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Friday, June 7, 2013

Elle Canada: Shay Mitchell

Pretty Little Liars. Pantene. That's all I know about Shay Mitchell. HaHaHaHa I'm serious! That's all I ever see her in! I think I watched part of the first season of  Pretty Little Liars, but the storyline was too young for me.

I thought I had missed something in her career after all this time, like a movie role or something, so I Wikipedia'd her to find out more. I found out she's Canadian. I found out she's Filipino and Irish. She has a brother. Pretty Little Liars. Pantene. HaHaHa

Why hasn't someone picked her up to do a movie? She's a gorgeous girl! Maybe it's her choice (maybe it conflicts with PLL). She does quote by saying, " I'd rather have one line in a great film than be the lead in a shitty film" HaHaHa That tells me she's selective! Which is good!

For any PLL fans out there, there's going to be a 4th (June 11, 2013) and 5th season. Anybody read the books? What's better...the books or tv show? Are you a PLL Fan?

Shay is on the cover of Elle Canada for July 2013. I thought the colors were so pretty for this photo shoot.  So tropical! Have a BRIGHT and COLORFUL weekend! We're suppose to get rain! Booooo!

photographer: colette de barros / stylist: hayley atkin
location: california fairmont miramar hotel
art direction: brittany ecles
fashion: Zimmerman, Edith A. Miller, Honor, and Just Cavalli
Hair by Aviva, Makeup by Jeannia Robinette, Nails by Lisa Wong



Sonshu said...

Shay is gorgeous! She's so pretty and she has this distinct look that'll stay with you forever. Love the shoot, beautiful!

I do watch PLL and I love it, but sometimes it gets a little immature for me too. But then again, I like having something to watch without thinking too much. I can't wait for June 11!



trishie said...

She's gorgeous! And I keep wondering what her nationality is.

Annie Sand said...

She's such a gorgeous woman! I've watched an episode or two of PLL, but I also found that the storyline was a bit young for me. Have a fabulous Friday!

little luxury list said...

She is definitely gorgeous and I love her look! The show is probably too young for me too but I'm sure the teenyboppers love it!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Imogen said...

She is so pretty, those photos are absolutely stunning!

Cee said...

Shay is one gorgeous girl... I've never seen PLL, nor heard of her before now - I'm a little behind the times, TV-wise, to say the least; I'm just watching Pan Am now, and it was cancelled two years ago! But I don't need to know who a subject is to appreciate a great editorial, and this one is gorgeous! Happy Friday, Kim :)

The Dainty Dolls House said...

I wouldn't know her from a hole in the wall, hahaha! I don't watch that show, have seen it come on and thought...hmm...no thank you! Haha. Very pretty girl though, love these outfits, gorgeous colours and styles!! I hope you have a wonderful Friday doll & weekend to come!! xx

meghan silva said...

I think she is so gorgeous , I use to love PLL but it just lost me somewhere haha but she is totally a stunner .

Meghan Silva's Blog

Nicky said...



Tina Bradley said...

She's so pretty, and the pics are fab! Wishing the funnest Friday possible, Sweets!!! xo T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

Mica said...

haha you know more about her than I do Kim! No idea who she is, I don't watch those shows.

I do like her hair though, haha! Beautiful girl :)

Away From Blue

Oh to Be a Muse said...

I don't watch her show, but I have seen her before...not sure where. And she is quite pretty--must be her Irish/Filipino heritage.

Oh to Be a Muse
Shop Layered Muse

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Gorgeous girl, although I admit, this is the first time I heard her name... x

Always Maylee said...

She's so beautiful! I don't really watch PLL, like you, I thought it was a bit too young for me. But lots of people love the show and I heard it's great drama.

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Emmylou said...

I don't watch PLL so I don't know her, but I SHOULD! She's Canadian, and half-Filipino after all:D No wonder she's pretty....bwahaha!

Megan said...

She's beautiful and I love all the clothing! :)

Unknown said...

That girl is gorgeous. And all those outfits are amazing, love them all

Kisses from Dublin

Unknown said...

The girl is GORGEOUS! I never watched PLL so I don't really know her at all but I'm sure we'll hear more from her soon.

TheTinyHeart said...

I haven't watched PLL or read the books so I don't know much about her either! Have a great weekend!

The Tiny Heart
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Lilli said...

Lol, knowing her for the same things though I havent never watched PLL! I'm so behind with Tv shows at the moment! Btw, the editorial is really eyecatching, love the style and the vibrant colors on it!:) Happy weekend Kim, hope wont rain from you! Kisses! xo

Mighty B said...

I think the main reason for not seeing her in any flicks is because she's in Pretty Little Liars..not saying those who do ABC Family shows don't move on to bigger and better, but they tend to typecast. With that being said, I do watch Pretty Little Liars, haha!

I agree, I think she's gorgeous. I feel indifferent towards her quote, there are a lot of amazing actors who somewhere down the line have done movies that aren't that great, but if the role captures the actor or is meaningful to them then they think their contribution to the said "shitty" film is good...sorry I went on a tangent there, haha. I'm biased, I kinda take a liking towards "bad" movies...haha

Thanks for posting this!


Unknown said...

Filipino & Irish- that is the same my blend my kids will be! My hubs is Filipino, I'm Irish. Have a great weekend~

always, koru kate

Sara said...

I really wanted to watch that show, but it was too young-seeming for me. If ABC renews "Bunheads", I totally recommend that one! It has stuff for all ages!

