicy). It's really good.

    xo Jo

  28. Kim any of these pretty decorative treats would make a great gift for the holidays. Almost too cute to eat...well take a pic of it, then eat. LOL

    Great tasty post doll!
    Hope you are having a great week.


  29. those look like the most exciting boxes of biscuits ever. I want the paris box!
    Chic on the Cheap

  30. aaawww!! love this post....and i loved making gingerbread houses as a kid. nice memories

  31. It seems that “biscuiteers” is well experienced on making biscuits and cookies. All type of biscuits are available which depend on the occasion.

  32. OMG these look so good Kim and you're right when I think about biscuits I usually think of the kind I get with the breakfast sandwiches at McDonalds. hehe. But these are much cuter and of course festive


  33. Kimi, what a great feature. That first aid kit would def. make me feel better. The animal cookies are really cute but I would feel bad biting their heads off...hahaha. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  34. You are so right Kim, in Europe hard cookies are biscuits or galletas (only in Spanish) and get softer with milk and cookies are the ones soft on the inside and those decorated like those ones (which actually look amazing and lovely)

  35. Wonderful post! You have an amazing blog :) I definitely follow you, also on twitter...would you like to follow each other?

    xoxo from Italy :D

  36. Totally forgot to tell you about these guys, they are legendary Kim, seriously they do all sorts of amazing designs too.

    Loved this post as I have thing for cookies!

  37. I love how biscuits like this look (cause who doesn't?) but I associate them with a plasticy taste!

  38. it's overwhelming how beautiful this ART is! wow. makes me a feel a little inadequate...i mean, what have i done with my life? haha.

    i remember living in europe for a little while in college and being so thrown off by the biscuit thing as an american.

    gotta love all of those little differences!

    well i am your newest follower. glad to be following along now!

  39. These cookies look too pretty to eat! (Not that that would stop me, I imagine they're delicious to match their beauty.)

  40. Ohhh wow these biscuits look incredible!!!!

  41. Omgsh Kim, every time you do a food post I get the cravings for sugar!
    Haha, when you said biscuit, the Wikipedia picture is exactly what I envisioned xD
    Mmmm, these Biscuiteers are definitely more appealing though.
    And you know what? I will remember your advise for sure! That's exactly my goal in this trip. I want to explore and experience new things this time. :)

    Trendy Teal

  42. Those are all so amazing and fun!

  43. I love The Biscuiteers! Great delicious post Kim! Happy weekend dear. xx/M

  44. Dabg..i dont mind a tin ir two or three. I will be happily munching them away all day long. I bet they taste as good as the way they look. You will be held responsible for my weight gain with all these dessert posts. Well perhaps you and i can hold hands and go to the gym together.

  45. This post is delicious! I came across the same conundrum myself when I was talking to American friends about biscuits and they looked puzzled because what I was saying didn't make any sense to them. In Italy the biscuit is a hard cookie (the word comes from the Latin bis-cottus, which means "baked twice"). What Americans call biscuit looks like a scone, am I wrong? ANYWAY, these Biscuiteers' pictures are most inviting and pretty, thank you for another great find Kimmy doll!

  46. In Germany, 'Biskuit' is a fluffy dough with beaten egg white, yolk, sugar and flour.
    If you search for it in the German version of wikipedia, there is a picture.

  47. Oh gosh what cute baked goodies! I certainly am not a great baker, though I find it fun! That gingerbread house is so cute!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  48. LOVELY pics!

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  49. That's it! I want to make a gingerbread house. NOW. :)))


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