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Monday, June 3, 2013

Mind Games

Do you play any mind games aka "brain training games"? Some classic examples include chess, checkers, cards, sudoku, crossword puzzles, and mahjong. They're suppose to help your brain functioning and fight off effects of aging. There's even a website dedicated to mind games. When I saw this photo shoot, I immediately thought of these type of games. Can you believe this is just ONE model? She's playing dual roles (sorta like yin & yang). Back on the mind game thing. What do I play? See answer below

magazine: Harper's Bazaar Vietnam May 2013
A Game Of Chess
model: chrystal copland / photographer: an le
stylist: ise white / hair: elsa canedo
makeup: johnny gonzalez / manicure: gerry holford

The games I listed above are pretty serious? I like something a little more low key. You know, something with a FOOD theme. HaHaHa So I play Burger Island. HaHaHa Customers come in with all of these burger, fry & milkshake orders. Let me tell you! I can whip up a loaded burger, fries and milkshake faster than you can shake your head! HaHaHa Somehow, I don't think a psychologist would consider this a big brain enhancement game. HaHaHa But it's FUN! You guys have a great day! Let me know if you play any brain enhancing games :)



Tanisha E said...

Love the photography here. Looks fantastic and I love the play of light and dark.

trishie said...

Oh wow, I didn't realise she was the same person. Big difference hair colour makes huh.


Amazing! I really love the diverse looks in these images. Yes, I love a great board game/brainiac games. I grew up plaxing chess, and backgammon with my family so I love those ... +Sodoku puzzles are good as well.

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

I like mind games. Always liked cards, but lately I've become addicted to this iPhone game called "dots." Last night I spent three hours cracking my highest score. I'm trying to quit it.

Beautiful images. Love the fashion.

Annie Sand said...

What a fabulous photo shoot, I couldn't have guessed it was only one model. I like mind games too, I like to sit down on the balcony with a crossword puzzle or a sudoku and a cup of tea. :) Have a sweet Monday, dear Kim!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

These are awesome!!n Love the shoots. I think it's great to keep playing the games to keep the mind going. I play solitaire and other ones. Hahaha...never played the one you do, looks cute and fun! Bless. Wish the food was real ;) Hahahaha. Have a gorgeous week ahead doll xx

The Dainty Dolls House said...

p.s. I will take ALL the outfits, haha :)

Cee said...

What an unusual editorial! I have to admit, I am a fan of "brain training" games, particularly sudoku, but for me they're just fun... I don't really think about keeping my mind sharp when I play them :) I've never been much of a chess girl, but I think I could be convinced with the giant board that the model is playing on!

Nicky said...

Nice to play games, cards, but I have no time...

Tina Bradley said...

I used to play a whole lot more of the brain games than I do these days--still enjoy them when I do, tho'! Love this theme and I'm inspired with the color schemes: black + yellow, pink + red, red + black and (of course) black + white. :) T.

Mica said...

Such an interesting idea for a photo shoot, executed really well too! :)

Looks like a fun game! I don't play that many games on my phone, I'm no good at angry birds, haha! Mainly use my phone for social media :)

Away From Blue

Emmylou said...

If you didn't say that this editorial only had one model, I wouldn't have guessed. I guess I need to play these mind games:P

little luxury list said...

What a fun photo shoot! I love mind games, though my latest obsession is Ms. Pac man! At least I'm learning better hand eye coordination ;)

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Sam said...

She looks amazing in the Gucci, McQueen and Ralph Lauren, I love playing mind games (didn't even know they were called that. There are some great apps for them too. This one looks so fun and cute. Will have to check out this website.

Lilli said...

Hi Kim! The editorial is amazing, cant believe is only one model! Lol for the game, I also love the ones with the food theme! Though on fb I was addicted to Pet Society, hopefully my addiction is over, have spent many hours playing with it!^^' Kisses and happy Monday! xo

TheTinyHeart said...

I don't think I would've realized it was the same person if you hadn't pointed it out! That Burger Island game would make me SO hungry haha :)

The Tiny Heart
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mispapelicos said...

Brilliant tutorial, dear Kim.
No, I don´t play any game, just LIFE. lol

Unknown said...

Love those types of photos. It's fun to see the contrast.
We play mind games every once and a while, sudoku us really fun.

Heidi's Wanderings said...

I love the photography. And she is playing dual roles.

Heidi’s Wanderings

Always Maylee said...

This editorial is amazing! I can't believe it's just one model. I used to love playing brain teasers. Nowadays I go for the same types of games as you! :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Jennifer Fabulous said...

That editorial is smashing!! There is nothing more visually striking than the black and white contrast. And these are so FUN. :)

And omg I better stay clear of that hamburger game it's making my mouth water. I've been on a diet for the past two weeks to fit into a dress for a wedding (next week) and I want to cry every time I think of something delicious. Lol.

welldressedmaker said...

Dude, I've played Burger Island and it's addictive! I love games like that and get sucked in too easily! :)
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights

The Dragonfruit said...

