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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sweet or Not: Philosophy's Peppermint Bark

Last Christmas, I purchased Philosophy's Candy Cane Bath & Shower Gel. I liked it, but for me it was too minty for everyday use. I like mint, but I'm not THAT big of a fan. So what was I going to do with the rest of the bottle? I thought about it for awhile. We mix-n-match everything in our wardrobe. We mix-n-whip-up goodies in the kitchen. Why not MIX this bath & shower gel with ANOTHER Philosophy shower gel!?! Yesss! That was the answer! So I decided to mix Philosophy's Candy Cane shower gel with Philosophy's Fudge Cake shower gel (that I already had). Another option was Philosophy's Double Rich Hot Cocoa. You guys, it was the perfect blend! They both smelled so good together and I felt like I was in shower heaven. My minor in Chemistry came in handy! LOL :P

Sweet-Bittersweet-Not Sweet
Philosophy's Peppermint Bark is SWEET

This Christmas, when I checked Philosophy's website, they had Candy Cane Bath & Shower Gel, but they no longer offered ANY type of chocolate bath or shower gel. I was like, noooooooo! How could they? HaHaHa Well, to my surprise, this year they came out with Peppermint Bark Bath & Shower Gel . It's mint! It's chocolate! It's the exact bath & shower gel concoction I mixed up last year! I purchased it from QVC (larger bottle) and LOVE IT you guys.

My message to you, is don't be afraid to think outside the box. Just like everything else in your life, bath & beauty products can be mixed to! :) Give it a try! PS - I know not everyone likes "sweet" bath and shower gels, but try mixing things like florals, fruits etc. BTW - I can't eat Peppermint Bark or Chocolate with Mint, but I surely can bathe in it and adore the scent. HaHaHa Have A Fabulous Tuesday!



Project Curve said...

o god they seem amazing!i remember as a kid i owned a chocolate scented shower gel and strawberry scented shampoo!

Irene said...

These shower gels look great! I think we have similar versions in some drugstore chain in Europe.
I love all kind of scented shower gels: vanilla, coconut, rose ... It' s a real treat to have a shower with such lovely products and a great way to cheer up any grey day :)

The Dragonfruit said...

Ooooh, it even looks yummy! Haha, I want some now <3

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lizchewy said...

I never would have thought of mixing different shower gels together. This is such a great idea to customize your own scent!! The scent sounds so yummy.


Unknown said...

Haha :D That was such a great idea, hon!

xoxo, Nina

Anne said...

Sounds divine Kim! lovely photos:)

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Believe it or not, I am not a Philosophy fan. But I like mint. It smells refreshing.
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Cee said...

Philosophy's holiday bath products are something I wait for all year, but I have to admit, the selection last year didn't thrill me - way to go on being creative and mixing a holiday scent with an existing one to get something you loved, I have never thought of that outside of mixing nailpolishes but it's brilliant! It looks like a trip to Sephora is in order for me - I for sure have to at least smell the Peppermint Bark :) {Like most gals, I have so much body wash, I'll probably never be able to use it all!}

Mica said...

Such a great idea to mix them together, and how funny they released a similar scent! :)


Style Journey said...

What a cool idea! I would have never thought to try that. Also, it's a great way to get more bang for your buck :)

Megan said...

Mmm I love peppermint! I've never tried their products before but have heard great things about them :)

TheTinyHeart said...

I bet the Peppermint Bark one smells SO good! That was so creative and smart of you to mix the two together.

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Vett Vandiver said...

LOVE this post! i'm kinda obsessed with peppermint bark :)

Tales of Whimsy said...

Ooooo I need to try it!

miss b said...

I don't think I have ever had any Philosophy products - I didn't realize there was such a variety and what a good idea doing a little mix and match to create a new fragrance - I would never have thought of that. Maybe they should have you develop a new range, Kim!!

Anonymous said...

It's def a gorgeous shade of red!

<3 Cambria

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little luxury list said...

That sounds like it would smell divine! You would definitely smell sweet my dear!

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Unknown said...

Oh you're one smart lady - now you have loads of options:) I often mix perfumes - to get that individual scent - and lipgloss - we could probably talk 'beauty' for hours :))

Apolline said...

So cool !


Unknown said...

Kim your blog literally gets sweeter every time I visit! I love this idea of mixing shower gels... I feel like I sometimes let half used bottles linger around and now i know what to do with them! I think a lavender mint blend will be part of my next shower routine! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! I know I've been gone awhile, I had some severe complications with oral surgery and haven't been able to do much. But I am exited to be blogging again : )



Unknown said...

ANYTHING peppermint bark is AMAZING!!! I am so glad you liked your "surprise"! ;) I wanted you to have BOTH, so I thought since you had your black with gold, why not have your smoke with silver, right?;) I hope you love them, and THANK YOU! xo!

Sara said...

That looks really cool! I'll bet it smells fantastic, I always love holiday themed soaps & lotions :)

Sam said...

This sounds absolutely divine, I love anything with a hint of peppermint and I know I'd love this one too. such a pity we don't get this brand here.

Lindsay Lee said...

That sounds heavenly! Yum! I'm almost out of shower gel, so now I know what to get!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much :) The perfume is so wonderful, I am honestly sad I can't buy it :/ Do you get the Glossybox too?

Sheila said...

I love Philosophy products! I haven't tried their bath or shower gels yet. I've received a Sephora bottle of their Birthday Cake shampoo for my birthday but I had forgot about it and the smell wasn't there anymore. lol! This looks nice! I would love the smell of peppermint and cocoa. :)

xo - Sheila

Jessica said...

i like mint too but not that much! glad you found a way to use that big bottle your a genius haha.

S said...

I absolutely love philosophy shower gels. still getting thru the massive order i put thru a year ago! will have to refrain but i can actually imagine what this smells like :) have an awesome christmas kim!! xx <3

steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

What a perfect solution, Kim, and I imagine it left you smelling doubly delicious! Peppermint and chocolate are an unbeatable duo! xox ~S

SANDY M Illustration

MOSAMUSE said...

im glad it was good!! im falling back in love with the Philosophy brand!


Allison said...

OMG I bet they smell so wonderful!

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Anonymous said...

This the best idea!! It's like layering with fragrances! Love!

Head to Toe Chic said...

This sounds amazing! I had no idea they made this. I've tried twisted peppermint products at bath and body works so I need to try this.


Carla said...

this product is so Christmas-ish.. haha.. love the colors.

xo, Carla

littlemissandrea said...

Philosophy is definitely my go-to brand for shower gels! They smell sooo amazing in the shower. The holiday ones are the best!

Travel Gourmande said...

Beautiful blog and great post. I will definitely check this new scent from Philosophy. If it smells like how I have it in my mind, then would love to soak in it. :)

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Thank you for the review, Kim! I've never tried it but it certainly looks very Christmas'y. :)

Heather said...

I swear by their products- and love all of the fun holiday goodies!

Pearls & Paws

Coco said...

Hahaha Kim you are my idol! Sweet lady creates super sweet bath products :-) We have a brand here called Aquolina which makes similar non-edible-but-luxiuriously smelling products. Actually I have purchased Wild strawberries and White chocolate body lotions as Christmas presents :-)

Jacqueline said...

What a clever idea!



oomph. said...

peppermint bark just SOUNDS delish, kim!! we'd be quite a tease walking around smelling so good!!

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