Either way, she is beautiful! I really want all of her outfits here, they are sexy and bright!

renae said...

She is quite pretty, I agree. Some times the publicist or the PR isn't what it could be. Some actress don't want the avenues we would want for them. Does that make sense? Like Hillary Duff (ie.) I thought she was going to be huge, like more than Brittney Spears. But she has said in interviews that a husband and children were more important to her than fame. Some times they also want to be huge and it just doesn't come their way, either. But yes, Shay should go far.

Have a tremendous weekend!

Unknown said...

I don't even know who she is - but pretty for sure:) We don't get to know much about the celebs you have - we have our own, that you for sure don't know either:)
Happy weekend love,

The Dragonfruit said...

Oh wow, she is stunning! There are some girls you can just tell are natural beauties

Trendy Teal

Unknown said...

I LOVE her outfits in these photos, so much fun! Thanks for sharing Kim :) I hope you are having a fabulous week!!! Happy Friday ;)

xo, Alyssa

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

She is really gorgeous! And her quote is awesome! More young actresses should have that attitude. I like that she actually looks healthy too. Too many actresses these days look like they're in need of a sandwich. I watched a few eps of PLL the first season cause I thought one of the guys on there was hot haha ;p

No worries Kim! You didn't have to explain but thank you! I was talking about cutting my hair and tagged the photo as haircut so of course you'd comment on my hair. Eddie's one of my ex-bosses and I don't think he meant to be snarky towards you but I can understand if it came off that way. Anyway thank you for the compliment and for being such a great supportive friend :) I'm so happy with my haircut and I feel like some of the bad mojo has gone away already.

Have a fabulous weekend sweetie!

Rowena @ rolala loves

Sam said...

Wow, this is the best I have Ever seen Shay look, she is so glamourous in this photo shoot and her makeup is done to perfection. This persona and her character Emily seems worlds apart, she's really a stunning girl. They should style her in more savvy looks like this in PLL

Jessica said...

she is very gorgous!! i dont watch pll though :(

Unknown said...

She's so beautiful! That's great she's so selective. And I am a PLL fan haha.
xoxo Aimee


I don't know who this is at all, but she's cute, and I love the photos. :)

'The Wind of Inspiration' blog

Jennifer Fabulous said...

This is such a fun, pretty summer editorial. :) I have never seen PLL but I've heard great things. I'm not sure if I would get into it.

I tried to get into Gossip Girl but for some reason I couldn't get excited about it. I felt the characters were too one-dimensional and the plot was second to the fashion. Which is cool but I'm a Melrose Place kind of girl where the action needs to happen, people! ;)

Unknown said...

She is really beautiful and you're so right, why hasn't anyone picked her up. :) I have heard so much about Pretty Little Liars and I still need to watch it. But I'll start at Season 1. :) Thanks for sharing!


The Dainty Dolls House said...

Hiya doll, I actually have no idea why there is a tv license, LOL!! But, you can see the site for it and see how much is paid, LOLOLOL...insane!!! http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/ You will crack up!! It's the dumbest thing ever. Glad you liked Pearls & Swine...love them, shall be getting a fascinator sometime. Have a great weekend doll :)

Anonymous said...

Sexy lady :-)

Laura said...

Love this shoot! Great colours :) Happy weekend Kim!

Coco said...

Shame on me I didn't know her at all as I don't watch PLL for your same reasons. She's a beauty indeed!
For a change we are having sun today (expecting storms tomorrow, carpe diem!)
Coco et La vie en rose
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Unknown said...

She looks amazing!!! Totally agree with her quote.

littlemissandrea said...

I've actually never heard of her.. tells you how in the loop I am hahaha. She's very pretty though and I love the colours in the shoot too!

Hope the rain isn't too bad for you this weekend :)

Chic Delights said...

She is beautiful- a Canadian, Filipino and Irish combination. What more could be more beautiful! I have to read more about her.

Corinne said...

Wow, she is beautiful!

Corinne x

Unknown said...

OMG! I love the look with corset:)


Nicky said...

Good Sunday!

www.mywishstyle.com. NEWPOsT!

PAPS said...

She looks very pretty. Not watched this PLL. I dont think they show it over here.

Diva Desle said...

This lady is beautiful! Love the elle cover;) http://divadesle.blogspot.com

LoveT. said...


Happy Sunday ,kisses :)

Tales of Whimsy said...

Cool. I love the pops of blue.

Jessica said...

She is a beautiful girl. I'll admit to watching Pretty Little Liars even though the story line is young and the girls sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) act very stupid.

Tracy @ www.sunnydaystarrynight.com

Sam said...

..Thanks for sharing your fashion opinions with me...May this week be a great one for you!

Elle Sees said...

she's gorgeous!
PLL. Pantene. lol cracked me up

Thrifted Shift said...

She certainly is pretty. And you're way ahead of me, I've never seen any of PLL. But I always root for the Filipino girl! Go Shay!

MOSAMUSE said...

very fun looks!


Jillian said...

I love her in PLL. And I'm totally jealous of her hair in this photoshoot - gorgeous!

Lorena said...

Kim I have no idea who this woman is .
I feel so old.

Unknown said...

I haven't heard from her but I like her style ;)

I like the 3rd pic where she has that skirt :) so pretty !

Thanks for sharing this Kim !


Nails My Dreams said...

Oh, wow! I didn't know she was part Filipino. Mabuhay! lol. Thanks for this wonderful info.

Diva In Me said...

I would agree with you that she's pretty.

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