Whoa, that's one model?? She did amazing! 0_0
Haha, and mind boggling indeed.
Burger Island, huh? I don't really play the games on my phone, but when I do, I like Marble Saga :)

Trendy Teal

Sara said...

I love word searches & crossword puzzles! This is a cool shoot! You should look up Tori Amos, the musician. For one of her albums, she has like 7 different "personalities", hard to believe they were all her!

Lorena said...

Great photo shoot.... i love it when you feature photo shoots from other countries.
Regarding gmes, I love to play Scrabble.

meghan silva said...

You'd never say its the same girl ! I hardly play games but your game sounds like chilled fun , should try it sometime.

Meghan Silva's Blog

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

love this spread. It's so fun to see the model appear so differently in one shoot!
I play some games but not so much as an adult. I better get back to them to keep my mind fresh! haha

Jo said...

Hi Kim, wow, can't believe that's the same girl. Awesome photos! I'm not into any games except for tetris and candy crush. Lol. Your burger game looks fun and delicious at the same time. :)

xo Jo

Coco said...

The shooting is disconcerting and genial!!! I don't play brain games, though when I suffered from insomnia I used to do lots of crosswords! My friends are now addicted to "Ruzzle", which I like but it freaks me out because you have to compose as many words as possible using a given table of letters. What freaks me out is the time limit :-) when I read your posts it's sort of a brain game for me because you have such a rich vocabulary and a colourful writing style that I have to focus and try to learn as much as possible. xoxo
Coco et La vie en rose
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renae said...

hahahhaha, you always make my day!

I play solitaire on my GSIII and try to out beat myself. "out beat". Out smart. Get better in time,score and plays. It is great fun.

Thanks for the encouraging words of how my weekend went. We never know if we were not to be there or there but we are always grateful for another god given day.


renae said...

Ooops and I loved this photo shoot and the same gal in every outfit. cleaver.

Ichraq said...

Honestly if you didn't tell me that it was the same model, i'm not sure that I would've figured it out! but i rarely play those kind of games, I hardly play any games at all, I watch series and read a lot instead!

Unknown said...

The styling is amazing!

Unknown said...

wow adore you in every single? way!

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Unknown said...

I'm too competitive to play those games, I used to be addicted to sudokus but is not healthy as I was so absorbed that I could stay at week until 3am doing them.
Amazing pics, you get me thinking about milkshakes now.

Unknown said...

Ps I wanted to write awake, but my phone has it's own brain.
Have an amazing week Kim.

Corinne said...

Oh, I love how it is the same model =) I do suduko and crosswords at work sometimes in the papers!

Corinne x

Jessica said...

like the bright pop of color in each spread

LongIslandWeddingOfficiant said...

What an amazing transformation!It is hard to believe it's the same model! I used to be addicted to Sudoku. Should do some kind of brain training to prevent aging:-)))
Hugs from New York,
Ask Erena

Unknown said...

Stunning! Amazing it's only one model! :)
xoxo Aimee

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous, sophisticated shoot!
I like to play soduko, myself. I haven't in a while, but maybe I should again soon?

Nails My Dreams said...

Burger Island! Gosh, I love that game! I even downloaded Burger Island 2. Haha. I just love any food-related games like Diner Dash, Cooking Dash, and so on.

Anonymous said...

Burger Island sounds fun. I'll have to check that out. I used to play brain training games on the DS and also some suduko, but don't find the time lately. Lately I seem to spend any spare time blogging :D

Rebeca Muñoz López said...

An editorial creative and interesting, is starting to like black and white trend.

bridechic said...

Great editorial!

Unknown said...

Ooohh lovely photoshot! I love crosswords, and one of my friends is obsessed with board games, so I sometimes get suckered into random game nights :) I agree, though, a lot of games are awesome for cognitive skills!

Sophisticated Lace

Unknown said...

Wow amazing modeling--she really looks like (at least) 2 people! I like your burger game, I have no talent at all at games, haha.

xo Mary Jo

oomph. said...

i used to love crosswords, did sudoku for a bit, love to play cards...and every once in a while i get sucked into a game that mini-she downloads - currently candy crush!

even though the model(s) look the same, i never would have guessed they were the same person!

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Sonshu said...

That's a brilliant photoshoot. Mind games. Love the contrasts and how you analyze photoshoots so well :P


Claire said...

great looks and love the photoshoots with the game theme! I love playing word games and color ones too. majong is pretty awesome as well.

Unknown said...

These photos are awesome, what a great photo shoot! I don't play any mind games but maybe I should. I'm studying at the moment so I think that's enough for my brain at the moment.
Thanks for proving the mind games website, I'm about to check it out.

I'm new to blogging so I'd really love if you could take a look and maybe leave me a comment:

Diva In Me said...

The Harper Bazaar's ad is so cool! Didn't think it's the same person. Genius idea.
I was hooked to Sodoku for a while. Then I kind of tried to stop playing it because I kept thinking about it non-stop. LOL!

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